1. Please help I won over 18k with wsb birthday bonus …they ask me to turnover I do but won even more 25k ….I fica do a withdrawal (R1200) I GOT IT BUT WHEN II WITHDRAW 10K THEY CLOSED MY ACCOUNT….SO WHAT HAPPENING WITH MY WINNINGS

    1. Anonymous says:

      To be honest that happend to me as well but not on WSB on kayamoola i have won 14000rand i couldn’t withdraw nothing…. So i dont think WSB is a legit site, if you can’t withdraw your winnnings than my friend your being scammed…go waste ur mone6 or bet on palacebet, hollywoodbets, lottostar they r legit sites coz i am talking bout experienced

    2. Hi Shaun
      My story they put my account ONHOLD since the 7th of November till today, in won 29k.They did the voice verification call Dec till today no respond from them they must gave me my deposit back at take my winning it will be much better that way

  2. This has got to be the worst organization is existence today. Horrible experience with them. I would certainly encourage people to look elsewhere when deciding to open up a betting account. Will be detailing what they have done and how they have treated me as customer on other punting forums to make people aware .
    Horrible , horrible , horrible

  3. What is the minimum amount to withdraw and the means of withdrawal

    1. Minimum amount is R50. You can make a direct deposit to your bank account,use FNB E-wallet,ABSA atm withdrawal as well as Standard bank. But it takes forever before you get your money l’ve waited 4 days for a simple ABSA atm withdrawal and their live chat is not working and their whatsapp operator is the most clueless person. You have to email their complaints department to get a quick response.

  4. Hi plz hlp ive blocked in my account always when i use wsb web to through my account it give problem

  5. The WSB BONUS OFFER is the worst available at the moment because you are restricted to place the bets on single bets and you cannot use Muliples to achieve the 5/10 odds? That is significantly more difficult than Supabets and Betexchange who require slightly higher odds but you can make it using multipes.

  6. but their voucher is not easily accessible like hollywood

  7. Please check for me what the problem is with Supabets. Their website has been down for over 24hrs and one of their shops was closed down by the Gambling Board in Accra due to their failure to renew their gambling license. Could they have had the same problem here in SA ? And if yes, what can we do to get our money from the accounts on their websites ?

    1. Best Sports Betting says:

      Supabets have stated that they are having technical problems with their site, which have been going on for a while now. They’ve released press statements on both Facebook and Twitter. It is unfortunate that they are down.

      1. Hoping they really are down. Thank you for being helpful as always.

  8. I’ve seen an article on the Internet that if you make withdrawals on a regular basis (3-4 times a week for instance), bookmakers tend to close your account because your are then viewed as ‘troublemaker’. Is this true…ever had cases about this ??

      1. Thanks , will check the articles also.

      2. Oh, one more thing – do you perhaps know of any bookies who WILL NEVER block/limit your account just because you are hitting them hard. Will take even an international bookie.

          1. I see. Will open an account with Betway anyway. Thanks again.

    1. Samantha Opperman says:

      Hi I’ve got over R20000 in my WSB account they closed my account because I tried to withdraw alot of times via ewallet and eft. Now they say Im only getting my deposit back. How do a person take this further?

      1. Best Sports Betting says:

        Report them to the gambling board, open a case and they will assist you. Phone: (011) 581 4800
        Email: info@ggb.org.za

  9. Newbie_Punter says:

    I have a comment on the WSB bonus system. In the past I was credited with a free bets “bonus” balance after signing up. So what this means is that when you place a bet with the bonus funds you receive winnings only. So R100 on odds of 1.5 means you get back only R50. No stake included.
    This is not a true matched deposit bonus like Sunbet or even Supabets for that matter.
    Unless they have changed the bonus system somehow I’m still sceptical on the true value offered to a punter.

    1. Best Sports Betting says:

      Hi NP, many bookmakers are moving to the voucher system as it is more common place overseas.
      The good thing about the WSB deposit match is the wagering, you only need to wager the bonus 5x and only the bonus. Additionally the odds are a minimum of 5/10. A book like Betx has odds of 9/10 with 10x wagering(sic)

      “You will need to wager five (5) times the amount of the bonus before you can withdraw from your account.”

      It’s not too bad and it’s an easier way for punters to keep track imo.

      1. Hi, yes, but you cannot place bets on multiples. the 5/10 odds requirement is restricted to singles… I would argue that is even more difficult to achieve than odds of 5/1 using multiples???

    2. sports bettor says:

      Hi all, need your guidance on this for one of my friends. He had a good weekend on sport last weekend and got his account up to R80 000. WSB make him do random security checks and then says he has a linked account so they confiscating all his funds.

