Supabets Site Down – Don’t panic!

The Supabets Site is Down once again, as of the 13 September 2018. We have no confirmation as to why Supabets are down but we can only assume it has to do with the issues they experienced last month. Please be patient as they will be up shortly. If you are looking to place a bet click here to register for betting with Betway.

Supabets Down – The latest news

Supabets have been down for more than 72 hours as of 28 August 2018, and we’ve been flooded with requests as to why this is. At the moment we have no additional information about what is going other than what you can find publicly. In our opinion they are simply doing routine maintenance which seems to have caused technical difficulties. If you are looking to get a bet on while they’re down, then have a look at some of the other betting sites available.

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Here is what we we’ve gathered from their social media postings :

Supabets are back online!

August 29 update from Supabets Twitter feed.

It is frustrating that they are down but they certainly are not down permanently! Technical issues occur often and can be a real pain to fix, ask us! Our best advice is to give it time and let the techies at Supabets sort the problem out. We’ve also had reports that some stores are closed and not operating, which would make sense as the software they use is similar to the one they are using online.

What about my bets and balance?

Your bets and balance should be fully restored once Supabets have resolved the technical issue that is affecting the site.

Contacting Supabets – Supabets down

Supabets released a tweet saying you can contact them for any pressing issues, we don’t suggest you do so unless it is urgent. As the line will be flooded with punters asking why the website is down. The following is from Supabets themselves:

Don’t hesitate contact our call centre on (011) 215-7000 or (0861) 762-237 with any questions regarding the current situation – open until 10pm.

We would like to give you more information and will do if the situation continues but for now just relax, they should have things sorted as soon as they can. Remember they are losing money for every second they are down and they hate being down as much as you do! Check out some other betting sites in the meantime, as it’s always good to have back up places to bet!

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Have you been affected by Supabets being down or have any additional information for us? Let us know in the comments below.

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