Supabets Review

Supabets are a bookmaker that has exploded onto the South African betting scene in recent months. They are an international operation, and are now focused on servicing the South African market, which is great for us punters. Supabets offer an unbeatable welcome bundle, a wide variety of slots and casino games, plus sports betting. In this review, we are going to take a look at what the Supabets site has to offer, and what you can expect if you open an account with them.

Supabets South Africa Review

Sign on Bonus from Supabets / Supabets Deposit match.

We’re glad to see that Supabets came to their senses and introduced a bonuses up to R5000 on your first 3 deposits, which is one of the biggest in South Africa. The Supabets welcome bundle also gives you a R50 free bet to use on sports, and a 100 free spins on Habanero games. One of the best offers in South Africa, if not the best offer. The only other bookmakers that are in the same range as the Supabets deposit bonus are World Sports Betting and Betxchange, and they don’t offer any free spins.

Supabets Site 

The overall feel of the site itself is solid and easy to navigate. The website feels polished and has a very European bookmaker feel to it. There is a strong emphasis on lottery, Instant games and lucky numbers, something we’d like to see less of but we’re sure Supabets have their reasons as lucky numbers are popular with many players.

Other than that the site is a breeze to navigate on desktop and it allows you to create custom coupons for what you are betting. The mobile site is a very different experience and while it’s simple and easy to you it could you with a bit of a style update, however it is perfectly functional!

Supabets Slots Games

Supabets offer one of the biggest variety of slots games in South Africa. They have slots from Red Tiger, Habanero, Pragmatic Play, NetEnt and more. If you’re a big spinning slots player then the Supabets Instant Games will be a big hit thanks to the sheer variety on offer. The games start from a few cents a spin, and if you get lucky you could walk away with a few million if you hit a max win.

Supabets Cash Out

Supabets have joined several other bookmakers in offering cash out, which allows players to end their bets early. You can read about Supabets cash out here.

Supabets Customer Support 

Their customer service is has improved drastically over the last few months and it’s now competent enough for punters to use. They are able to assist on the phone and email but their whatsapp support is somewhat lacking at the moment but will hopefully continue to improve. There’s also the live chat feature, which is what we recommend using should you have any issues, Supabets are also very responsive to account queries on their social media channels.

Supabets Customer Support Contact details

Contact : +27 11 215 7000

Supabets Minimum Deposit

Supabets currently have a R1 minimum deposit amount available to customers.

Supabets Fixtures

Supabets have all the lastest Soccer and Sports Fixtures available for download. Click here to find out how to get your hands on the PDFs.

Supabets Promotions

One does have to say those are two very unique and interesting promotions that you don’t find elsewhere. We really like the 5% money back special which is very generous of them.

Sports Offered

Soccer, baseball, Aussie rules, basketball, boxing, cricket, darts, floorball, futsal, handball, ice hockey, rugby, snooker, tennis, horse­ racing, volleyball and more.

Supabets Contact Details

Supabets customer support can be contacted on any of the below channels;

  • +2711215 7000
  • 0861762237
  • Use the Live Chat function to chat to a support agent

Lucky 1

Supabets are the first bookmaker in South Africa to legally offer online roulette. You can read all about the Supabets Lucky 1 game here. Since the introduction of Lucky 1 we’ve seen much better Roulette games released on Supabets, games like Lightning Roulette and more.

The Overall Supabets Experience

The overall experience at Supabets is a now a fairly positive one. They do have some unique and interesting promotions, a decent sign on bonus and a solid website. The highlight is the variety of casino games on offer, including slots. We also enjoyed the simplicity of the site and how easy it is to get a bet on.

Another major gripe is the customer service but that has been steadily improving and hopefully will continue to do so. Ultimately it’s worth opening an account at Supabets if you are into casino games, and the odd sports bet.

