Play Lotto on the Capitec App

Great news for Lotto and lucky numbers players in South Africa, Capitec now offers it’s customers the option to purchase Lotto, Powerball, and Daily Lotto tickets directly through the Capitec Banking App, all from the convenience of your phone. Capitec said that the option to play the lotto is one of the most demanded features by its customers, and is now available to everyone on the Capitec App who is over the age of 18. Any Lotto winnings up to R250 000 will be paid directly into your Capitec account.

How to buy Lotto tickets on the Capitec App

In order to play Lotto on the Capitec App you must have the app installed and be signed in;

  1. Open the Capitec app and tap Transact
  2. Choose Play LOTTO
  3. Choose either LOTTO, PowerBall, or DAILY LOTTO and tap either Choose numbers or Quick Pick
  4. Add LOTTO PLUS 1 and/or LOTTO PLUS 2
  5. Choose Number of Boards
  6. Choose Number of Draws
  7. Tap Next
  8. If you select Choose Number, the Choose Numbers board will appear. Tap Next
  • NOTE: Pick for Me generates random numbers which you can change
  1. Review the Summary of your ticket, accept the T&Cs, then tap Buy Now to buy a ticket or Cancel to end the transaction
  2. Select Account and tap Pay
  3. You’ll see the Successful screen with a Ticket Reference Number and Board selection
  4. Tap Done

Viewing your Lotto history on the Capitec App

New tickets will appear under the History Tab. You can view up to 10 tickets and choose to play a ticket again.

  1. Tap History
  2. Tap on the ticket to view it
  3. Tap Play again to play a ticket again

How to view Lotto results on the Capitec App

  1. Tap Previous results
  2. Tap LOTTO, PowerBall or DAILY LOTTO results
  3. To view winning numbers, tap Divisions

More about playing the Lotto with Capitec

  • Buy LOTTO, LOTTO PLUS 1 and LOTTO PLUS 2 tickets using the app and USSD (Internet Banking Coming SOON)
  • Buy PowerBall and PowerBall PLUS tickets
  • Buy DAILY LOTTO Tickets
  • View the latest Jackpot amounts
  • Choose their numbers or use the Quick Pick option
  • Play up to ten (10) Boards/Lines per ticket*
  • Play the same ticket for up to ten (10) consecutive draws in a single purchase
  • View and replay their previous tickets
  • View draw results and divisions
  • Get their winnings paid back into the same Capitec account they used to purchase the Ithuba Tickets*

Note: Only clients 18 years or older are allowed to play the LOTTO.

If you win more than R250,000 playing Lotto on the Capitec App

If you win more than R250 000, you will be required to collect your winnings from any of Ithuba’s regional offices across the country. Capitec will attempt to inform you that you need to contact Ithuba regarding your winnings from Ithuba’s offices.

The winner must collect winnings from any of Ithuba’s regional offices where such winnings are more than R250 000 (two hundred and fifty thousand rand). Winners must call the Ithuba helpline on 0800 484 822 to get the details of how to claim their prize and will need to complete a document to verify their identity.


  1. Letlhogonolo Ramadie says:

    Please u have all my contacts details. Please check all my lotto winnings and deposit in my account or notify me I will do exactly what I have to do

    If we play with app there is no way winnings cannot be claimed unless the winners are not notified.

  2. Letlhogonolo Ramadie says:

    Please check all my lotto winnings and notify me please.
    We are aware that Capitec has a backlog huge backlog. If Capitec notify winners of their winnings how come 22m & 8m winners not yet claimed their winnings especially played with app where their contacts are available.
    Please deposit all my winnings in my Capitec account please before I am robbed.

  3. Hi my Capitec app doesn’t work since last three months I don’t know what is the problem when I lock in transact I go to lotto it doesn’t want to open it says out of South Africa I don’t know what is the problem please please please ???? help me.

  4. Xolisa mthethwa says:

    I play lotto on 221 October 2022 I haven’t get the money that won until today

  5. Elvis Chabalala says:

    Which form is to be filled before you can claim your winnings? As this isn’t fair, it is easy to play but long story if you need to claim.

  6. Marianna van der Lindem says:

    Why dont they pay our winnings…even if it is a small amount?

  7. Capitec lotto app is not working

    1. I have been winning 3numbers or bonuses but they are failing to pay that and unlike FNB they pay and they notify you when you won and how much you have won

      1. Thoko Mkhize says:

        I have hon 100000
        Bt ididin get it

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