Sportingbet Review

In this review we are going to have a look at the Sportingbet site and it’s features. If you’d like to see our review of the previous version of the Sportingbet site then click hereLet’s get started with our review.

Sportingbet currently have a 100% deposit match bonus up to R2000 on your first deposit, and their wagering terms are very generous. You only need to wager the bonus 3 times at 1.25 or more. Click here to click your bonus today.

Sportingbet Site

The Sportingbet Landing page is very different from their previous one. The colours are all Sportingbet and you know immediately that you are on their website. It’s packed full of banners, promotions and features. A great step up from the old site, however it will be a bit jarring for those who aren’t used to change. They’ve also removed all the splash banners and small write ups which were pretty good to read, we’re sure they’ll be incorporating them somewhere else on the site but either way it’s not really an issue.

The events menu (or coupon) on the side contains all the important and upcoming events as well as a breakdown for all available betting markets and events. We hope to see them bring back the more focused highlights like Bulls v Lions or other big match ups, but seeing as how the site is new we’ll have to wait and see how they end up promoting these, because they were very handy!


You can login to your Sportingbet account with your previous Sportingbet details, no nonsense about having to use a new username and password, something which we covered in our Betx Launch overview.

Once logged in you can find all your important account information at the top of the screen, including a new feature called inbox, which we assume will follow what WSB have done with their inbox system.

It’s pretty easy to find what you are looking for on the Sportingbet site, there is no having to click Soccer then a refresh button then the league etc. You simply click what you are interested in and it will load in the centre of the page, which also has a few different options for you to explore when it comes to different markets and league etc.

Sportingbet Betgames

Sporting have the full selection of Betgames, Lucky 5, Lucky 6, Lucky 7 all running 24 hours a day.

New Features

There are a few new features on Sportingbet that we are going to give a brief overview of. The first of which is Dreamcatcher.

Sportingbet Dreamcatcher

Dreamcatcher is similar to Betgames, the concept is that there is a large spinning wheel and you have to bet on what numbers you think are going to come up. It’s a nice change from Betgames, which you’ll find at almost every bookmaker these days. We haven’t played it too much but it does look like it’ll be more fun than Betgames as it has a live studio and fun vibe to it.

Bestseller Multi bet

Another new feature is the Bestseller Multi, this is a combination of the most popular bets on the site all bundled into one multi. There was a similar feature on the old site but you had to manually take the bets, the Bestseller Multi automatically does this for you now. A very nice touch indeed.

A feature we stumbled across while putting the site through it;s paces was the “Further options” once you’ve placed a bet, this let’s you get your bet results via sms or email. Nothing groundbreaking but it’s nice that you can pick and choose which bets you’d like to get instant results for. A very nice touch indeed!

Auto Cash Out and Cash Out

Sportingbet were the first bookmaker in South Africa to offer the Auto Cash Out and the traditional cash out features. You can read more about how Auto Cash Out works here.


With 8,000 different betting opportunities every single day across 30 different sports, sports betting is where Sportingbet lead the field. They offer great odds and a variety of markets to bet on, including  football, tennis, basketball, horse racing, cricket, rugby union and many more.

Live Betting

Sportingbet offer Live betting on over 300 markets on a single game with thier unique live betting platform. They also offer Live betting 24-hours a day on the Premier League, Champions League and Europa League matches as well as all the very best international football matches. You can view upcoming live matches in the Sportingbet live betting calendar.


Sportingbet have kept all of their previous Promotions but have updated the page to give it a very tablet look and feel. We hope that the added space means that we’ll see more promotions added in the future.

Sportingbet Mobile

The Sportingbet mobile is as slick as one would expect, everything is available at your finger tips and the mobile site is very light on data usage. You can play all the same bets on mobile that you would be able to play on desktop. Cash Out, Auto Cash Out and other features are also available on Sportingbet Mobile.

Sportingbet Deposit Methods

Absa, Capitec, EFT, FNB, I-Pay, Investec, Mastercard, Nedbank, OTT, SID, Standard Bank, Visa

Sportingbet Withdrawal Methods

Absa, Capitec, EFT, FNB, Investec, Mastercard, Nedbank, Standard Bank, VISA

Sportingbet Overall Experience

As one would expect the overall experience is a very positive one, the site is a pleasure to use and while there are a few niggles here and there they are most certainly going to be ironed out in the coming weeks. It’s a big step forward for Sportingbet and them keeping things fresh shows that they are keeping up with the times.

It’s always been a pleasure to use any Sportingbet site and this is no different, we certainly recommend you give them look if you don’t have an account there. The R2000 Deposit Match is one of the better ones in South Africa but you won’t find as many promotions as you would at other bookmakers.

Sportingbet Review
  • Bonus
  • Promotions
  • Site & Features


Sportingbet are one of the best online sports betting sites in South Africa. They offer several features like cash out and dream catcher, as well as offering competitive odds. Their sign on bonus has some of the best terms available and we highly recommended using them as your daily bookmaker.

If you’d like to know more about bookmakers in South Africa then have a look at our comprehensive list of bookmakers.








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