  • Overall Rating

Overall rating

Supabets are the perfect destination for fans of casino games and slots games. They are unmatched with their slots offering, and have the best welcome bonus in South Africa, giving players a R50 free bet, 100 free spins, and a 100% deposit match bonus up to R5000. There are a few downsides like a slightly more expensive cost per spin on some slots, but the pro’s far outweigh the cons.

Sign on Bonus Rating : 10/10

Overall Rating : 8/10

WE HAVE HEARD YOU! You can now submit your FICA documents to our specialized department:

SUPABETS Customer Support: Please can you contact us by calling us on  +27 11 215 7000, SMS HELP to 31388 and we’ll call you back, or email We want to try and resolve these issues, but are unable to find your details based on the names in the comment section.


  1. The support team is very unreliable, they take hours if not days to help with any queries. Once a deposit is pending, Goodluck. You will wait for days, even after multiple emails you will not get help. 1 star rating without a doubt!

  2. On the 25th and 26th of February I was paying blackjack on pragmatic play the game got stuck or something when i pressed to placed my bet it took R5000 on the 25th and R4000 on the 26th i couldn’t undo nothing no chips to choose an amount showed nothing and gone was my money no help or solution from supabets after numerous mails and back and forth had to explain everything again and again and again because each time its someone new.

    10th March I cashed out with OZOW EFT twice one just before 13:00 second one just after 13:00 the one paid out the second one didn’t going back and forth on support chat i phoned and it was said FNB and standard bank is offline it will be in Saturday morning Saturday morning came nothing again no help on the support chat i phoned and asked for the manager she said she will get back to me in minutes well it’s Monday today no response i asked yesterday they said it will be in Monday morning and guess what nothing!!!!

    They have no customer service or time for you as a customer you don’t matter doesn’t matter how big of a player you are!!

    Im not leaving this here.

    I would recommend Betxchange before Supabets!!!

  3. All the promotions is just a bunch of nonsense, they claim you must win the bonus x4, but i won it twice the amount.Plus they deducted my R54 balance “lol” (promotional bonus deduction) and there’s 3 bets pending that won,but it says no cash out available because the bet was placed with bonus. I wanted to deposit to play again,but i would rather bet somewhere else. This betting site is not trustworthy.

  4. Bongekile says:

    Supabets are a scam people, don’t trust them with your money. They will not pay and will change your tickets. 0/10

  5. Supabets offline take 30 days now.when supabets will available to other country??

    1. Bongekile says:

      They are a scam and steal our money

  6. I write this out of great concern today was my second time being at the Benoni branch to lay a physical bet I normally bet online to avoid all the waiting but today your managers took the cherry on top by racially profiling me and the manner of handling a complaint its very bad when I wanted to lay a complaint the lady by the counter pulled the white guy away from me to have a talk behind a closed door not knowing I used to work for head office myself I know how complaint are supposed to be handled but this one was the worse complaint handling way ever in front of customers we were having a exchange of words in high notes…. Please guys fix this issue because one thing I know people will leave because of issues like this.

  7. Well lately supabets is hell.. Been losing money.. Their table tennis online is no longer showing results and they display very few matches.. It sux

  8. Jeremy van Zyl says:

    The deposit bonus of Supabets is very misleading, admittedly not all bookmakers return the stake of a bonus bet, but with these guys you have to wager 5 times the bonus money before it gets transferred to your normal account balance. So if you take a bet at R300 @ 11/10, only the R30 will be added to your bonus balance.

    Also, the Supabets site is one of the worst I’ve seen.

    My advice, stay away, stay far away from these clowns.

    1. It’s been okay all along it only changed now I think I’ll soon start looking for a another better online betting site

  9. Lagwera74 says:

    I’ve experienced a really bad service more often than not I think Supabets should train their personnel. One other disturbing factor is that when u have deposited the money into your account it takes forever to reflect, which result in you missing some bets

  10. Supabets needs a stack of documents before you can withdraw, but once sent, withdrawal was no problem.
    The 2nd time I withdrew I sent the exact same documents and my money was in my bank account within 1 hour! Well done.
    It may be irritating all the paperwork, but having a crook fake your identity and take your winnings would be much worse.

