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The WSB BONUS OFFER is the worst available at the moment because you are restricted to place the bets on single bets and you cannot use Muliples to achieve the 5/10 odds? That is significantly more difficult than Supabets and Betexchange who require slightly higher odds but you can make it using multipes.


Hi GuYS,


but their voucher is not easily accessible like hollywood


Please check for me what the problem is with Supabets. Their website has been down for over 24hrs and one of their shops was closed down by the Gambling Board in Accra due to their failure to renew their gambling license. Could they have had the same problem here in SA ? And if yes, what can we do to get our money from the accounts on their websites ?


I’ve seen an article on the Internet that if you make withdrawals on a regular basis (3-4 times a week for instance), bookmakers tend to close your account because your are then viewed as ‘troublemaker’. Is this true…ever had cases about this ??


I have a comment on the WSB bonus system. In the past I was credited with a free bets “bonus” balance after signing up. So what this means is that when you place a bet with the bonus funds you receive winnings only. So R100 on odds of 1.5 means you get back only R50. No stake included.
This is not a true matched deposit bonus like Sunbet or even Supabets for that matter.
Unless they have changed the bonus system somehow I’m still sceptical on the true value offered to a punter.

sports bettor

Hi all, need your guidance on this for one of my friends. He had a good weekend on sport last weekend and got his account up to R80 000. WSB make him do random security checks and then says he has a linked account so they confiscating all his funds. I know bookies limit good sports bettors but never in my 10 years of sports betting heard of bookies just deciding to take someones winnings like that. They sent him terms and conditions in the “opening account” section in T&C’s which state the below in bold. In particular if using… Read more »


This is an interesting website and a big thumbs up to the guys that started it. WSB are the worst bookie ever. If they don’t limit you, have a serious look at your betting habits. Limiting is apparently a common pastime of many on-line bookies, but not the following. Almost 2 years ago they reneged on paying out on a draw bet in a test cricket match (3 other bookies paid out with no hassle). Asked for a reason and after a long delay they came up with one, quoting the definition of a tie in cricket! Not satisfied, I… Read more »

Justin Chetty

I love sport , it has been my passion all my life. I enjoy all types of sport and in my spare time I enjoy taking sports bets on the sports I watch to make the matches even more interesting. Now with online sport bets websites it makes it even more convenient for me to enjoy my hobby. I have since joined World Sports Betting as they claim to be the best in South Africa and even more Africa. I have won smaller bets with them and continued playing in the hopes that one day I would win more money.… Read more »


They have blocked me too, can you tell me how to get bigger bets?

Justin chetty

Hi Mark, there is nothing you can or i can do if they block or limit us.All bookmakers rules and terms is to benefit the bookmaker.It was a sad reality for me when i tried doing research.Only other option is to use another bookmaker or take cash bets at a branch. I am currently using SUNBET, downsides i have found,they have a max of R100 000 but you can always resubmit the bet and i tried cancelling a soccer MULTIPLE bet way before any of the legs had started, i was told that they do not cancel bets and that… Read more »


WSB simply have the best Esports betting in South Africa hands down. Guys they are THE BEST bookmaker in the country, don’t bother with the rest unless you really have too. Love WSB 10/10 from me.
All the best – Andrew


I have R50 free balance but when i place soccer bet it says i have insufficient funds.please help


You should remove the eSports section here.

Have just closed my WSB account, as they appear to not have a clue what they are doing with eSports.
The market is extremely tricky, but even in straight forward moments, their staff are clueless.

Advertising their eSports seems bad as they may as well not offer them at all.
Only positive is when the csgo season kicks off properly, as their inplay model is iffy at best.


I’ve been using WSB almost exclusively since I got the bonus and deposit match without issue. My money there is almost up so I’m shopping for another bonus.


okay,now im worried about these negative comments,i hate complications.i left marshalls cz i thought tgere were leas problems on wsb.right now i have a free balance of R50 and have no idea how to use it,wheres the help.


Whatever you do stay away from these guys.


WSB rubbish site


Want to mention how they are ignoring me also. Had my account with these people for a while. I played bets on rugby , horse racing , golf , soccer. I have won some good money in the past and withdrew and they have paid me before without issue. My account was fica verified in the past and i withdrew funds after that with no problems. Then over a few weeks i went on a good run and won money. They limit my account but i kept playing and plenty losing bets. Eventually my limit was cut down to R1000.… Read more »


Hi TKatywa,

What happened to your money,it seems the exact same thing is happening to me and I am getting really frustrated with their service.


Hmmmm WSB. Had an account there for some time now. Truth be told I am not a fan. Change odds at the blink of an eye , in play betting is virtually impossible because everything is always suspended before you can get the bet down. Their idea of conflict resolution is to ignore the customer until he / she gives up. Always check bets have been resulted correctly because a lot of mistakes are made there. Take their time in resulting bets too, I have had occasions where bets have been resulted 48 hours later. Also very quick to limit… Read more »

Aaron M

I’m a huge fan of theirs, they have the best offers and promotions hands down. The mobile site is responsive but the service could be better. Plus they give you money if you find mistakes on the site which is pretty awesome.


Does the wsb voucher code BSB100 only work for new customer?


Do they have an app for iPad?