      I know bookies limit good sports bettors but never in my 10 years of sports betting heard of bookies just deciding to take someones winnings like that.

      They sent him terms and conditions in the “opening account” section in T&C’s which state the below in bold.

      In particular if using a credit or debit card, the Cardholder’s name MUST be the same as the name used when registering with the site (his card is definitely in his name). Where this is not the case the account will be suspended. Where an account is suspended, customers should contact Customer Services. All bets that are placed prior to an account being suspended will stand win or lose.

      Customers may open only one account. Should we identify any customer with more than one account we reserve the right to treat any such accounts as one joint account.

      They suspended his account after all his bets (as once account is suspended can’t do any bets). So surely like the T&C’s state his bets stand.

      They state that if someone has more than one account they have the right to treat it as one account? What does this mean ? Surely they can’t just join his account to someones elses and then that person can use his balance and account as they see fit?

      Do you guys have any advice?

      1. Best Sports Betting says:

        Hi Sports Bettor,

        Sorry to hear about your friends woes! This seems like a case of taking a limit to the extreme, something which is rather uncommon.
        Basically it sounds like there is a problem with his initial registration, or that they’ve taken issue with it. Also they do have the right to void any bets as they see fit, which is not the best thing for a bookmaker to do but legally they can do it.

        We recommend the following :

        Contact the bookmaker asking for a full detailed report as to why the account was closed and funds removed / confiscated. If they come back with the multiple accounts term then request that the secondary account details be shared, if they aren’t willing to share this with you then you know something is wrong. It’s best to make these requests by email as you’ll have a better chance of getting a proper response, rather than a generic one. Once you’ve got a full picture from their side you can plan your next move, but you need to have the evidence they have against you at your own disposal, otherwise they could just say something else.
        If they are not willing to budge then it’s time to contact the National Gambling Board, which you can do here

        State the case to the NGB and provide them with evidence and a detailed explanation as they’ll hopefully fight for you. Sorry we could not be more helpful but it does sound like something has gone wrong here.

  10. This is an interesting website and a big thumbs up to the guys that started it.
    WSB are the worst bookie ever. If they don’t limit you, have a serious look at your betting habits.
    Limiting is apparently a common pastime of many on-line bookies, but not the following. Almost 2 years ago they reneged on paying out on a draw bet in a test cricket match (3 other bookies paid out with no hassle).
    Asked for a reason and after a long delay they came up with one, quoting the definition of a tie in cricket!
    Not satisfied, I took the complaint to the Gauteng gambling board – and guess what?
    They also have the habit of cutting ante post odds, claiming their “system was down and they couldn’t change the prices”.
    I simply don’t know how they get away with this rubbish – is there a higher authority to complain to than the Gauteng gambling hoard?

    1. Best Sports Betting says:

      Thanks for the feedback Bertie, we actually discussed limiting in our latest podcast as well as published an article about it.
      Unfortunately there is not much you can do if the gambling board is not bothered, if it’s a large amount then it might be worth seeking legal advice in a civil suit.

      1. The point is it is a bit sinister when the gambling board does not uphold it’s own rules – the rule in test cricket is simple and straightforward –“one ball has to be bowled and there must be an official result”.
        When I was told of their decision, I asked Paul Potgieter if he knows what their motto means “Quis custodiet ipsos custodies” – translated it means “who will guard the guards themselves”.
        No response of course.
        Years ago these decisions didn’t happen – only after the advent of wsb.
        I also asked him if they verified that the other two options in the betting market were voided as well – or did they simply keep the money.

        1. Best Sports Betting says:

          Don’t get us started on the gambling board, they’re a last resort but we don’t want to have a dig at them publicly. Think we all know whats going on there anyway!

  11. Justin Chetty says:

    I love sport , it has been my passion all my life. I enjoy all types of sport and in my spare time I enjoy taking sports bets on the sports I watch to make the matches even more interesting. Now with online sport bets websites it makes it even more convenient for me to enjoy my hobby. I have since joined World Sports Betting as they claim to be the best in South Africa and even more Africa. I have won smaller bets with them and continued playing in the hopes that one day I would win more money. On Wednesday 05/04/17 I won on my multiple soccer bets that I had running over a couple of days. I was so happy when I won , informed my family and friends , that i won on WSB and i was so excited. But all of that changed for the worst when I tried to claim my winnings. First as per their processes I submitted my FICA documents. I was then told I was being subjected to a random security check and would receive feedback within 24 hours. Since then I cannot access my account as it has been put on hold. I then started emailing World Sports Betting , starting from 06/04/2017. At first they were courteous and replied timeously , but as the days passed i had to keep following up and the responses started becoming vague and blunt as to what was happening with my winnings. The last response was on 09/04/17, and was the following :
    As per previous correspondence, the risk side of our company cannot reveal all matters of an audit or random security check. Thus meaning we are unable to provide answers to your questions a this time. That was a week ago.
    Now it has been 2 weeks since i have won and no one from WSB has even contacted me or followed up as to when i will be paid my winnings and when i call the managers are always in a “meeting”. In my opinion I have given them a reasonable amount of time to pay out my winnings and respond. This is unacceptable to me that a customer can be treated as such after winning , are WSB only happy if i am losing ?

