Gbets review

Gbets have a whopping R1000 sign on offer which is pretty decent, especially considering they only had a R500 one a few months ago. Not only that but they had a total of R40,000 in deposit bonuses for punters to enjoy in the past, something we hope will be back soon. Which is pretty unheard of in South Africa! Gbets run off the tried and tested Bettech software which while good, does leave a lot to be desired. However it’s a solid product which we cover in our Gbets review.

At Best Sports Betting the Bettech software is often brought up. Let’s go into detail as to why it’s given such a hard time. The main reason is that any Tom, Dick or Luke can drop a large wad of cash and get a cookie cutter Bettech website. 95% of Bettech books look and feel the same and even have the same odds and promotions. This really dilutes the quality of the South African bookmaker pool. There is nothing wrong with the Bettech templates, but once you’ve seen one you’ve seen them all. Try something different, be brave or be creative! There will be a dedicated post to Bettech at some point, covering a few more nuances.

Landing Page

We generally like Gbets branding and tweaks that they’ve done and they’re on the right path after being lead astray over the last few years. They’ve kept things fresh by introducing a nice banner carousel system that is good to look at and is up to date. Something which other bookmakers tend to overlook. Anyway onto Gbets promotions.

Promotions :

Road Warriors : Back 4+ away teams and get your payout doubled.

Soccer Multiple : Back 7+ teams and if one lets you down your stake is refunded.

Kings of Europe and London Calling : Boosted prices on selected teams

Refer a friend : Earn R100 for referring a friend.

Now these are not the only promotions you’ll find on Gbets, they have a good selection of current and topical promotions which are hard to quantify but they certainly are appealing. We’d like to see more bookmakers take a step in the same direction and add more of these kinds of promotions. Additionally the price boosts that Gbets offer are very generous, at the time of writing we saw a 3/1 boosted to a 5/1. Lovely stuff!

Customer Service

Their customer service is limited but has improved over the last few months and it’s decent enough for you to get your query resolved, they have however stepped things up recently and are taking a more hands on approach to customers and marketing, having moved to a more personalised type of mail rather than the bulk type they used in the past. Nice move Gbets, it makes a world of difference.

Overall Experience :

Gbets are your run of the mill bettech bookie, there is not too much that sets them apart from the dozens of others, but with their recent improvements to promotions (7+ soccer multiple I’m looking at you) they are one to bet with. We can’t praise them enough for changing their promotions, so well done there gentlemen. They’ve also got a very active blog which is constantly updating content and as we admire them for keeping punters up to date with the picks and previews. While Gbets still have their issues they’ve come one hell of a long way and we’re happy to give them our stamp of approval.

Sign on bonus rating : 7/10

Promotions rating : 9/10

Overall rating : 7.5/10



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Derek J

I had an issue where they botched up my one bet & the service left a lot to be desired. Tonight they have short changed me. I know I will get no resolution to this so I am taking my money elsewhere.


How can I use gbets voucher? I tried to punch the pin number but its says invalid,but I punched the correct numbers

Ntlemo mkateko

G bets took my money after I won from UK lunch time


Gbets offer markets by betradar, but both betradar and gbeta have no clue about the markets. Also their tickets when pending show one thing, after result processed shows different. Becareful they are not bookmakers just taking a chance. Got robbed for over R1000


Guys give me the example of the password


I’ve opened and account and have been limited before i can even place a bet on. They can’t be serious..


I don’t mind gbets, you guys are way too critical. If you don’t like the email then unsubscribe, it’s like one click. Haters gonna hate.


We really miss you, yeah right. How are they still open when better books like justbet have closed?

Gbets are kak

Those emails wtf! I want to unsubscribe but they are hilariously lazy.