Betway South Africa Review

Betway have recently launched all throughout Africa and we thought we would get stuck into some of their African sites and see how they are. Let’s dive into our Betway South Africa review and see how they measure up to our high standards.

History :
Betway South Africa is backed by the popular Betway UK brand, which gives the site a lot of credibility and it’s a great brand for Betway South Africa to piggy back off of. They’ve also recently launched in South Africa and Uganda.

Site Layout :
Betway South Africa has a fairly simple site layout that is clearly optimised for mobile devices and tablets. Exactly what the African market needs as there are not as many PC users as there are in Europe but there are tons of mobile users in Africa. The site is easy to navigate and has big icons for all the popular sports, as well as a responsive and exciting banner carousel. It does feel like using a tablet when on PC but we mentioned that before. What we didn’t like was that you can’t really navigate the banner carousel as there are no buttons (you have to swipe or click and swipe), something we hope they’ll improve moving forward.

We do like the style and the artwork if one could call it that on the Betway South Africa banners, they look crisp and professional which is a great touch and really makes the site pop.

The mobile website is as good as the desktop version and fantastic to use, being a mobile based site and all. The experience is seamless and a lot of thought has gone into the mobile side of things and it’s one of the best mobile sites we’ve encountered.

Betway’s innovative online and mobile betting platform is the perfect tool that lets sports betting fans bet on thousands of games anywhere, anytime. This means that you can skip all the queues at the betting shop and place all of your bets directly from your mobile phone. But how is this possible? In order to start betting on all the latest football action, customers will first need to learn how to deposit using Mobile Money.

Betway integrates seamlessly with Mobile Money in order for customers to easily transfer their funds from their Mobile Money accounts into their Betway betting accounts. This process happens instantly and works for both deposits and withdrawals, meaning customers never have to worry about waiting for their winnings.

Promotions :
Betway South Africa have various promotions which are all event orientated, it’s been good to see their growth go from no to promotions to decent promotions. As soon as there are any fixed promotions we’ll update this section with what’s on offer.

Sign on Bonus :
Betway South Africa Sign on bonus is an interesting one considering the offers on their international sites and other African sites. Betway South Africa’s sign on bonus is a 125% match up to R1000 with no play through, however you only unlock your bonus after placing 4 bets so keep that in mind.

UPDATE Betway have changed their sign on offer to a 125% match offer.

Betway South Africa Sign on Bonus

Overall Experience :
Betway South Africa is a great start but suffers somewhat from the lack of promotions and markets. The markets on offer are competitive but there simply are not enough of them for punters wanting to dip their toes into more exotic markets. There really isn’t too much else that we can criticise about the site as it’s and enjoyable experience, especially on mobile. If you’re in South Africa we definitely recommend signing up with Betway South Africa.

Overall Rating : 7/10

Sign on Bonus Rating : 7/10

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Other important Betway South Africa information :

Betway South Africa contact details :
Customer support is available via the Betway live chat feature on the Betway South Africa website.
Betway South Africa contact number : 0800-999-367

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My Betway experience after signing up this week has been horrible. First the FICA staff took 2 days to FICA my account because apperently my ID copy was not clear enough. Funny thing is I used the same copy at 3 different other places and it was fine. After sending more then 12 emails with delay response time of over 2 – 3 hours at times from support is bad. Not a pleasent experience at as all. On top of that I requested a withdrawal and 1 day later it has not been processed and support staff either tell you… Read more »

Btw Way they updated their Bonus, 125% but you must spend 4x ur deposit before you get a bonus..
By far worse bonus i’ve seen..


This sites a Laugh, Signed up after seeing the Advert last night in the opening EPL Match. 19 Markets for EPl games on pre-match game, In Play, can’t be all that better… Can’t even take System Bets like Yankees, Hienz or Canadians, asked the support about it.. they send me to the American football leagues… If your support staff doesn’t even know what a standard Yankee System Bet is then there no hope your Site.


Very frustrating to use Betway, they don’t have handicaps for Super Rugby and it’s THURSDAY WTF. You are a bookie in South Africa where we bet rugby and cricket. Please get the basics right. Steve.


When are we getting the full Betway experience?


Not going to lie, it’s miles behind the real Betway site. Markets are a joke too.


Rubbish Durp, the markets are fine and I’m enjoying the site. Yes the bonus could be better but lots of places don’t even have a bonus..give them a chance,might just suprise you.


Thanks for adding the 20% bonus, absolute joke. Won’t see a cent from me. Zero promotions and kak bonus.


I’d rather deposit money at 101 other places that at least give a half decent bonus.


I’m not sure if this site is legit. Nothing like the real betway site.


They do now have a sign on bonus, a pathetic 20% match up to R1000. Absolutely shocking, please add to this review. Site 6/10, bonus 2/10. Please betway South Africa give us a REAL bonus and I’ll consider signing up. Juandre


So Betway SA, UG and KE are all the same but SA does not get Betway Club?


Can you guys help me in getting in contact with Betway support? I’m struggling to get hold of them. Thanks in advance. Kurt.


The site has been there for a few months now. I dont know why they are taking so long to get a full site up. Let’s pray it like the UK site.


Betway South Africa, hmmmm. I’d like a Bet365 South Africa first!

Willie Appel

Will we get the real Betway experience or a betway light? The UK site is amazing and if it has the same features then a Betway South Africa could dominate the local scene. First UK bookmaker in SA (well after the others left)

Can’t wait for this.Dont let us down Betway.