Lottostar review

Lottostar are South Africa’s first legal lottery focused betting site and you’ve likely heard them advertised on radio or over the many billboards around South Africa. LottoStar is a licensed fixed-odds betting company.

As a player, you have the opportunity to place a bet on the outcome of the world’s biggest international lotteries and the chance to win never before seen payouts in South Africa. LottoStar is licensed and regulated by the Mpumalanga Economic Regulator. We’ve decided to review them as they do offer bettors something really unique, a site dedicated to lottery betting.

Lottostar Betting

Lottostar offers a fixed rate betting system where punters can bet on or against results of international lotteries like EuroMillions, Spanish Daily, EuroJackpot and the SuperEnaLotto. While this is nothing new to South Africa there are few things that set Lottostar apart from other sites. Lottostar punters can also ejoying betting on a variery of Lottostar live games, including live monopoly and more.

One of them is the large payouts on offer, most bookmakers have a cap on the max winnings while at Lottostar you can still win big. They’ve managed to do this by insuring the placed bets with an insurance company who in turn have given guarantees to the Gambling Board.

Is Lottostar Legal?

LottoStar holds a Bookmakers’ Licence issued by the Mpumalanga Economic Regulator in South Africa. LottoStar is operated by LottoStar (Pty) Ltd Reg no. 2007/011071/07 (Licence Number 9-2-1-00087). If you wish to confirm this with the Mpumalanga Economic Regulator, please call 013 750-8000.

How does Lottostar work?

To clear things up you are not actually winning the lottery. You are betting on the numbers or outcomes of the selected lotteries, similar to fixed odds betting. So if you buy a Spanish Daily lottery ticket you taking a bet with Lottostar that you will have all the numbers correct, you are not buying an actual ticket to the Spanish Daily. We’ve had a number of questions about this so we hope this makes things clearer.


With the nitty gritty out the way let’s have a look at the Lottostar site and offerings.

Lottostar Site

The landing page of Lottostar is quite sleek, with a modern feel and appearance. There is a choice to select from the various types of lotteries including the World, Euro and Australia ones from the menu on top of the page. Lotto bets made on Lottostar are not actually placed with these international lotteries.

Instead, as mentioned, the punter makes the bets on the outcome of the results from these lotteries, and Lottostar is the one that will make the actual payout in the event there is a win. There are also options to select from Sports betting and other options from the menu. The mid-section of the page contains a list of various types of lotteries, their maximum win potential and cut offtimes, which is important information available at a snapshot. There are also links to redirect the punter to help sections on how to use place bets and other information.

Lottostar Mobile

The mobile page is also flashy, with a modern feel. There are highlights of the various types of lotto available to the player, their payout and cut off times. There are also options to select from options such as Live Games, Sports betting, and others from the menu button on the top right of the page. A link to a help page on how to register and place bets is available from the bottom of the page.

Markets / Betting options

One very likable feature is that the lotto options selections are quite wide with the option to choose from the US, Europe, Africa, and Australian ones. There are also additional games where bets can be placed on.

The new Sports Betting feature however only includes Soccer and Rugby as the only sports options. Lottostar, however, indicates that more sports options will become available in the future. The market selection is also very low at the moment, with only 5 variations for soccer, i.e., 3-way results, correct score, half 3 way, over/under and total goals. Bets can be placed based on odds or probability. Market odds are slightly lower than other major bookies.


Customer Service

Customer service wise we chatted to a lovely chap called Diego who was friendly, prompt and very helpful. Their customer service is available from 7am – 9.30pm and are locally based, which is always a positive thing.

Deposit Options

Deposits into Lottostar can be made through Mastercard or VISA cards (using Peach Payments, VCS, Payfast and Mygate), Instant EFT, EFT, Snapscan, Vouchers (Lottostar Voucher, 1Voucher, Easypay and OTT Voucher).

Lottostar Charity

Lottostar are also not all about keeping the money for themselves, and are involved in helping out a local charity, The Grace Factory, with a whopping R1 million donation alongside 947. As a business Lottostar should be commended for this, and we hope that other bookmakers take note and get involved in social development.

Overall Experience

Overall, the navigation through the desktop and mobile page is fairly easy through the use of a modern user interface. We like that there is a option to now place bets on the outcome of international lotteries from South Africa. The payouts are also huge, offering players a chance to win big should predictions be made correctly. The sports betting options are however limited at the moment, and we hope more options will come soon. The deposit options are quite comprehensive too. We certainly recommend Lottostar for your next lotto bet.

Sign on bonus rating : N/A

Promotions rating : N/A

Overall rating : 7/10

Lottostar Complaints

No bookmaker or betting site is perfect and on occasion disputes between customers and lottostar do arise. Let us know about your lottostar complaint in the comments below and we’ll do our best to provide solid advice on how to deal with the complaint.


  1. Lottostar is a scam. I know of 2 people who won in the beginning but rented up losing 200k

  2. Lottostar is the worse gambling ever since I registered I’ve not win instant its them winning at least they should allow people to get even if its 300 for winning I’m so very much angry with them

  3. “I knew it was only a matter of time before I would win a Jackpot.

  4. Lotto star. You just keep lossing money thats as easy as it gets.
    Kak site and just overall not a good experience.

  5. Lottostar is the biggest load of shit I have done for how long I tried to win with so much money invested but can not win 1 time so over this shit gamed

  6. Lottostar is a big scam, it is impossible to win on lightning roulette with the magnets in the tables, how is it possible that the ball can land 12 times in a row on the same colour, and how is it possible that the ball lies down on a number and bounce out in another number!!

    1. Best Sports Betting says:

      I hope you were betting on the colour that landed 12 times 🙂 But try Lightning Dice, it’s more fun than roulette.

  7. Patronella says:

    I need the lottostar sms number please

  8. lotto numbers are guessing ?

    how is lotto number betting legal ?

    when online casinos are banned ?

    1. Best Sports Betting says:

      Hi Johnny, it’s the seen as the same as sports betting. Much like your lucky numbers betting. You are betting on the outcome of a lottery, not on the lottery itself. It is perfectly legal and lottostar are fully licensed.

      But yeah, they should let us have online casinos!

  9. Zola Ngobeni says:

    Where can i bet on sa lotto?

  10. I wanted to know if I can claim winning over a million for my phone or do have to go to a far off place to claim it is there a limit?

    1. Best Sports Betting says:

      It’s lottery betting so you don’t need to claim it. You are actually betting on the outcome of the mentioned lotteries. Lottostar would pay you out the million.

      1. Hi ..How much does it cost for registration in all? And thereafter

  11. I won but can’t use the winning money but it show on my account

    1. Best Sports Betting says:

      Hi Ts,

      You have to claim your winnings before being able to use them.

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