Sportingbet Auto Cash Out Explained

Sportingbet have once again shown that they lead the way in innovation when it comes to bringing new betting products to the South African market. They first impressed us with Cash Out and they’ve done it again with Auto Cash Out. Sportingbet auto cash out is only available to punters who have a Sportingbet account.

What is Sportingbet Auto Cash Out?

Sportingbet’s Auto Cash Out is cash out on another level. It gives you complete control over your bet, even when you are not near a mobile device during the running of the bet.

It works by letting the user set the amount they want their bet to cash out at. So for example, you place a bet at 10/1 that’s returning R500, but you would be happy if you could Auto Cash Out if the returns hit, say R300.

This means you don’t have to worry about connection problems, lag, logging or just to cash out. It makes the process so much simpler for those who want a bet, but are willing to have the system cash them out without any hassle on their own part. We’ve been in situation where the wife or girlfriend complains about all that time on the phone, well no more, Auto Cash Out will let you keep your partner happy while doing all the work for you!

For those that still don’t have the hang of this; think of the recent bitcoin trend. You could buy R1000 worth of bitcoin and have the system auto sell it when it hits R3000 or another point of your choosing. Auto Cash Out is exactly that. You can view all the Auto Cash Out terms directly on the Sportingbet site.

Auto Cash Out also comes in handy when it comes to accumulators or late night betting. You’ve bet R100 to win R5000 but the last leg is only at 2am in the morning. No having to trade your bet out or wait up so that you can cash out. You can set Auto Cash Out to do all the hard work for you, while you’re asleep.

How to Use Auto Cash Out

Start by placing your bet as you usually would. Then once the bet is placed click on the Gear icon with NEW on it, it’s in the bottom right corner. Once you’ve done that you’ll see the screen below.

This is where you’ll be putting the amount you want the bet to auto cash out on. Look at the cash out amount and possible winnings, most punters will be cashing out in the middle.

So we’ve roughly done that by making our above R50 bet auto cash out at a R75 payout. You’ll need to click on activate to set the Auto Cash Out. Once you have you’ll receive confirmation as seen below.

Auto Cash Out Markets

Currently available on win singles, doubles, trebles and accumulators, on the following bet markets.

That’s it! Sportingbet’s Auto Cash Out is really simple and a handy tool for any punter. We hope you’ve enjoyed this guide, let us know in the comments if you plan on using Auto Cash Out. *Just a note that it’s currently only available on mobile and tablet, so desktop users are unable to access this feature.

Don’t have a Sportingbet account? Check out our review or click here to register with Sportingbet today.



  1. kalule samuel says:

    It’s really great if sportingbet accept 1voucher

    1. Best Sports Betting says:

      Sportingbet do accept 1voucher punter 🙂

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