The Best Accumulator Bonuses in South Africa

An Accumulator is a bet that contains multiple selections on a single bet, with all selections needed to win in order for your bet to win, these can range from a bet with 2 teams all the up to 30 teams.

Accumulator bets are one of the most popular bets taken by South African punters as they look look to hit big wins with small stakes, as you can potentially turn a R1 into a Million with a few winning bets. Which is why it is important that you get the best value for your multiple bets!

In this guide we are going to take a look at some of the best accumulator bonuses at SA bookies that you can take advantage of to get some extra winnings when placing your next multiple bet.

Multiple, Accumulator and Win Boost Bonuses

Most accumulator bonuses from SA Bookies offer an additional % on top of your win for each leg you add to a bet. Every bet starts with 1 Leg, or a single bet but you can add on as many as your bookmaker will allow.

The value in these promotion is the extra % can work out very well in your favour. For example you place a R10 bet on 5 different teams, your payout without a bonus is R100, but because you have 5 teams you get a 10% bonus, giving you a payout of R110 instead! That’s great value that scales well the higher your payout is, generally the more bets you add the higher the % of the bonus.

Betway Win Boost

The Betway Win Boost bonus starts at 2.5% with the 2nd leg or bet, and goes all the way to a 150% Win Boost for 40 legs. It’s one of the biggest boosts available and the all important 5 leg boost is a respectable 7%.

Millionaires Gaming Sports Betting Acca Boost

The MG Sports Betting Accumulator bonus starts with a 3% boost for 2 legs, with a 100% boost for 29 legs or more. They don’t quite hit the high of the Betway win boost but do offer a better % on your accumulator bets.

Hollywoodbets Soccer Bonus

Hollywoodbets offer a reasonable 2.5% on 2 legs, going up to a 30% boost for 25 legs. It offers a 10% boost at the 5 leg sweet spot. As attractive as Betway or MG, and a good tool to use for existing Hollywoodbets customers.

Playa Bets Multibet Promo

The Playa Bets multibet bonus starts at 2.5%, going up to a 30% bonus for 25 legs or more. They have a solid 10% boost at the 5 leg spot, and the promotion is definitely worth taking advantage of if you have a Playa Bets account.

Boost your way to bigger winnings

Bonuses are a great way of stretching out your betting budget. The amounts you’ll get from a win boost aren’t life changing, but they do give you more than enough to place a few more accumulator bets to hopefully hit some more win boosts!

But in all seriousness boosts offer a great deal of value to punters, who wouldn’t want to get paid more for a winning bet? Combine a win boost with some good odds and you’ll definitely come out smiling after a big win.

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