Jika Sports Online Keno Guide

Jika Sports are a popular software provider that several South African bookmakers use to offer a wide variety of virtual games and sports, with Jika soccer and horse racing as 2 of the most popular of the available games. There has always been a wide selection of games to play, but nothing for those who love betting on lucky numbers and the lotto. Enter Jika Keno, the latest addition to Jika Sports, perfect to getting your lucky numbers bets on! In this guide we are going to take a closer look at the new keno game, as well as how and where you can play.

Jika Sports Keno

Those that are familiar with the game of online keno will have a good idea of how to play Jika Keno as the rules and gameplay are the same as a traditional keno game. Here’s a quick explanation of how Keno works for those who are not familiar with the game;

  • Pick 1 to 10 numbers from the 80 numbers in the grid
  • The aim is to predict as many correct numbers as possible, ultimately getting all right.
  • The more numbers you get correct the higher the payout.
  • You can refer to the paytable displayed on the Keno betting interface for catches that pay on each spot.
  • A total of 20 balls are drawn per round

The draws take place every 60 seconds, excluding the time for the virtual actual draw. You can also view all the latest results for the last few draws.

Keno Betting options

There are a few other betting options betting on a set of numbers to be drawn. You can also bet on Heads, Evens, Tails and quick pick, which are explained below;

  1. Heads / Evens / Tails – The aim is to predict where the majority of numbers will be in the grid:
    • Heads – Eleven or more numbers drawn in the top half of the Keno grid.
    • Evens – Ten numbers drawn in the top and bottom half of the Keno grid.
    • Tails – Eleven or more numbers drawn in the bottom half of the Keno grid.
  2. Quickpick – Randomly selects 1 to 10 numbers for you, based on the quantity of spots you specify.
    • The ‘shuffle’ button on the right of the Quickpick can be used to randomly select a new set of numbers.

You also have the option of betting more than one draw with the same selections, something to consider if you are always playing the same Keno numbers.

Where to play Jika Sports Keno

Betting at most outlets starts from a minimum of R1, but each operator may be different. Several South African bookmakers offer Jika Sports, we expect more betting sites to offer the game in the coming months.  For now you can play Keno at the following bookies;

Give Jika Keno a bash today!

Jika Keno is a great product, expecially when you consider that there are not too many online keno games available in South Africa. Jika Keno fills that gap perfectly and punters who enjoy betting on lucky numbers or the lottery. If you’d like to know more about the other games on offer from Jika then have a read through a Jika Sports guide, or visit the official Jika Sports site.


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    How I win pick 6 numbers from 2-62 show me some stp pls

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  5. Why is it that I predicted 10 numbers and I got 4 from the 20 but it says I lost

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