Sun Met Betting 2021

Africa’s Richest Race Day returns to Kenilworth Racecourse on Saturday, 1 February 2021. Under the theme African Luxury: Visionaries, Cape Town’s most prestigious horse-racing event combines high-end fashion with world-class entertainment – both on and off the race track. Inspired by forward-thinkers and creativity, the theme for the 2021 edition of The Sun Met is a celebration of luxury with racing enthusiasts and fashionistas expected to evolve imagination on Race Day.

Sun Met 2021 is just around the corner and we’ve created this post to cover everything from event information, tickets and most importantly, Sun Met Betting, because who doesn’t love the Sun Met?!

Bet on Sun Met

The following bookmakers offer betting on horse racing as well as horse racing exotics. They all have first deposit bonuses available for new punters who open an account. If you’d like to sign up with one of the below bookies then simply follow the corresponding links.

Betting Odds

Betting is available on the Sun Met with Ante Post Betting being offered at Hollywoodbets, WSB and Sunbet. The Sun Met betting odds below are subject to change and we’ll be updating them in the run up to the big race.

Sun Met 2020 Results, Payouts and Winner

  1. One World
  2. Rainbow Bridge
  3. Hawwaam
  4. Twist of Fate
  5. Bunker Hunt
  6. Vardy

ONE WORLD has won the 9th race at Kenilworth on Sun Met day, winning the Sun Met 2020. One World was ridden to victory by MJ Byleveld, trained by Vaughn Marshall and bred by Klawervlei Stud.

Sun Met Betting Promotions

Bookmakers are expected to launch several Sun Met promotions in the coming days. We’ll be posting all the best promos below.


Sun Met 2020 Final Field

The Final Field for the Sun Met 2020 has been announced. Details below.

More on the Sun Met Final Field can be found on Sportingpost.

Sun Met Betting Options

All to Come

This is your chance to win big for a small amount. The bet enables Win or Place bets on horses in different races at the SAME race meeting to be combined into one accumulative bet.


Choose a horse, or horses, to finish FIRST or SECOND in each of the 6 races that comprise the BiPot (Legs 1 to 6).
You can win the bet many times.

You choose one horse in each of Legs 1 to 4 and two horses in each of Legs 5, 6 and 7. If all choices finish in the first 2, payout is won eight times (1x1x1x1x2x2x2 = 8).


Choose the winners of the 2 consecutive races that comprise the Double (the first of the 2 races in a Double is termed Leg 1; the second is Leg 2).

A Double can be taken on all consecutive races
i.e. Races 1 & 2; 2 & 3; 3 & 4 etc.


Combines a Win and Place bet. You collect the Win and Place payouts if the horse bet on finishes FIRST. You get the Place payout if the horse finishes SECOND or THIRD (the number of PLACE payouts varies according to the number of runners, see above). The same amount is always bet for the Win and the Place.


Bet on the horses to finish FIRST and SECOND in the exact order. Bet 3 different ways:

Single:Choose 1 horse for FIRST and 1 horse for SECOND.
Perm:Choose any number of horses for FIRST and for SECOND.
Box:Choose 2 or more horses. You collect if the horses chosen include the FIRST and SECOND finishers.


Choose the winners of all 4 races that comprise the Jackpot (Legs 1 to 4). One horse or more can be chosen in each of the 4 races.

If you’d like to know more about Horse Racing or Sports Betting in South Africa head over to the Best Sports Betting Home page.

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