Start using the New Hollywoodbets site

Hollywoodbets have announced that they’ll be switching over to a new and improved mobile and desktop site on the 14 February 2023. The old Hollywoodbets site has been around for many years and is certainly showing it’s age, while it’s popular with players, the new Hollywoodbets site has a much better interface, and provides a much better betting and casino experience. Once the change over happens players will no longer be able to access the old Hollywoodbets site, and will instead be redirected to the new site.

The New Hollywoodbets site Overview

The new Hollywoodbets site has been up for over a year, and offers a more modern platform for players, as well as being more stable to use, which will resolve some of the issues that players might have been experiencing due to the large volumes of traffic the Hollywoodbets site receives from players. The new Hollywoodbets mobile site can be found at, or on

There is nothing you’ll need to do differently when logging in to access your Hollywoodbets account, players current usernames and passwords will work perfectly on the new Hollywoodbets site. The new site has everything the old one had, including sports, lucky numbers, casino games, Spina Zonke games, the Aviator game and so on, so you aren’t missing out on anything.

The same applies to the new Hollywoodbets desktop site, which looks much better than the old one. In fact the old Hollywoodbets site has been around for over 10 years, so the new look and feel is most appreciated!

Start using the New Hollywoodbets site

While change can be difficult and seem daunting we’d like to stress that the changes are much needed, and it won’t take players long to get the hang of the updated sites. Once the 14 February change over happens players who visit the old Hollywoodbets site will be redirected to the new one, so don’t be shocked if this happens on your next visit.

As mentioned, all of the features of the old site are available, as well as a few new ones, and it’s great to see Hollywoodbets finally make the change over official. We’re also looking forward to seeing how players react to the new Hollywoodbets site and what it has to offer, as well as further changes that Hollywoodbets will be implementing over the coming months. We recommend you visit the New Hollywoodbets site and bookmark it in your mobile browser so you can get used to the changes before the switch over happens.

Let us know in the comments below what you think of the changes, and what your thoughts are on the new Hollywoodbets site.