Hollywoodbets Online Slots Spina Zonke Games Guide

Onlines slots and Spina Zonke are on the rise in South Africa, with several SA betting sites like Betway, Supabets, and Hollywoodbets offering some or other form of slots. Hollywoodbets, one of the biggest and most trusted sports betting sites in SA, now offer their very own online slot games called the Hollywoodbets Spina Zonke games, which offer fully legal slots games from slots providers like Habanero, Pragmatic Play, and Yggdrasil, these offer a massive variety of games for slots fans. The Spina Zonke games have been a huge hit with players, and are available to play on desktop and mobile, from as little as 16c a spin.

The new slots-styled Spina Zonke games like Gates of Olympus, Hot Hot Fruit and Wild Trucks, are the latest addition to what is already an excellent online casino, live game and betgames offering, giving players the chance to have a go on slots at a licensed and legal betting site, all from the comfort of their home or on the go. The games also work perfectly on most mobile browsers, as well as on desktop computers or laptops. In this guide, we are going to have a look at some of the new Spina Zonke games available at Hollywoodbets, how to find them, as well as how to play various games.

What is Spina Zonke?

The Spina Zonke games are a collection of over 450 slot games available on the Hollywoodbets site. The games are from providers like Habanero, Pragmatic Play, YGGDrasil and Evolution. The Spina Zonke games are available to all players who have a Hollywoodbets account, and work on both mobile and desktop. Some games even have the option for you to buy features and free games, depending on the provider.

Sign up with Hollywoodbets and get 50 free spins on Spina Zonke games!

New customers who sign up with Hollywoodbets can get 50 free spins on a choice of 5 Spina Zonke games; The free spins are valued at 50c each, and are a great way to check out the games without having to make a deposit.

Where to find Spina Zonke games on Hollywoodbets

In order to access the Spina Zonke games you need to be logged in to your Hollywoodbets account. Once you’ve logged go to the main menu and look for the “Spina Zonke” button, clicking this will take you to the Spina Zonke games lobby, where you can filter by game provider, as well as select a game to play. Kindly note that the Spina Zonke games are not available on the Hollywoodbets data free site.

Spina Zonke Slots on Hollywoodbets

There are over 450 different Spina Zonke games now available at Hollywoodbets, you read that correctly, 450+ games! An incredible amount to choose from, enough for any slots fan. Each game has it’s own unique theme like the popular Wild Trucks and Hot Hot Fruit, bonuses and features to enjoy, and betting starts from as little as 15c a spin, which makes Spina Zonke accessible to most punters.

To find slots on Hollywoodbets you’ll need to login to your account and look for the Spina Zonke tab, which will take you to the Hollywoodbets slots lobby where you can access all the different slots. As mentioned there is a wide variety to choose from, all with different themes, betting options and payouts. One of our favourites at Best Sports Betting is the Hot Hot Fruit game, which is very much like a traditional slots game with lots of familiar fruit and lucky symbols, pictured below.

spina zonke hot hot fruit

How to play Spina Zonke

If you’ve played slots online or in a casino then chances are good that you’ll have an understanding of how the Spina Zonke slots at Hollywoodbets work, as the games are similar to what you’d find in a casino. We recommend starting with a simple game like Spina Zonke Lucky Lucky in order to get to grips with how the games work. To get started select your game of choice, set your bet level and coin size and spin away. Each game has it’s own pay table which can be accessed through the info button, this explains what symbol matches are needed to pay out, and what those payouts are.

Some of the slots also feature unique bonus games and free spins, so it’s always a good idea to check the game info before you get started playing. You can also find the RTP and details on how the Spina Zonke bonus work in the info section. There are also a few Spina Zonke games that let you buy features or free games, instead of have to hit these during gameplay.

Pragmatic Play and YGGDrasil on Hollywoodbets

Hollywoodbets offer a variety of slots games from Pragmatic Play and YGGDrasil on the Spina Zonke site. Including favourites like Sweet Bonanza, Gates of Olympus, Buffulo Kings Megaways and more. You can access these through the Spina Zonke lobby, which has a drop down menu listing the different games.

Spina Zonke Game Features

Each Spina Zonke game boasts its own unique set of bonuses and features which can be triggered at any time while playing. Some of these feature bonus spins or multipliers. Other times, they trigger minigames that have a chance of boosting your winnings exponentially. Some games offer really exciting features where your winnings can stack, while others offer a set of free spins, and some even other both!

