Esports Betting South Africa

Popularity of Esports betting South Africa

Esports industry has been revolutionised since the last decade. Many organizations have formed teams to participate in the ever-growing esports tournaments. Many investors have started betting websites through which you can bet on any type of sports, and that’s the reason why they are known as a Sportsbook. However, with the tremendous growth in the esports industry, the betting websites added esports on their list. The main reason for the popularity of esports betting sites is the dedication of the users towards esports. If there would be no big tournaments, then betting on events would be useless. Other than that, the popularity is very much dependent on the services provided by the esports bookmakers to the users. Below is the list of all the esports bookmakers through which you can bet on your favourite game.

Where to bet on Esports in South Africa.

Esports Betting has grown in popularity over the years and many international bookmakers are now offering Esports betting markets to their punters. Fortunately (for once) South African bookmakers have kept up with the times and are now also pricing up Esports events for users to bet on. Let’s have a look to see where you can do your Esports betting in South Africa.

Leading the way in Esports gambling is World Sports Betting. They have recently added Esports streaming to their site so you can watch and bet on the matches being played. Pretty impressive considering there are not many international books that offer this. World Sports Betting are also the only South African bookmaker to offer this service. The most popular offerings across the board are Dota 2, League of Legends and CS:GO.

WSB are not the only book to offer Esports, many others seem to be trialling it and hopefully they will have a permanent offering in the future.

Below are South African bookmakers that offer Esports Gambling / Betting :

Betway esports betting : Betway currently sponsor several Esports teams but won’t have Esports betting available to South Africans.

World Sports Betting: The market leaders in Esports offering. Not as big an offering as Olimp but they do have live streaming and good markets. Check out their Esports betting here use voucher code BSB001 for a free R100 on registering. 

Playabets : Playabets have a fairly solid Esports offering and with their lovely sign up offer you should consider placing the odd Esports bet with them. Check out their Esports betting here.Olimp : Olimp currently have an impressive selection of Esports markets and also offer live Esports betting. Something we’d like to commend them for. Check out their Esports betting here.

Sunbet : Sunbet suprisingly have a solid Esports offering, it’s nothing fancy but it does cover enough to keep Esports punters happy. Let’s hope they expand on their offering in the future. Check out their Esports betting here.

Sportingbet : They have priced up Esports in the past but are not able to confirm if they’ll be offering it in the future, or even when for that matter. Esports Betting South Africa will only benefit from their offering.Check out Sportingbet Here.

Hollywoodbets : Hollywoodbets have flirted with eSports over the last few years but have now added it as a permanent feature on their site. A good move from one of South Africa’s biggest books. Check out their Esports Betting here.

Esports Betting


South African’s should consider themselves very lucky to have such a variety of bookmakers offering Esports betting. WSB easily leads the way but the other books are hot on their heels which is fantastic for us punters. We’d like to see some Esports related promotions in the future, and perhaps more markets but things are on the right track! Esports betting South Africa is getting there.

For a free R100 Voucher from World Sports Betting use the voucher code BSB001 when you sign up.




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How do I get the live streaming on WSB to work?

Local is lekker

Please start covering some local esports matches wrt to betting. South Africans would love that. Even if the stakes are limited to small amoumts.


When are more bookies going to start offering esports? Sportingbet especially. Really need to catch up with the times.


Nice thanks, esports local coverage would be nice though. DGL etc. I’m guessing the books aren’t trading these themselves though.


DGL betting would be amazing but good luck getting the local bookies to price it up.

Hand of God

Can you advise me on which is the best site overall? I’m new to betting but know my esports Dota very well.


Here’s an idea, click the links in the frikken article.


Hi all, where can I bet on BVD and the current tournament? Can’t seem to find it anywhere.



Here we go folks: eSports betting is pretty awful across the board. If you are okay with that, then go with WSB. Their product is currently miles ahead of everyone else. Sunbet will limit your outright betting – maximum payout (for me at least, before they had any reason to limit me) was like 5k. Playabets also limit, but max payout is a touch more. WSB have a csgo inplay model which is half finished. meaning they dont actually price in things that are important. Things like maps, and T-side vs. CT-side. Their dota markets are sometimes traded at 10%… Read more »


Sheldon do you do Esports betting tips or know where I can find tipsters? I’m on a terrible run and need some winners lol. Using wsb with no problem, only betting on outcome though.

Betting potato.

Which of those bookmakers would you recommend for Esports betting? I’ve heard are full of mistakes and cancel Esports bets.

I’ve not heard too much about Sunbet but I have a Wsb and Sportingbet account. Looking for a good bonus that I can get more bang for my buck. Don’t mind a play through as I’ll only be depositing around R1000. Sorry I’m new to this betting thing. You can reply here or to my email that I left for the comment. Thank you 🙂

Dota Scrub

Hollywood have Esports now. You should check it out, not too bad.


I’d rather watch it on twitch, there I have more choice. So bummed that valved banned most betting. Guess it’s real money for me from now on.

Need Tips

Where can I find esports tips, other than Twitter? Anyone please? It’s the Boston Majors and I’ve got a pocket full of cash that is slowly getting rekt. Before you say google, I have and didn’t find much.


Thanks for the links.


I wonder if everyone who was betting for skins will move to betting on real Esports ? Could be a very lucrative market for local businesses and international ones. I’m yet to place a real Esports bet but will when I can figure this whole betting thing out properly. Thanks for the guide.


Good point, the community is big enough?


Dude there are plenty people interested in betting on esports. Go look at all the pages on facebook, there are literally thousands.

Juan B

There is plenty of interest in Esports betting in south africa. Even dstv have committed to showing it. I’ve been betting on overseas sites but will switch to a local site seeing that the offering is up to a good standard.

From what I’ve checked olimp have the best games to bet on. Anyway thanks for putting everything together in one place though. Much appreciated!

Juan B

Oh and thanks for the Esports betting voucher code. It worked.


Who offers Starcraft 2 betting?


Awesome. Thanks for the links guys.


I’m new to Esports betting, anyone able to help with placing bets for tournament winners? Some easy money to be made. Tia. Trevor


Shot for the free 100 😀 Going to bet it on some Dota.