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Derek J

I had an issue where they botched up my one bet & the service left a lot to be desired. Tonight they have short changed me. I know I will get no resolution to this so I am taking my money elsewhere.


How can I use gbets voucher? I tried to punch the pin number but its says invalid,but I punched the correct numbers

Ntlemo mkateko

G bets took my money after I won from UK lunch time


Gbets offer markets by betradar, but both betradar and gbeta have no clue about the markets. Also their tickets when pending show one thing, after result processed shows different. Becareful they are not bookmakers just taking a chance. Got robbed for over R1000


Guys give me the example of the password


I’ve opened and account and have been limited before i can even place a bet on. They can’t be serious..


I don’t mind gbets, you guys are way too critical. If you don’t like the email then unsubscribe, it’s like one click. Haters gonna hate.


We really miss you, yeah right. How are they still open when better books like justbet have closed?

Gbets are kak

Those emails wtf! I want to unsubscribe but they are hilariously lazy.