1. beware of these guys

    i deposited with the wrong deposit code

    when i realised and asked for the bonus to be reversed or cancelled, they said NO

    i hadn’t bet any of the money, I had simply made a mistake and I was treated like this

    poor poor poor

  2. The free spins are a joke, you get 1cent spins, worth nothing,
    they have no service,
    as soon as you win a bit of money they close your account without reason and say their terms state they do not have to give a reason
    support is one person, so good luck getting help

    They should close now, and save themselves massive losses

    1. That is strange, I always get spins that are over R2 each 🙂

  3. I’d avoid these guys

    Right now there website offers Republic of Ireland tomorrow night at 1.31, even the stingy of bookies are offering 1.34, and if you look really hard you might get 1.36 at some bookies who really want your bet

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