How to bet Powerball online

Lotto Powerball is one of the most popular lottery draws for punters in South Africa. We’re going to show you how to bet Powerball online as well as where to bet. Onto our How to bet Powerball online Guide.

How to bet Powerball Online – Choosing a bookmaker

In order to bet on Powerball you’ll need to have an open and active online betting account. There are several to choose from but for this guide we are going to be using Morris Vee Sports Bet. You’ll need to register an account at Morris Vee Sports Bet which you can do here, it’s quick and easy to do an you’ll be betting on Powerball in no time. Once you’ve opened an account you’ll need to deposit so that you can place bets but we’ll leave that part up to you.

How to bet Powerball Online – Making your selections

Now that you have an account at Morris Vee Sports Bet you’ll need to click on the Lucky Numbers button on the menu to take you to the upcoming lotto draws. Powerball takes place on a Tuesday and Friday. So if you’re betting on the day of the draw then the Powerball draws will automatically appear and you’ll be able to bet on the following, keep in mind that the number next to your selection are the odds :

1 Number 8, 2 Numbers 110, 3 Numbers 1750, 4 Numbers 30000, Power Ball 18, Double 1+1 175 ,Treble 2+1 2000, Quad 3+1 30000.

At Morris Vee Sports Bet you are also able to pick your own numbers and make your own bets, you can do this by simply clicking on the pick your own numbers link which will take you to the screen below. Here you can pick your own numbers, do so by clicking on the numbers you like, which will then be added to your betslip.


How to bet Powerball Online – Placing your bets

Once you’ve made the selections you like the next step is to place the bets by clicking on Add Bet. This will create a ticket for you and all you have to do now is put in the amount that you want to bet on your lucky numbers.

How to bet Powerball Online – Powerball Results

So you’ve placed your bets and want to know if you have a winner, as we all do! Instead of waiting for tomorrows newspaper or going through the hassle of a google search you can simply use the Morris Vee lotto results page. This shows the results of the draw so you can see what numbers can up and if you’ve had a big win. To do this you can simply click on the lucky numbers button and then results or you can just click here and choose the draw you be on, it’s that easy! Don’t forget you can bet on other lotto draws such as the UK 49s on Morris Vee Sports Bet, so there’s plenty of draws to keep you busy.

We hope you hit a big winner on powerball and that our guide was helpful! If you’d like to know more about Morris Vee Sports Bet and our review on them then click here. Remember to gamble responsibly.




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