How to play the Spina Zonke slots on Hollywoodbets

As mentioned the games are simple and easy to get into, but understanding how to set your bet size and bet amount can be difficult if you are new to online slots, with that in mind we are going to run through the betting process step by step, so you know exactly how much you are betting on when you start a game.

The following betting options are available when you start a slots game, and are standard across all the available games, so if you understand how it works on one game you’ll understand how to bet on all the games;

  1. Bet; This the total amount that you have set for your next spin.
  2. Bet Level; This sets the number of coins or bets per line, increasing your bet level will increase your game cost but will also increase your winnings should your symbols match. Remember a minimum bet covers all the paylines, so you can’t bet on a particular set of paylines.
  3. Bet Max; Bet the maximum amount that the game or your balance allows.
  4. Auto Play; You can set the game to auto play once you have set your bet levels, up to 200 spins with a few options like automatically increasing or decreasing bets after wins or loses. Autoplay is perfect for players who don’t want to continuously click spin.
  5. Coin; Lets you set the amount you’d like to bet on each line, similar to bet level. Increasing your coin size increases the cost, but also the potential winnings.
  6. Game Features; Many games have a build feature that will give you bonus winnings or free spins, it’s best to check under the information tab to see what features the game you are playing offers.

Once you are happy with your bet amount and bet level you can hit the spin or play button, which starts the round. You’ll need to click spin each time you play, unless you have set auto play, which will play for you as mentioned above. If you manage to pick up a win then you’ll get an animation playing, showing the matching symbols and the amount that you won.

Spina Zonke Games Gameplay

We had a quick look at some of the new games over on the Best Sports Betting Youtube channel, check the below video out if you’d like to see some of the games in action.

The Best Spina Zonke Game to Play

With such a wide variety of games on offer it’s a tough ask to choose the best ones. However some games have proven to be much more popular than others, some of the best games you can enjoy on Spina Zonke are listed below, and were included thanks to the chance of picking up big wins, as well as being easy to play;

spina zonke tips hot hot fruit

How to register to play Spina Zonke Games

In order to play the Hollywoodbets Spina Zonke games you need to have a Hollywoodbets account. Fortunately it’s quick and easy to get signed up with Hollywoodbets when following the steps below;

  1. Visit the official www.hollywoodbets.net site from your phone
  2. Start the registration process by entering your personal details on the registration form
  3. Once the form is complete you can submit your registration and your account will be opened
  4. Login to your Hollywoodbets account using your contact number and the password you setup during the registration process
  5. Once logged in click on Spina Zonke from the menu to access the Spina Zonke games

Spina Zonke Jackpot Race

Hollywoodbets have a Spina Zonke Jackpot race running every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. To enter simply take a R2 spin or more during the race, and if you spin was closest to the Jackpot time you could be a jackpot race winner. Read our Spina Zonke Jackpot Race guide for more on how to play the race, as well as more details on how the winning mechanics work.

10 Tips for playing Spina Zonke games

  1. Set a budget for your online slot play and stick to it.
  2. Choose games with a high return to player (RTP) percentage.
  3. Play online slots with smaller jackpots for better odds of winning.
  4. Take advantage of bonuses and promotions offered by online casinos.
  5. Be aware of the terms and conditions of any bonuses or promotions you accept.
  6. Understand the payouts and paylines of the online slot you are playing.
  7. Know the rules of the online slot game you are playing.
  8. Don’t chase losses by betting more money after a losing streak.
  9. Quit while you’re ahead and take breaks to avoid getting too invested in the game.
  10. Always gamble responsibly and only play for entertainment purposes.

Hollywoodbets Spina Zonke slots are fantastic

It’s great to have the option to play online slots at a great betting site like Hollywoodbets. The variety of games is very impressive and they are easy to use and understand. The accessible minimum spin amounts also make it one of the few sites that don’t charge an arm and a leg to play slots on. We’re sure that over time a few games will emerge as favourites with punters, and we look forward to seeing some big wins for punters coming out of the Hollywoodbets Spina Zonke slots.

If you’d like to know more about some of the other live casino games and games shows that are available at Hollywood then have a look at our Hollywoodbets Casino Games Guide, we’ve also posted a comprehensive Hollywoodbets review, which is a good read if you are considering signing up with them.

List of slots games available on Spina Zonke

There are over 450 different games available on Spina Zonke, and we’ve listed a few of the popular ones from Habanero that you’ll find them listed in the Spina Zonke lobby, which is by bet amount.

