Bet365 South Africa

Bet365 South Africa has come and gone. We used to have access to this wonderful bookmaker but alas that access has been revoked. For many years South Africans were able to use and enjoy Bet365 but that came to an end in March 2015.

We’re not exactly sure why they dropped South Africa but it’s likely to have something to do with South African Gambling regulations as well as exchange control. In this article we are going to speculate as to why they closed their SA operations as well as offering a few alternatives to Bet365.  One of the last official statement from the UK to a South African punter was as follows;

Bet365 South Africa Statement

“Following an internal review, we have decided as a company that we are no longer able to provide a service to accounts within South Africa, whilst I appreciate that this may be frustrating for yourself this is an internal review and has only been made after carefully consideration from bet365.”

What a pity, we’re sure the South African market was big enough to warrant them staying, but we’re sure that some of their punters got into trouble while using their services.


Bet365 South Africa – What happened?

Throughout the years we’ve heard several stories of players having their withdrawals confiscated by banks. What would happen was that you’d make a withdrawal from Bet365 which would never come through, you’d start to worry and ask Bet365 where the money is. You’d do this until one day you get a threatening call from the bank asking where the money is from. If the bank agent was sharp they’d know it was from gambling.

If the banks weren’t paying attention then you could fib your way out of it and get the money, but that is obviously not the right approach. We’ve heard of people losing up to R20,000 to the banks due to this. Not cool, but the banks were within their legal right to do this. There are several stories about punters not receiving their funds, a quick google search shows the problem was very common while they still accepted South Africans.

Another area that might have played a role is the fact that South Africans were able to play online casino games at Bet365, something which is essentially illegal within the borders of South Africa. Only a handful of South African betting sites are licensed to offer Casino Games to punters, and Bet365 certainly was not one of them.

Bet365 Soccer Betting

One of the most popular markets at Bet365 is soccer betting, Bet365 customers are able to bet on all league all across the world. A market which South African punters loved and will definitely miss.

Alternatives to Bet365 South Africa

Naturally punters found ways around this but then for unknown reasons, Bet365 pulled the plug, leaving a big gap in the market. We hope and pray (every night, really) that they’ll change their mind and come back because the only bookmaker that comes close to Bet365 South Africa is Sportingbet.

Sportingbet have taken a few features that Bet365 had like cashout and implemented them on their South Africa site which make them a pretty good alternative to Bet365. There are a few other bookmakers that punters should consider as an alternative, these are listed below;

Sunbet : 100% Match up to R1000 for first timer depositors. You can also get a free R200 bet on your first deposit of R50 or more.

Sportingbet : The closest you’ll get to Bet365 in South Africa, additionally you get a 100% match up to R2000 on your first deposit. Enjoy features like Live Roulette, Cash Out, Edit my bet and more.

Betway : A solid UK bookmaker that is operating in South Africa, legally! Betway currently offers punters a R25 Free Bet on registration as well as other great features like Cash out and more.

Looking for a free bet to try our some South African Bookmakers and see how they add up? Check out our FICA bonus page.

Hollywoodbets are currently offering a FREE R25 once fica’d to try out their site, give em a whirl. It might not be Bet365 but it’s got markets GALORE! Otherwise we also recommend signing up with Betway.

Do you have any more information as to why they left? We’d love to hear it!


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