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betway data free app

Betway recently announced some major changes to their data free site, the data free site will no longer be available on mobile or desktop and can now only be accessed using the Betway App on Android and IOS. As of 13 May 2021 Betway customers will have to download the Betway app if they want to continue betting data free. With that in mind we put together the below guide which will explain how to download the Betway app and how to set the app to data free mode.

How to download the Betway App for Data Free Use

You can download the Betway App directly off the Betway mobile site. Kindly note that you will have to use data in order to download the app, the size of the download is around 5mb so it shouldn’t use too much data in getting it installed. Once the app is downloaded you need to open the app and set it to data free.

  • Visit the Betway App Download page for android or IOS devices
  • Click on download the app to start the download process
  • You may have to adjust some security settings to install the app
  • Once the app is downloaded and installed open the app
  • Click on data free to switch the app to Betway data free betting

What you can do on the Betway Data Free App

Once you’ve downloaded and installed the Betway App you are able to switch to the Betway data free mode, which let’s you bet on sports, check the latest results, play four to score as well as deposit and withdraw, all without using any data. Unfortunately the Betway live casino games, Betgames and various other features are not available on free mode, you’ll need to use the normal site or Betway app with free mode turned off to access those.

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  1. This is not right, why have I still not received the 25 free sign up spins as stated and having followed all instructions accordingly? I’ve also enquired via the betway in app chat opt but got no response… Kindly assist or cancel the account if this is false advertising

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