1. My winnings disappears help

    1. I once registered a long time ago now I’ve changed mobile number nd forget my log in credentials and I want to start betting sing I’m now self employed

  2. I can’t log in to my account,I forgot my password

    1. O forgot the password and username

  3. why cant i see my betway account eventhough i have successily logged in?

    1. Hi, I have problem logging in to my betway account. When I login it says I must sign in, but when I sign it says I have existing account. Please help.

  4. Johnny okonigene-betway registered account says:

    Am having proplem with beltway for having two account ,how do I block one that some money inside or how do I maintain one account..

  5. Mbusokazulu says:

    How long does the betway take to aprove my documents for fica

    1. How it takes to approve fica documents

      1. Best Sports Betting says:

        They usually approve them in 1-2 business days.

  6. Mbusokazulu says:

    How long does the betway aprove my fica

  7. Luyolo Mangqwambi says:

    How can I log in in my account

  8. I am logged in but when betting on dice duel and wheel it still asks me to login.

  9. Ofentse Lehlabi says:

    Who do I check results

  10. How come I can’t login to my account with the username and password

  11. How come I can’t login to my account with my username and password now?

  12. Hy I’m trying to log in my account but it can’t log in

  13. Hi please help I am struggling to log into my betway account,it doesnt wanna open

  14. Tlharihani johana says:

    I want to join betray

  15. Nonhlanhla Nyembe says:

    Hi please help im struggling to login into my betway account it says incorrect passward or username

  16. Piet Ramere says:

    I’m putting my account details but it say their incorrect i don’t no why

  17. Hi, im having a problem uploading fica document

  18. Simbarashe clinton says:

    I have been trying but its not approving my documents you guys even your whatsupp number is not working not even your email I have talked with yanda but she says she was going to do something until now guys be serious

  19. peter kadi says:

    I’m really struggling to login into my account

  20. Hi, I’m having a bit of a problem logging into my account

    1. Betway account to be exact

  21. I have a problem i make a mistake when i put ID number instead of 2080 I put 8020

    1. Best Sports Betting says:

      Hi Siboleke, let Betway know about the error when you send in your Fica documents, they will correct the error.

  22. Khaohelo Willy says:

    I’m having a problem when trying to deposit in my Betway account

  23. Cynthia zulu says:

    How long it takes to approve the account

  24. Cynthia zulu says:

    I have been creat the betway account and send my photo but but the system say I must wait for approval so that I can be able to use my account ,what’s I wants to know how long it take to approve the copie of an ID

  25. Samuel Gangaidzo says:

    I m trying to load my details you not approving them why since I m still waiting

  26. I struggle to load my account

  27. I can not login on my account

  28. Help me to activate my account pliz and I send my documents but it’s not approval

  29. I Struggle to log in my account

  30. Kamohelo Mofokeng says:

    I struggle to login in my account please

  31. i can’t login on my account plz

  32. I need to login please ,

  33. thabiso shelile says:

    I cant log in please help

    1. Best Sports Betting says:

      Betway are currently undergoing upgrades, they will be unavailable until these are complete.

    2. Can’t log in help me please

    3. Please help i struggel to login

  34. When l sign in the response account already exists, login the response is you have no account. I am lost what do l do now

    1. Best Sports Betting says:

      Try contacting betway with the live chat, they should be able to assist with the account

      1. M not sure that my betting numbers are submitted

    2. Have being trying to login since from the morning I can’t don’t no what is the problem

  35. Consolation Mphomane says:

    What’s wrong with the website two days now can’t login

    1. Elekanyani says:

      Please help i cant login

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