Soccer 13 Tips and Predictions

One of the most popular tote games in South Africa, Soccer 13 is a Soccer prediction game similar to Soccer 10, but there are 13 matches to predict instead of 10, and the payouts can be life changing. Soccer 13 is played by predicting the outcome of the 13 matches on the fixture list, which are released on a daily basis throughout the week.

If you correctly predict all 13 matches correctly you’ll be set win a large amount, as the Soccer 13 payouts can be quite handsome. In this article we’ll be posting our Soccer 13 tips, predictions and more. We’ve also got tips for Sportstake 13, incase you play that too. If you’d like to learn how to get started with online betting in South Africa we recommend reading through our Ultimate Betting Guide to help you get started.

How Soccer 13 is Played

Soccer 13 is operated by TAB in conjunction with Svenska Spel Sweden. Please note Soccer 13 is hosted by Svenska Spel in Sweden and their rules apply. There are 13 matches and 3 choices for each match:

  1. Team A Win
  2. Draw
  3. Team B Win

NOTE: Svenska Spel uses 1= Team A win; x = Draw; 2 = Team B win. Soccer fans betting in South Africa, however, must use 1 = Team A win; 2 = Draw; 3 = Team B win.

All results based on score at end of 90 minutes. If a match kicks off before the pool closes or is not completed normally, it is NOT declared null and void. Instead the result is determined by a random computer draw from 16 possibilities – 10 soccer experts each give a result, plus two of each of the three possible outcomes go into the draw.

Punters must predict the outcome of the 13 matches using the 1X2 Betting method, players can choose to make more than one selection on their ticket, IE 1X, this however does double the cost of the ticket.

Soccer 13 Tips and Predictions

We post our Soccer 13 tips for midweek and weekend matches. There are Soccer 13 matches and fixtures almost everyday and we can’t give solid tips for each and every fixture list. Instead we focus on one midweek Soccer 13 fixture as well as one for the weekend. Some Soccer 13 fixtures are very difficult, and if we don’t think it will be winnable without spending a lot of money, or getting incredibly lucky then we won’t play, and suggest others players avoid a bad fixture list too. We find it best to focus on weekend fixtures when the major leagues are playing, as it’s the most predictable, and gives the best return.

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So with that in mind, we’ll be posting our Soccer 13 tips and predictions on Best Sports Betting twice a week. We also try keep the cost of playing under R20 or even R10, so punters can make changes to the tips that we’ve posted. The latest soccer 13 tips can be found below, and we use the official TAB site to make our predictions. If you follow our Soccer 13 predictions you do so at your own risk, we recommend you build a ticket around your own selections if you have the time to do the research on the teams and matches.

Check out our latest Soccer 13 selections;

We also post our daily Betway soccer tips with betting starting at R1 for those with a Betway account, which you can follow easily by copying the code into your Betway account. We are also posting daily soccer predictions for those that are looking for some more bets for the day. If you’re a big fan of Soccer 13 then we recommend you try playing the Betway Bamba 13 Jackpot game, which has a prize of R250,000.

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Soccer 13 Fixtures

We’ll be posting the fixtures for the Soccer 13 matches we post tips on. For the full daily soccer 13 fixture list visit TabOnline or use the Tabgold App. Latest Soccer 13 Fixtures posted below.

Soccer 13 Payouts

All Soccer 13 pools will close in South Africa 120 minutes before the official closing time. This is because all Soccer 13 bets in South Africa are collated into a single batch by TAB and sent to Svenska Spel to be commingled into the host pool.

Should TAB be unable to deliver the batch to Svenska Spel because of a communications breakdown or any other reason, all bets will be declared null and void and refunded. Payouts are released once the results are confirmed and can be viewed a day after the last match has taken place.

The latest Soccer 13 payouts can be accessed on the TAB online or Soccer 6 betting sites, under results.

Unit of Betting & Other Info

  • The unit of betting is R1.60 but this changes according to the exchange rate.
  • Permutations of multiple entries can be played in the normal way.
  • If any payout is R15 or less, the money is not paid out and instead carried forward to a future pool.

Soccer 13 Payout Details

  • Average Pool R20 Million!
  • Average Pay Out R2 Million
  • If only 1 ticket has all 13 correct – guaranteed R10-million pay out!

There are four chances to win in every Soccer 13 pool!

All 13 correct = 40% of pool
Average payout R1.98 million

Any 12 correct = 15% of pool
Average payout R9,000

Any 11 correct = 12% of pool
Average payout R485

Any 10 correct = 25% of pool
Average payout R110

NOTE: Other 8% of pool goes to guarantee R10 million pay out in event of only one winner.

There are four chances to win in every pool!

All 13 correct = 39% of pool
Average payout R507,311

Any 12 correct = 22% of pool
Average payout R9,621

Any 11 correct = 12% of pool
Average payout R317

Any 10 correct = 25% of pool
Average payout R74

NOTE: Other 2% of pool goes to Jackpot fund.

If you’d like to know more about Sports Betting or are looking for a list of betting sites then hang around on Best Sports Betting!


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