How to place a Sports Bet?

Are you not sure on how to place a sports bet? Well fear not, we’ve put together a brief guide along with some handy screenshots to turn you into a punter who knows how to place a sports bet! For this guide we’ll be using WSB as we find the site very user friendly for first time punters.

You can grab a free R100 voucher from WSB by using promo code BSB001 when signing up. It’s a great, free way to check out the site before you deposit.

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The first thing you’ll need is obvious, a funded sports betting account. Most bookmakers offer several methods of deposit ranging from MasterCard to skrill and even Ipay. All have the same basic principal and are self explanatory, it’s essentially the same as purchasing something online.

Choose a deposit method that's right for you.

Placing a Soccer Bet

Once you have funded the account the next set is to find a bet that you like. You can do this by navigating the menu on the left. So for this example we want to bet on the Everton v Arsenal game. Being a football match we have to click on Soccer -> England -> Premier League -> Everton v Arsenal. World Sports Betting and most other bookies have quick links to all major markets, so instead of doing the above we can simply click on “Today’s Premier League” -> Everton v Arsenal, very handy those quick links!

Once we are in the Everton v Arsenal (or what ever it is you are betting on) then we need to decide what it is we are going to be placing a bet on. For beginners we suggest you stick to the basic of Win / Draw / Win, Over / Under goals or goal scorer. We fancy Arsenal to win this game so we are going to look for the Full time result market and select Arsenal. We do this by clicking on the away side on the 9/10 odds display as Arsenal are the away team.


Once we’ve clicked on the market we want we will see it pop up in our bet slip on the right hand side of the page. The bet slip will show us what we are betting on and it’s where we enter the amount that we want to wager / bet on what we’ve selected. The bet slip will also show what the payout is of a potential bet, we can also enter the amount that we’d like to win and it will adjust our stake to what it needs to be in order to win.

Check your betslip!
Check your betslip!

Finish placing your bets

Once you are happy with your stake and what you are betting on then press the “Process Bet” or “Place Bet” button. This places the bet for you and is the last step in the process. It’s very important to check and double check what it is that you are betting on. You don’t want to make a mistake as most mistakes will not be reversed by the bookmaker. Once you’ve placed the bet you’ll get confirmation that the bet went through. Until you see this message DO NOT ASSUME THE BET WENT THROUGH. If you want to access your betting history then head over to the account history section and you’ll find details on your previous bets.

We hope this guide help you with how to place a sports bet and that you now have confidence to do it on your own. If you have any questions or feedback feel free to drop us a comment below. Best of luck!

For those struggling to register a sports betting account, check out the below video guide:



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3 years ago

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Evening Admin

Surely it should be posted in the open public ?

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I have indeed tried many times over the years with no success.

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Thank you for the guide. I will send it to my friends who do not understand how betting works.