  11. Kgaogelo nape matlawa says:

    Supabets took my R40000 that I have won it’s been 4 months now and they are telling me that my account is under investigation they are ignoring my emails they said I should not contact them I should contact gambling board but I didnt receive feedback cause they are working with them and the problem started when I submitted the wrong Id but after I have sent the correct id but still they didn’t wan to fica verify my account so that I can with now my account it’s been block since july

  12. I have been using supabets for the past 4years and I never had any problem with it until last week, I think supabets it is starting to rip us off ans their customer care service is very bad. Last weekend I have deposited R50.00 into my supabets account. They didn’t credit my account, the give me attitude with their replies on their email Support and ended up ignoring all my emails, even all my tweets they were ignored and my account till today it has not been credited after doing all the things they asked me to do. And my friend also had a similiar problem like mine and his account has not been credited till today.

  13. Melusi Mguni says:

    No wonder why people now love betting online.
    Yeoville superbets has poor service, No name badges on employees so they can undermine customers. clearly
    employees rule this place forgetting that they have to look after their jobs. We customers we have created jobs for them but it turns out no one cares am totally disappointed.

    1. Best Sports Betting says:

      Thanks for the feedback Melusi, you’ve listed exactly why online betting is become more and more popular. We’ve passed your comments along to Supabets, punters are customers at the end of the day, and no one likes to feel unwelcome.

  14. Hi my name is Amos
    I have an Account with Supabets their helpline is useless even the branch kempton Park is not helpful. I am in a process to withdraw the deposit.

  15. I been really a very honest customer for supa bet for the past 3 years now and the service wasn’t that bad , till 13/09/2018 at kempton park branch .
    This consultant named Phaswana Seila , she’s so rude , incompetent , unwelcoming and just not fit to be in a hospitality industry at any cost unless she’s given a crucial proper training as well as the manager , he can’t handle complaints in a formal manner .
    Am really not happy at all .


  16. Do they still request Fica and a stamped bank statement with every withdrawal request?

    1. Best Sports Betting says:

      Honestly haven’t used them in around a year but we assume the same process in still in place as it is with books running on similar software or under the Supa bets brand.

  17. KingDobby says:

    Generally i have no qualms with SB BUT…

    I have an account with Supabets (SB). I placed a lotto bet telephonically as could not do it myself due to bad internet connectivity. The agent placed the incorrect bet on my behalf… I cancelled the ticket as she had placed a bet for a loto event that would occur later in the day.

    Ticket i had requested won. I still have my stake (due to my cancelling ticket) but feel i have been disadvantaged of the winning portion.

    SB do not want to pay the winning portion because i cancelled ticket but i believe it fair to award the winning portion as had the agent done the correct thing i would have received this

    Your take

    King Dobby

    1. Best Sports Betting says:

      Hi King Dobby,

      Thanks for the comment. We have responded to you via email 🙂
      Holding thumbs!

  18. says:

    Me I’m having a bad experience with Supabets, I read here that they give a bonus within 72 hours. Its been 2 weeks and they have been giving excuses after excuses, as for their whatsapp it suck shame because every time you say “hi” you will get a message that says “one of our consultant will contact you” which they never do. Emailing them is also useless because they don’t respond. Why some bookmakers have to lie to recruit people though? There are lot of scammers out there, so I worry when I send my ID and proof of resident and never gets results.

    1. Best Sports Betting says:

      You should get the bonus within 72 hours King, but yes their service leaves a lot to be desired. I’d recommend calling them as they are pretty decent via the phone.

  19. To all yu guys complaying open a account with world sports betting best service

  20. So what good do these gambling boards bring to the table then? I see this Supabets is registered with the Gauteng Gambling Board. Seeing that they are registered, should that not rule out any issues with receiving your money into your bank account (when they finally pay out)? And what about sanctions for withholding people’s money (unless, off course there is a dispute).

