Lightning Dice Game Guide

Lightning Dice is an exciting live dice game from Evolution Gaming, now available to play in South Africa. Played with three traditional dice with values of 1-6, the object of the game is to predict the total of the 3 dice rolled. Punters can win from 5x to 150x their stake, and that’s before a lightning boost, where you can win up to 1000x your stake! We’re going to be having a closer look at the new game, as well as how it works and where you can legally play it in South Africa.

How the game of Lightning Dice works

Players need to predict the total sum of the 3 dice being rolled. Each total has an assigned return and you can win 150x times your stake if 3 x 1 or 3 x 6 is rolled. Place your bets on the numbers from 3-18 before the start of the next round.

Once the betting timer runs out there will be a lightning strike that will select 1 or more numbers and give them a random bonus multiplier. This is the feature that makes lightning dice so much fun, the chance to get a big multiplier on your number isn’t great, but when it happens the returns are huge!

The most you are able to win is 1000x times your bet, so a small R5 bet could return R5000 if you hit the biggest multipliers.

Once the lightning round is finished the live dealer will start the dice game. The lightning dice fall from the top of a tower, tumbling down until they reach the bottom, where the face up numbers are scored. If you correctly predicted the total sum of the dice you will have won your bet. For a lightning number to win you need to have bet on the number, have lightning strike the number and finally the dealer needs to roll the number.

The game is fast and simple. You’ll need to be very quick getting your bets on, but other than that we think it’s as fun as Monopoly Live and Dream Catcher. Know you know more about the game and how to play it, you’ll also need to know where you can legally play in South Africa. The below bookmakers offer lightning dice;

Lightning Dice Tips

Its hard to give betting tips for a dice game that involves 3 dice, but there are a few basics tips and strategies that could help you improve your lightning dice winnings. The first tip would be to stick to numbers that are repeating while you’re playing. If you are seeing 7 come up often then start backing seven, we’ve noticed a few patterns from time to time but they don’t last long and you’ll need to act quickly.

Another tip is betting on the odds, or the most probable outcome of a dice roll. Something that has been looked at extensively.

For three six-sided dice, the most common rolls are 10 and 11, both with probability 1/8; and the least common rolls are 3 and 18, both with probability 1/216.

You can back 10 and 11 at odds of 5x. Just remember it could take a long time to average out but if you’re looking for a good average bet, that would be it.

The last of our tips is to bet low, and hope that lightning strikes the number you are backing. By betting low amounts on several numbers you increase not only your chances of winning, but also your chances of getting a lightning strike. So rather than betting R10 on one number, bet R2 on 5 numbers. Unless you’re looking to win big.

None of the tips guarantee success and you should formulate your own approach. The best advice is to sit and watch the game without betting, formulate a strategy without betting and then once you’re confident place your bets.

Final thoughts on Lightning Dice

Lightning dice is a load of fun, and we really liked that the draws were so frequent and fast. We’d like to have a bit more time to bet but once you’ve gone through a few rounds you soon get the hang of it. We haven’t managed to hit a big multiplier yet but we did land a 75x one and won R750 pretty quickly. There are also stories about punters picking up huge wins from big bets, and we tend to believe it.

What are your thoughts on lightning dice? Let us know in the comments below. Check out our ultimate betting guide for more on live games and sports betting.

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