Minimum bet 16c:

  • Wealth Inn

Minimum bet 20c:

  • Knockout Football Rush
  • Christmas Gift Rush

Minimum Bet 30c:

  • Hot Hot Fruit
  • Scopa
  • Wild Trucks
  • Santa’s Village
  • Orb of Atlantis
  • Happy Ape
  • Jelly Fish Flow

Minimum Bet 18c:

  • Fortune Dogs
  • Koi Gate
  • 12 Zodiacs

Minimum Bet 20c:

  • Mount Mazuma
  • Fenghuang
  • Hot Hot Halloween
  • Knockout Football
  • Magic Oak*
  • Ocean’s Tail
  • Wicked Witch

Minimum Bet 25c:

  • Atlans Gold
  • Egyptian Dreams
  • Egyptian Dreams Deluxe
  • London Hunter
  • Loony Blox
  • Lucky Lucky
  • Pumpkin Patch
  • Techno Tumble
  • Wizards Want War
  • Zeus II
  • 5 Mariachis
  • Cake Valley
  • Coyote Crash
  • The Dragon Castle
  • Frontier Fortune
  • Gangsters
  • Gold Rush
  • Indian Cash Catcher
  • Jump!
  • Kane’s Inferno
  • Rolling Roger
  • Roman Empire
  • Ruffled Up
  • Sparta

Minimum Bet 28c:

  • Fa Cai Shen
  • Fa Cai Shen Deluxe
  • Lucky Fortune Cat
  • Nuwa
  • Ways of Fortune

Minimum Bet 30c

  • Colossal Gems
  • Fire Rooster
  • Four Divine Beasts
  • Panda Panda
  • The Dead Escape
  • Bird of Thunder
  • Naughty Santa Milk & Cookies
  • Presto!
  • Scruffy Scallywags!

Minimum Bet 40c:

  • Happiest Christmas Tree

Minimum Bet 50c:

  • Bombs Away
  • Super Twister
  • Arcane Elements
  • Dragon’s Throne
  • Jugglenaut

Minimum Bet 88c:

  • 5 Lucky Lions

Have you tried the new Spina Zonke slots at Hollywoodbets, what are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below.

Spina Zonke FAQS

Have a question about your Spina Zonke games? We’ve hopefully got it answered for you below;

What is the best paying Spina Zonke game?

The most popular Spina Zonke games are Hot Hot Fruit and Wealth Inn, thanks to great payout, bonuses and in games free game features. Other popular Spina Zonke titles include Gates of Olympus and Sweet Bonanza.

Hollywoodbets Spina Zonke games not available

If you get the Spina Zonke games not available error in the Spina Zonke lobby and you are logged into your account then the fix is pretty simple. To avoid this error only login to your account when you are in the Spina Zonke games lobby. This should fix the error where no Spina Zonke Games display.

Spina Zonke Restricted Country Error

If you are getting a restricted country error when trying to play the games it means you have a VPN on. Set your VPN to South Africa, or just turn it off and you’ll be able to access the games.

Hollywoodbets Spina Zonke Login

You can head straight to the Spina Zonke lobby on the Hollywoodbets site (click here), and login from there. If you are a Spina Zonke player we recommend you bookmark the page for easier access. If you find you are not able to login then try login from the main page.

What is the best time to play Spina Zonke

Many players believe that there is a best time of the day to play the Spina Zonke games. This is mostly due to players thinking that they’ll have a better chance at winning if they play during a certain time slot, which isn’t true as the Spina Zonke games run on a algorithm. There is a fun best times to play Spina Zonke pdf that you can try, but the best time to play is whenever you want.

Where to find Spina Zonke on Betway

Betway are now offering the Spina Zonke games or Betway slots. They offer all the same Habanero games, just not the YGGDrasil and Pragmatic Play games, and the stake sizes are slightly more. Read about some of the best slots to try on Betway.

When is the Spina Zonke Jackpot Race

The Hollywoodbets Spina Zonke jackpot race takes place every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday evening, from 20.30 – 22.30.

What are bet levels on Spina Zonke?

The Spina Zonke bet levels are there for you to adjust your stake size, or the amount that you want to bet on each spin. They have no effect on your chances of winning.

Spina Zonke Doesn’t Work

If your Spina Zonke games are not loading or giving you errors when trying to play then you’ll need to try using another browser. Android users can download google chrome, which is the best browser for playing the games. If that doesn’t solve the issue try restarting your phone. You can also check out our how to fix your Spina Zonke games guide for more advice on getting the games working.

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