    1. Best Sports Betting says:

      Hi Mgqqwesi are Supabets not wanting to pay you out? What is their reasoning?

      1. Apologies for not being clear, I was just responding to the complaints posted by other punters on here regarding Supabets. I am not registered with them but I see they have a tasty looking deposit match of up to R20k, so I wanted to check out the reviews before jumping in.

        1. Best Sports Betting says:

          Just be careful with the wagering on that 20k mate 🙂 it’s rather large!

          1. Well, with such negative comments about them, I won’t be going in that direction for the foreseeable future.

          2. Best Sports Betting says:

            They do have a bit of a bad rep but they are improving, the biggest complaints were FICA and Withdrawals. Withdrawals are still an issue it seems and we’ve stopped most comments about it as there are already so many.

  21. Supabets=supabad says:

    Service still sucks at supabets, supabads it should be called.

  22. Supabets don’t respond to my email and owe me money. Please assist.

  23. For the love of all things sane do not give these guys a cent of your cash.You will be in for headache and headache.Withdrawals are slow and Supabets help well there is none.

  24. Can sell one please tell me how they resolved their problems with Supabets. Customer service DOES NOT LISTEN AND DOES NOT CARE. I’m sick of there lies and promises. Just pay me my damn money that I won!

    1. Best Sports Betting says:

      Give them a call mate, we honestly have no suggestions left. We’re as gatvol of them as your name suggests.

  25. Hi sir please assist me with Supabets register and fica I want to join.

    1. Best Sports Betting says:

      Hi Zip, head over to the Supabets website and follow the registration steps, it’s pretty easy. They also have several methods for you to Fica with.

  26. AngryMan3000 says:

    I have now been waiting nearly 3 weeks for a payout. I won 35k on a UFC event. Only withdrawal option was Skrill. Money came into my Skrill account and when withdrawing to my bank account I saw it said they money would be converted into euros. When this happened I immediately called SupaDeeks and told them that when the bank receives international gambling payments they cannot approve them. The consultant told me that this would not happen as SupaDeeks have an agreement with Standard Bank. I asked again. And she confirmed again. So I withdraw into my SA bank account.

    2 days later the bank calls me and asks where the money is coming from. I explain that it is from sports betting but from a South African certified website. They told me they cannot release the funds (as expected). I then called SupaDeeks to see what they can do and after waiting a couple of days for them to investigate I was told that it is out of their hands and I need to deal with the bank.

    I then referred to the phone call (which is recorded) and told them that it is not out of their hands. I was then contacted by someone with authority who apologized and told me the money will be in my account or bank the next day or worst case next week Monday (4 days ago). I then receive a mail from another person at SupaDeeks who tells me I need to send through 3 months bank statements (stamped at the bank), certified copy of my ID and proof that the money was withdrawn from Skrill.

    I do all of that. Then am asked why did my bank refuse to pay me out. This is when I realized that I may never get my money.

    Today all the higher up consultants I have been dealing with have all passed the buck and for most part ignored my calls and emails. It’s an absolute disgrace how they have dealt with this. There are more details to the story but to much to bore you with.


    1. Best Sports Betting says:

      Firstly the bank is able to confiscate the funds(it’s happened to us) but you said you knew it was likely while Supabets said it’s not a problem. That’s on their head. Secondly was Skrill withdrawal the only option? That seems absurb unless you deposited with Skrill. Either way Supabets should pay you every cent you lost. I think that they think you have withdrawn the money and are attempting fraud or that they are passing the buck (likely the latter)

      I’d suggest you take this to the gambling board and possibly consult a lawyer as 35k is no laughing matter and it seems Supabets are not trying to find a positive resolution to your issue. At minimum I would expect them to pay the 35k + interest and a betting voucher as an apology.

      Also feel free to post the rest of the details, this site is for punters, we want to hear it.

  27. error ai wouldn’t advice anyone to have an online account with supabets .you will regret as for they customer service super bad and use less.untrained staff .

