Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt Live Game Guide

Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt is a brand new live casino game full of unexpected prizes and fun gameplay, as you join the Spanish explorer in search of the lost treasure of El Dorado. Also available in VR, which is a groundbreaking feature for those with access to the tech. Created by Evolution, the same team that brought us classics like Crazy Time, Lightning Roulette, Dream Catcher and many others. Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt is now available at several South African betting sites, so we thought we would take a closer look at the game as well as how and where to play it in this quick guide.

How to play Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt

There is a lot going on in Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt, which can be overwhelming, but once you get to grips with the basics the game becomes very fun and interesting. The game focuses on a stone wall that has 70 different stones, covering randomized symbols with their own values. You get up to 20 predictions depending on the amount you’ve bet.

There are 6 different betting options or stones, 1, 2, 4, 8, 20 and 65 for you to place your bets on, each paying out the amount the symbol represents. I.E 1 will pay out 1x, while 65 will pay out 65x your stake. Once you have made your bets it’s time to choose how many guesses you’d like. You can choose up to 20 guesses or hands, but each guess is multiplied by your stake. So if you’ve placed a total of R10 bets then you’ll multiply R10 by the number of hands or guesses you’ve selected, for example R10 x 5 hands = R50.

Before the round starts you get to select which stones you think are valuable by using your hands or guesses bought in the betting phase. If you don’t place the hands in time the system will spread it out randomly for you. When the game starts there is a bonus round that drops random boosts or respins onto the stones, giving them a boost, and hopefully landing on stones that you have selected.

Some of the Gonzo’s bonus multipliers include;

  • Bonus prizes add to the value of the hidden stone, between 3 and 100
  • Multipliers from 2x to 10x may drop, multiplying all visible values on the wall
  • A Re-Drop symbol is extra exciting since it will trigger a new round of Prize Drops, adding extra opportunity to increase the value of the prizes, making it possible for one stone to receive several bonus prizes and multipliers.

The hidden symbols behind the stones are then revealed, starting with the 1’s and ending with 65. If you have bet on a number that is under one of the revealed stones you will pick up a win with the amount relevant to that selection. Check the table below for a complete breakdown of the Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt numbers and their payouts.

Where to play Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt in South Africa

All South African bookmakers that have Evolution games will be offering Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt in their casino section in the coming months. For now you can enjoy playing the game under Evolution game shows at the tried and tested bookmakers listed below;

Watch Live Gonzo’s Treasure Gameplay

Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt Tips and Strategies

The game is very new so it will take some time for punters to develop tips and strategies, but for now we’ve got one we can share that we had some success with while playing. We found it much more effective to play lower amount on all the symbols while playing the maximum amount of guesses or hands (20).

It gave us a much better return to player than if we had been betting on limited symbols with limited or max hands. Playing max hands gives you a much better shot at picking up bonuses and wins, so that’s what we recommend for now!

Our thoughts on the Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt Live Game

Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt is a fantastic addition to what is already a featured filled offering from Evolution. The game is fresh, different and very fun to play, almost a shared online slots experience. The biggest frustration we encountered was when there were no bonuses dropped during a round, but other than that the game is very well thought out and the theme is wonderful.

The games also paid pretty well in a RTP sense, and there were plenty of wins and loses during our sessions on the game, similar to the Mega Ball 100x game, but better. The Gonzo’s presenters do a fantastic job of keeping you engaged as well as keeping the energy level up, but that’s what we’ve come to expect from Evolution. We’re happy to give the game 2 big thumbs up! It’s definitely worth a look if live games or slots are your thing.

Gonzo’s Treasure Virtual Reality Mode

We don’t have access to the type of technology needed to play Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt in VR mode, so we can’t say much about the VR mode, but the following is from the official Evolution site:

Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt is the first Live Casino game to offer gameplay in Virtual Reality (VR) mode. Immerse yourself in the game and join the fantastic world of Gonzo!

To play the game in VR mode, you need a VR headset with a controller to interact with the game. The game phases are the same as in regular gameplay, but you how have access to stunning 360-degree video content, with a user interface adapted for this.


  1. Fantastic, I’ll give it a try seems like it’s winnable, love the graphics on it aswell ??

    1. Best Sports Betting says:

      It has a great RTP in my experience and is lots of fun to play, not sure about big wins but that’ll come in time I guess. The setting and studio is definitely amazing, really like the theme!

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