    1. Best Sports Betting says:

      Sorry to hear about your issues, have the funds been withdrawn and are not reflecting or are they still in your WSB account?

      1. Justin Chetty says:

        World sports betting had eventually paid my funds.I did get limited with the amount I am now able to win.i understand that they protect their interests and excepted it.I have stopped using World sport betting.i did not receive good service from them after winning money and them paying out was not a pleasant experience.

        I no longer use World sports betting,due to the fact that I am heavily limited and from my bad experience and terrible customer service after winning.

        However,World sports betting is on of the best sites I have used,customers will be extremely happy with their good service and they do pay out quickly for smaller amounts.however if u win a big amount,I wish u all the best in getting your funds.i hope they work on their procedures and processes,they will have many more happy customers.

        I no longer play with World Sports Betting,but I wish punters all the best.Thank you for having this review site,I’m sure it will help many more people.

        1. Best Sports Betting says:

          Most welcome Justin, it’s an unfortunate fact about betting in South Africa and there are plenty other top bookmakers to choose from. Glad you got your bucks out!

          1. Seen from 21 September 2023 trying to withdraw my winnings by eft and e wallet and absa cashsend would sport betting started to hold my account says they trying to conduct the oudit for risk management n I tried to call them thy say they will get back to me as soon as they done n they don’t tell me how long will it take and emailing them asking whey will they unhold my account they don’t reply is been 13 days now I don’t get any email and my account still on hold what should I do

    2. They have blocked me too, can you tell me how to get bigger bets?

      1. Justin chetty says:

        Hi Mark, there is nothing you can or i can do if they block or limit us.All bookmakers rules and terms is to benefit the bookmaker.It was a sad reality for me when i tried doing research.Only other option is to use another bookmaker or take cash bets at a branch.

        I am currently using SUNBET, downsides i have found,they have a max of R100 000 but you can always resubmit the bet and i tried cancelling a soccer MULTIPLE bet way before any of the legs had started, i was told that they do not cancel bets and that is their rule.

        I also have a SUPABETS account but they decline bets without any reason after submission and getting an EFT payment from them is extremely difficult. If you want EFT payment, you will have to submit FICA every time and they are picky on the documents you submit.The betting odds are not the best.

        1. Best Sports Betting says:

          Hey Justin, always a pleasure to read your comments, they aren’t harsh and you seem like a sharp punter.

          Supabets decline bets? I’d love to hear about that. That sounds like utter rubbish (From Supabets!) They should just limit / block you from taking the bets in the first place. Hope you’ve gone to the gambling board with that.

          1. They have a totally unacceptable way of placing bets – the bet is referred “pending acceptance”. This sometimes takes 10 min. or more, with no way of simply canceling the requested bet. They can then decline the bet with no reason given, and the odds stay the same.
            Can you imagine taking an in running bet on these terms?

          2. Best Sports Betting says:

            I’ve never seen the pending acceptance on wsb, it might be because your account is flagged? I’ve encountered it on other books like Supabets though.

  12. WSB simply have the best Esports betting in South Africa hands down. Guys they are THE BEST bookmaker in the country, don’t bother with the rest unless you really have too. Love WSB 10/10 from me.
    All the best – Andrew

  13. I have R50 free balance but when i place soccer bet it says i have insufficient funds.please help

    1. Best Sports Betting says:

      The free balance is usually limited to certain bets like singles etc. What market are you trying to bet on?

  14. You should remove the eSports section here.

    Have just closed my WSB account, as they appear to not have a clue what they are doing with eSports.
    The market is extremely tricky, but even in straight forward moments, their staff are clueless.

    Advertising their eSports seems bad as they may as well not offer them at all.
    Only positive is when the csgo season kicks off properly, as their inplay model is iffy at best.

    1. Best Sports Betting says:

      Thanks Sheldon, are they trading the markets incorrectly or just getting it horribly wrong? We haven’t looked at their Esports offering since they launched the streaming, but will have another look and see if it’s regressed since then.

    2. Rancid#Banana says:

      I’ve been using WSB almost exclusively since I got the bonus and deposit match without issue. My money there is almost up so I’m shopping for another bonus.

