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GG Gaming have issued a challenge to punters, that challenge is that they want punters to take them on. GG Gaming is the brain child of Gary Lentin, for those of you who don’t know who he is then you’ve been hiding under a rock or are new to sports betting. Gary is famous South African poker player and a regular on the GG Gaming morning sports betting show, which you can read up about here.

They were kind enough to have a chat with us about their site, vision and future. All of which we’ll be covering in our GG Gaming review. Let’s dive right into it.

Site Layout and User Experience

The GG Gaming website is build on the solid Turfsport foundation but doesn’t look like your traditional Turfsport site, nor is it purely a mobile site. It’s somewhat similar to LM Bookmakers & Morris Vee in look and feel, which is essentially the full Turf experience.

There is no wasted space or endless scrolling, something which has plagued other sites in the past. The additional information tab makes things like Betting Rules and Promotions easy to navigate, while the banner carousel has all the usual bells and whistles.


It’s very easy to find markets you are looking for and you won’t find an A-Z listing off all countries when looking for a football bet, you’ll find the most important league’s and markets. Now this could be because they are choosing to appease the masses or they can’t be bothered with the smaller leagues, either way we like the layout and the functionality.

Another small thing we noticed was the lovely breadcrumbs that pop up in the search function, so if you search for ‘Premier League’ you find the breadcrumbs colour coded and attractive. It would be nice if they could incorporate this into there normal markets, not that there is anything wrong with the markets at the moment though.

One area of improvement would be to move some of the important links like promotions and banking to the header section, it may be personal preference but we feel they have the space to do so.
The sites odds are competitive and you won’t be finding too many greedy prices, something which Turfsport has gotten right over the last few years.

Bet Big with GG Gaming

You are also welcome to bet big at GG Gaming without the fear of being limited, a claim which we’ve heard in the past but haven’t been about to really test ourselves. Another notch on GG Gaming’s belt is the fact that they are the first South African bookmaker to use the full Betgenius feed. Now the cost of this is astronomical but it’ll give GG Gaming a real edge when it comes to in play and prematch betting.

How you ask, well it means that markets will stay open longer, the odds will be better and you should have very little “Betting Suspended” frustration when punting live games. We’re very glad they’ve gone with the full package and we hope the cost pays dividends and that other bookmakers follow their example.


The mobile site is the standard Turfsport experience, which as we’ve said in the past is actually pretty good. The site is fast and responsive as well as being easy to navigate. Clearly a lot of work has gone into the site and it feels like an established and well tested site.


GG Gaming aren’t shy with their promotions and we were honestly surprised to find some on such a new site, usually sites launch with zero promotions and slowly add to them over time. GG Gaming’s current promotions (At the time of writing) are listed below.

GG Gaming also add many event specific promotions, such as one they ran for the Cape Town 7’s. So kudos to them for keeping things fresh and interesting.

Sign on bonus

This is where the waters do get a bit murky for GG Gaming. They don’t have a fixed sign on offer but seem to have temporary flash sign on offers. They had a whopping R20k match running for the duration of November but nothing that we could find for December. We did query this with them and they said more are in the works.

Now we’re not sure if the flash sign on bonus is a good thing or a bad thing. It’s good in the sense that you’ll be getting a monster bonus when they do come along but if you sign up outside the promotion period then you’ll be getting as much of a bonus as Cape Town is getting rain..Something that they can remedy by setting down a fixed bonus and then looking at increasing it as time passes.

GG Gaming Sign on Bonus Terms

Climb your way to the top! Open an account, make an initial deposit of any amount between R1000 – R10 000 and begin your climb to your free Deposit bets.

FREE BET must be claimed by calling 021 206 6666.

Terms and Conditions:

  1. Offer only applies to customers who have opened an online account with us and have FICA’d with GG Gaming.
  2. Offer is only valid on 1st deposits made of R1000 or more. Maximum of R10 000.
  3. Double your deposit in turnover, receive 50% of your initial deposit as a free bet.
  4. Turnover 4 x your initial deposit and receive another free bet equivalent to 100% of your initial deposit.
  5. Free Bets are not transferable.
  6. Free Bets may not be used on multiple bets (e.g. doubles, trebles etc) and Tote bets. They may be used on a single bet type only.
  7. Free Bets are valid for 7 days only from the date of qualification.
  8. Free Bets may only be used on a single bet based on your initial deposit. For example, if you have a R500 free bet, you may take one bet of R500. You cannot split up the free bet to take a bet of R300 and then another bet of R200.
  9. If your Free Bet is a winning one, you are entitled to keep the winnings from the Free Bet, but not the stake. For example, say you have a R500 Free Bet, and you use it to back Liverpool at 2/1, and they win. You will be entitled to keep the winnings of R1,000, but not the stake wagered of R500.
  10. Free Bets may only be used for bets that are struck at odds of 5/10 or better. For example, you cannot use a free bet on a team at 4/10. You can, however, for example, use the free bet to bet on a horse at 15/10.
  11. New Accounts opened may be subject to risk management compliance procedures as per FICA.
  12. Excluded individuals are excluded from entering the competition.
  13. Participants have the option to approach the Western Cape Gambling & Racing Board in the event of a dispute.


We’ve said it before and we’ll repeat it here, we love seeing new books coming to the South African Sports Betting space and GG Gaming is the latest to the party. You can’t go wrong with the site and we found their support to be pretty helpful and friendly.

Just make sure that if you do sign up that it’s in the bonus window period, so you can get more bang for your buck. You won’t be blown away by the product but you won’t be disappointed either. Overall GG Gaming gets a thumbs up from BSB.

GG Gaming Review
  • Bonus
  • Promotions
  • Site & Features


GG Gaming are a breath of fresh air in the South African bookmaking market. They’ve got a solid site, great promotions and an incredible sign on offer. One of the other aspects we like about them is they are open to feedback and have great respect for their customer base. Definitely a bookmaker worth signing up to!

GG Gaming Facebook Page

GG Gaming contact information 

Tel: +27 (21) 206 6000


Telephone Betting

Tel: +27 (21) 206 6666

After Hours Contact Person: Diane Cope

After hours contact number: +27663007262

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