    1. Best Sports Betting says:

      Their customer service staff do need a major overhaul.

  28. would advice any one to bet online with supabets, you will regret it trust me you don’t want to know muh

  29. Supabets customer service has improved incredibly recently. They were admittedly piss poor but I’ve had my complaints dealt with quickly and much better than before. Keep improving Supabets, we will keep supporting you.

  30. Mr Z Khumalo says:

    Supabets help is no good and cannot solve my problem. They will not pay out on my bet. Please assist.

  31. Do u have a contact for a supabets manager? the call centre will not help me and i want my money.

    1. Best Sports Betting says:

      Hi Juma,

      Afraid not, we did ask due to all the complaints but had no luck.

      Keep trying with the call centre and if you are still having no luck then consider going to the gambling board. Best of luck.

  32. Worst customer service i have ever experienced in the online sports betting industry..

    They take hours to reply to you and when they do they are no help at all. All generic answers so i think wr probably stuck with a robot that only has 3 answers and is stuck in repeat.

    With all the money being spent on advertising i really think they need to invest that money into training of staff first. Get your foundation set up 1st before you guys try tackle the market.

    Companies will always fail if there front line staff for assisting customers are useless.

    I will never try to use them again so they have lost me as a customer wanting to place bets with them. I will also be telling all my punting friends so stay far far away.

    Jack yourself help Supabets

    1. Best Sports Betting says:

      Hi Jet,

      We wholeheartedly agree with everything you’ve said. It is a real problem and they don’t seem too interested in addressing it. They did contact us asking that we ask readers to contact them directly, through their customer service channels…

      We’ve also had numerous complaints about Supabets customer service on twitter. We can only hope they wake up and fix their service centres otherwise they will continue to bleed customers.

    2. I never heard of this website until I googled Supabets complaint and this came up. Frankly I’m nor suprised that there are so many supabets complaints. I simply cannot get my account ficad. They still sent me a message to tell me about a bonus if i fica. How can i claim this bonus if you will not let me even fica my account.

      Why are they so bad? I recommend going to another betting site. Supabets dont care for their customers.

  33. Headline EFC sponsors and can’t bother putting up early markets on their own events. Wtf. Supabets please. Customer service are clueless and don’t escalate.

  34. Supabets’ forgot password service also does not work. Enter my email and wait the link to change my password, but no luck. Tried many times. Was 35 when I tried the first time I’m 37 now…still waiting for my password and email rest mail to come through. Very poor. Opening new betting shops all over the place, but a simple forgot password link cannot be fixed. Clowns of note.

  35. just to follow up. I gave up on getting my account fica’d. my money is better spent else where. Surely you must change that 7/10 to a 1/10 as there are many comments about how bad they are. It’s the most comments on any article on your website.

  36. Supabets Sucks says:

    Any punter with half a brain will steer clear of Supabets, just look at all the Supabets complaints on here alone. There are several on hello peter too. The fact is Supabets are not targeting middle class punters, they are after lower class ones and that’s why their service sucks. They can’t even be arsed to respond here.

  37. Learnt my lesson says:

    I read all the supabets complaints here then the review and thought nah it can’t be that bad and I signed up with them anyway. It took me TWO WEEKS TO GET MY SIGN ON OFFER. Useless useless useless. Don’t be a sucker like me. Stay away.

    1. Best Sports Betting says:

      Eina, we were contacted by a guy who waited more than a month for his Supabets bonus…

  38. Supabets are a joke says:

    Supabets customer service is beyond useless. They don’t reply and are thick as bricks. Why have a whatsapp person who replies hours later with some of the dumbest responses ever. I don’t see any response from them about addressing it here so I guess they don’t care.

  39. Boss punter says:

    To be honest I have no complaints with Supabets but I haven’t tried to contact them yet.

  40. Sho so many Supabets complaints. No thanks.

  41. I see many supabets complaints in comments. Supabets are no so bad guys

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