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We know that punters have a variety of tastes when it comes to where to place bets. For all those game lovers out there, Lottostar provides a variety of live games to place bets on and have fun. All the games on offer are legal and licensed in South Africa. The casino games are divided into three categories – Table, Themed and Dice Games. For those punters who aren’t familiar with Lottostar we recommend that you have a read through our comprehensive Lottostar review.

Live Table Games at Lottostar

Lottostar offers four games in this category, all of them take place in a live studio with a presenter, where audience interaction is encouraged.

Double Ball Roulette

Roulette is a popular casino game, has no doubt been in the hearts of many casino game lovers. Only that this has double the fun with 2 balls in the mix. This roulette is based on the European variant and consists of a wheel with numbers 1 to 36 and a single zero.

To win, the player has to correctly predict the position of the balls when the roulette wheel has completed its rotation. When inside bets are placed, the player is considered to have won if at least one ball lands in the predicted number compartment. If both balls land on the predicted numbers, then the player would have won double.

The type of bets which can be placed on this type of game vary from inside bets, to outside and special bets. The inside bets on the numbers or various combinations include the options of Straight Up for selecting any number outcome amongst the 37 options, Split Bet, Street Bet, Corner Bet, and a line bet. Outside bets may also be placed with option such as type of numbers and colour of numbers. The user may select their favourite bets, or also place special bets.

Side Bet City

Side Bet City is a poker-based card game in which the player can place bets on 3 hands, 5 hands, 7 hands or for all of the hands mentioned earlier to all lose. The cards are drawn from a standard deck of 52 cards until a total of 7 cards have been drawn. Shuffling of the cards deck is done after the completion of each round of play.

To win for the 3-hand game, the player needs to get Royal Flush, Straight Flush, Three of a Kind, Flush or Any Pair of cards. To win at 5 or 7 card hands, the player will need to have Royal Flush, Straight Flush, Four of a Kind, Full House, Flush, Straight, Three of a Kind, Two Pairs or a pair.

Dragon Tiger

This is a very simple but fast-paced game that involves the prediction of which party will have the highest value card between the Dragon and the Tiger after the cards have been drawn. The cards are drawn from a set of 8 cards, which exclude the Joker and the cards a valued in the order of A-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-J-Q-K, K having the highest value.

Football Studio

Very similar to Dragon Tiger, Football Studio is another card prediction game that involves the player predicting the outcome of a draw process involving two hands, which are designated as Home and Away. To win, the player needs to correctly predict the side which will have the highest value card after the drawing process has been completed. The cards are drawn from a shoe of 8 cards which excludes the Joker cards.

Themed Games at Lottostar

Lottostar have a variety of themed games available for punters, ranging from monopoly to the popular dreamcatcher.


The game of Monopoly Live involves the prediction of the correct resting segment of the wheel at the end of spin during the main game. The bets in the main game can be placed on segment positions 1, 2,5, 10 @ rolls and 4 rolls, and if the wheel rests in the selected positions, then the player wins and bets are paid according to the prematch odds.

Additionally, the wheel may land in the chance position where the player is either returned their bet together with their winnings or a multiplier bonus where all the existing bets are multiplied with the bonus factor during the additional spin.

Deal or no Deal Game

Inspired by the popular Deal or No Deal TV show with the same name, this game involves the correct prediction of whether the money in the last briefcase out of 16 will be higher than the banker’s offer. The game is divided into stages which include the qualification stage where the bests are placed and the wheel rotated in a manner that the golden sections are aligned to the top section of the wheel.

Once qualified for the next round, the player will receive an option to top up on their placed bets. The Banker will make rounds of four offers and allows the player to choose between the deal and no deal to continue gameplay to the last round. It is possible to win a payout of up to R 5 million.

Dream catcher

Dream catcher is an exciting game that involves placing bets on the outcome of a wheel which is spun by the dealer. The wheel is divided into 54 segments, with 52 of these marked with numbers. The remaining two segments contain multipliers which are a form of bonus multiplying the next wins. You can read more about the Dream catcher game in our full review.

Lottostar Dice Games

Lottostar have a good vartiety of dice games on offer too, we run through the various games below.

Super Sic Bo

Super Sic Bo Game is a dice game that is played using three dice with face values of 1 to 6. The player predicts the various combinations of outcomes of the shaking of the three dice and places the predicted bets before the dice shake process begins. Some multipliers are applied at random and increase the bonus, and the bonuses may be multiplied accordingly

Lightning Dice

Yet another simple game, Lightning Dice is played using three dice of face values 1 up to 6. The game is played by predicting the sum of the three dices after the dice are rolled inside the Lighting Tower. To get a bonus, the player needs to correctly predict lightning numbers, which results in the multiplication of the bonus by a factor.

Playing Live Games at Lottostar

Lottostar presents an opportunity for fans of games to place bets with potential for high returns. The odds are however high and it would be essential to manage the stakes properly to realize chances of making long term profit. For punters willing to have fun with simple games, we do recommend these games if you’re a fan of the genre. You can view all the above games on the Lottostar site. Visit our casino games section if you’d like to know more about live games available to South Africans.

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