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Topbet are what we would consider a fairly new bookmaker in the online space, they are running on the tried and tested Turfsports software which we do like. They currently have several stores around the Gauteng area and are expanding into the online market with their site. So let’s have a look at what Topbet have to offer. If you’d like to find out about the locations of Topbet’s retail stores then have a look here. 

Topbet started their online presence as what was exclusively a mobile betting operation, in the same sort of way that Mobibets are. The biggest differece is that they used the base of their mobile site to launch a new desktop site with all the bells and whistles one comes to expect from a a Turfsports backed site. It’s something we’d like to see more bookies do as it shows that Topbet are a growing bookmaker who understands the need to keep up with punters needs as well as the available technology.

Topbet Desktop

The Topbet desktop site is much easier to navigate than the previous mobile to desktop version. It’s a fully dedicated desktop site. It’s solid and simple with everything you need only a click away. With their new desktop site they’re also able to showcase some of their other products on the homepage, and they’ve implemented this well by having all the different lotto draws displayed on the homepage. Making it very convenient to find a draw to bet on.

Topbet Mobile

The mobile site however works very well and we’ve got few complaints about it. It’s easy to find what you are looking for and getting a bet on for a market you want is a breeze.


Currently Topbet offer Horse Racing, Soccer, Cricket, Golf, Rugby and Lucky Numbers and more. They do all have all the major sports covered and have expanded significantly from their initial offering. Which is a good thing as it shows a positive intention to grow. Their primary target are punters on the go and not those that are using a desktop pc / laptop. Nothing wrong with that but we’d like to have seen a sign on incentive and a promotion or two running through out the year.

Betting on Numbers

One of Topbet’s strengths lies in their Lucky number and Betgames offering. They have a fantastic array of games available for those who aren’t just into sports betting, something we think will attract those who like betting on the lotto, bingo etc. They also have boosted prices for some lotto draws so you’ll be getting a lot of bang for your buck when betting numbers at Topbet.

Topbet Results

Looking for the latest Topbet Lucky / Crazy numbers results? Topbet have a dedicated results section for you. Click here to see the latest Topbet results.

Overall Experience

Topbet are a bookmaker who understand what punters like and how to deliever a good product to them. They’ve proven this by moving away from the mobile site on desktop as well as running a few good promotions. The site won’t blow your socks off but it is solid and very easy to use. If Topbet can continue with their current innovation we’re sure we’ll see them up there with the best. They’re definitely worth opening an account with. Click here to register today.

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Topbet are perfect for punters on the go, especially those looking for lucky numbers and Betgames. Their Sports offering is also solid and is growing and we’re excited to see what the future brings for this growing brand.

Topbet Contact details


Phone: 0861 867 238.

Follow Topbet on Twitter and Facebook.

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You are right about the customer support. Don’t even bother try to call them because they are always rude and sometimes hang up while you are still speaking. I have an account with them, sometimes they don’t top up your funds even though you sent them proof of payment. I ounce send it via email and after 3 days I noticed that they haven’t topped up, I called them and they told me I must send it via whatsapp before hanging up. I had to search the number through their twitter page.


so topbet no longer offers motor sport????


It’s like you can go down to the corner cafe and buy a sportsbook. It needs to be more regulated so we don’t get rubbish like this. They add nothing to the market at all.