Lottostar review – Yes it’s Legal

Lottostar are South Africa’s first legal lottery focused betting site. We’ve decided to review them as they do offer bettors something really unique, a site dedicated to lottery betting.

Lottostar Review

Lottostar offers a fixed rate betting system where punters can bet on or against results of international lotteries like EuroMillions, Spanish Daily, EuroJackpot and the SuperEnaLotto. While this is nothing new to South Africa there are few things that set Lottostar apart from other sites.

One of them is the large payouts on offer, most bookmakers have a cap on the max winnings while at Lottostar you can still win big. They’ve managed to do this by insuring the placed bets with an insurance company who in turn have given guarantees to the Gambling Board.

So with Lottostar operating on a Sports Betting license why don’t they offer Sports Betting? Well it’s a complicated answer as a lot of back end and staff are required to run a sports book but we do hope Lottostar open a Sports Betting section soon. They’ve got the license and the money so it’s just about a good product!

How does Lottostar work?

To clear things up you are not actually winning the lottery. You are betting on the numbers or outcomes of the selected lotteries. So if you buy a Spanish Daily lottery ticket you taking a bet with Lottostar that you will have all the numbers correct, you are not buying an actual ticket to the Spanish Daily. We’ve had a number of questions about this so we hope this makes things clearer.


With the nitty gritty out the way let’s have a look at the Lottostar site and offerings.

Lottostar Site

The Lottostar landing page is pretty simple in its design, that’s not a bad thing as we generally like the feel of the website. You have a colourful and informative banner carousel explaining how to register and bet along with a winners banner. Below that the major lottery draw dates and winnings are published in an easy to read and functional manner.


It’s below the fold where things become a bit sticky, with lists of media partners, latest news and an about us section which feels really plain compared to what you experience when you first hit the page. Of course all of this is subjective and you aren’t going to be paying much attention to that section of the website anyway.

Customer Service

Customer service wise we chatted to a lovely chap called Diego who was friendly, prompt and very helpful. Their customer service is available from 7am – 9.30pm and are locally based, which is always a positive thing.

Lottostar Charity

Lottostar are also not all about keeping the money for themselves, and are involved in helping out a local charity, The Grace Factory, with a whopping R1 million donation alongside 947. As a business Lottostar should be commended for this, and we hope that other bookmakers take note and get involved in social development.


Overall Experience

Lottostar are a breath of fresh air for those wanting to bet on international lotteries. We like the site which is easy to use and functional. There was no problem for us when taking our bets, viewing results and finding information on banking etc. We would like to see some promotions or a sign up offer match / bonus from them in the future as they currently do not have any on offer. For the time being we’ve excluded that from our rating but can say that if you want to strike it big or dream big then Lottostar is the site for you!

Sign on bonus rating : N/A

Promotions rating : N/A

Overall rating : 7/10



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I need the lottostar sms number please

Johnny G

lotto numbers are guessing ?

how is lotto number betting legal ?

when online casinos are banned ?

Zola Ngobeni

Where can i bet on sa lotto?


I wanted to know if I can claim winning over a million for my phone or do have to go to a far off place to claim it is there a limit?


I won but can’t use the winning money but it show on my account


How can I register?