1. You are right about the customer support. Don’t even bother try to call them because they are always rude and sometimes hang up while you are still speaking. I have an account with them, sometimes they don’t top up your funds even though you sent them proof of payment. I ounce send it via email and after 3 days I noticed that they haven’t topped up, I called them and they told me I must send it via whatsapp before hanging up. I had to search the number through their twitter page.

  2. so topbet no longer offers motor sport????

    1. Best Sports Betting says:

      Looks like they’ve pulled it. If you like the Topbet experience then Mobibets are identical, but with Motorsport

  3. It’s like you can go down to the corner cafe and buy a sportsbook. It needs to be more regulated so we don’t get rubbish like this. They add nothing to the market at all.

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