Supabets Lotto & Supanumbers

Did you know that you can do your lotto betting with Supabets? Supabets Lotto offers betting on all major lotto draws across the World. We’ve going to help you understand how Supabets Lotto works. If you don’t have a Supabets account have read through our review or click here to sign up today.

Supabets Lotto & Supanumbers

Supabets lotto is also known as Supanumbers, for the sake of this article we will be referring to the game as Supabets Lotto.

How to play Supabets Lotto

How To Play – To play lotto on Supanumbers, follow these easy steps:

  • Select the lotto you would like to play from the home screen

  • Choose the numbers you think will be drawn in the live lotto draw by clicking on the numbers and clicking. The amount of numbers you have selected will determine if it’s a one 1 number bet to 5 number bet.
  • Enter the amount you wish to bet into the “Stake” box, this is the amount you will be betting.
  • Press confirm to place your bet on Supabets Lotto.

Supabets Draw results

If you’ve missed the draw there is no need to stress. You can view the history of all the balls drawn on the Supbets Lotto site. Which you can visit here.

Supabets Contact Details

+27 11 215 7000



Supabets Sports Betting

Lotto Betting not your thing? Well the good news is that Supabets offer a wide variety of Sports Betting, with everything to suit almost any punter. You can access the Supabets Sports Betting area but clicking on Sports at the top of the menu.

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