  15. Best Sports Betting says:

    Hi Hilton,

    Thanks for the comment, we’ve had to exclude the names of those mentioned until everything can be verified. We don’t take issue with who does their previews or runs the twitter feed. We’re also confident that the previews are posted under a name that is used to access the backend, like here where it is “admin”. We can follow up if you think there is any wrong doing?

  16. darkchiild says:

    okay,now im worried about these negative comments,i hate complications.i left marshalls cz i thought tgere were leas problems on wsb.right now i have a free balance of R50 and have no idea how to use it,wheres the help.

    1. Best Sports Betting says:

      Are you not able to wager the free money? Wsb are pretty good and we rate them highly. Don’t let one or two comments put you off.

    2. Whatever you do stay away from these guys.

      1. Best Sports Betting says:

        What issue did you have with them Mike?

        1. Best Sports Betting says:

          Care to elaborate on that Mr Moodley?

  17. Want to mention how they are ignoring me also. Had my account with these people for a while. I played bets on rugby , horse racing , golf , soccer. I have won some good money in the past and withdrew and they have paid me before without issue. My account was fica verified in the past and i withdrew funds after that with no problems. Then over a few weeks i went on a good run and won money. They limit my account but i kept playing and plenty losing bets. Eventually my limit was cut down to R1000. I took a few more bets with a limit of R1000 but was eventually too frustrated to continue so I withdraw my money. I have not been paid to this day for 3 weeks!! First after i withdraw they say Random Security Check. They ask me for fica documents again. Even after they pay me in the past they ask me to send documents again. I send them and they say wait 24 hours for response! I wait 2 days then they say they dont have my documents. I send 2 more times and call to confirm that they have my documents then they say yes wait 24 hours! I wait 3 days no response so i email and ask what is happening. They say they have my documents but checking my bets. Dont see what was wrong i played many sports and horse racing but just because i won they wont pay me now! Always saying to me 24 hours 24 hours. Still now ignoring my requests. My balance is R45000 over a few weeks but they wont pay me now. They ignore my issues – i send everything they ask for but wont pay. Going to speak to Gambling Board because its not right , not fair. They let me play but because i win lot they dont pay! My friend open account with these guys also. He deposit R10000 and play. After one week they suspend the account and say security check. Ask for documents my friend send everything. They say 24 hours , 24 hours , 24 hours. He speak on the live chat and ask why the account suspended 5 days after opening they say random security check is standard for all clients. After hes asking many times they say documents fine now must check bets. In one week he lose R8000. Now today they pay him the last R2000 and they close his account. Cant play with people who treat us like this. They close my friend account for no reason! Suspend my account because i won! DONT PLAY WITH THIS COMPANY THEY DONT PAY WHEN YOU WIN and SUSPEND AND LIMIT YOUR ACCOUNT FOR NOTHING!

    1. Best Sports Betting says:

      Hi TKatywa,

      Sounds like you had a pretty rough time with them! I doubt you will have much luck with the gambling board but you are due any legally won funds. We hope you can recover some of the money.

      1. why won’t he have much luck with the gambling board?
        isn’t that what they are there for ?
        surely a bookie must pay, and if they don’t the gambling board should enforce it

        1. some bookies will tell you that it can take 2 to 3 working days for the money to reflect in your account – it only happens when they wait 2 to 3 days before they pay.
          In the past week two bookies (betmasters and supabets) paid within hours AFTER I lodged a complaint with the gambling board.
          I think this is all the gb is good for these days.

    2. Hi TKatywa,

      What happened to your money,it seems the exact same thing is happening to me and I am getting really frustrated with their service.

  18. Hmmmm WSB.
    Had an account there for some time now. Truth be told I am not a fan.
    Change odds at the blink of an eye , in play betting is virtually impossible because everything is always suspended before you can get the bet down.
    Their idea of conflict resolution is to ignore the customer until he / she gives up.
    Always check bets have been resulted correctly because a lot of mistakes are made there.
    Take their time in resulting bets too, I have had occasions where bets have been resulted 48 hours later.
    Also very quick to limit a punter or even close your account.
    Positive is their site is user friendly and have regular promotions.

    1. Best Sports Betting says:

      We’ve also experienced some issues with their customer service when it comes to ignoring issues,a very unfortunate thing as it does not reflect well on the brand.Thanks for the feedback, we were not aware of some of the issues you brought up. Hopefully more punters come forwards.

    2. I’m a huge fan of theirs, they have the best offers and promotions hands down. The mobile site is responsive but the service could be better. Plus they give you money if you find mistakes on the site which is pretty awesome.

  19. Does the wsb voucher code BSB100 only work for new customer?

    1. Best Sports Betting says:

      Hi Hennie,

      The BSB100 offer is for new customers only.

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