Sportstake 8 Tips and Predictions

Sportstake 8 is a sports prediction game from Ithuba and the National Lottery. You play the game by predicting the first half and second half outcomes (1,X,2) of 8 predetermined match fixtures drawn from various leagues. What makes the game so challenging and interesting is that it is very difficult to predict the outcome of both halves.

Although that’s not a bad thing, as the difficulty means the prize pools are usually very large and not won by many players. We’re going to be posting our Sportstake 8 tips and predictions for each upcoming fixtures list below, as well as a general explanation on how to play the game.

If you are new to betting and would like to learn how to get started, we recommend you read through our Ultimate Betting Guide, which will explain everything you need to start betting online. We’ve also done a comparison of the difference between betting with a bookmaker and playing sportstake, and the results might surprise you.

Sportstake 8 Predictions and Tips

To enter or bet on your Sportstake 8 predictions you need to do the following in order to place a successful bet ;

  • Predict both the 1st half and 2nd half outcomes for each match
  • You are picking who will win the half, not the match
  • Example, you bet on Arsenal to win the first half and the halftime score is Arsenal 1-0, your selection will be a winner. However if Arsenal are not leading at half time your bet will be a loss.
  • You will also need to predict the 2nd half outcome for a match.
  • It cost R2 to play a single card, this cost doubles each time you add an additional outcome
  • Detailed guide on Sportstake 8 betting and how it works listed below

Latest Sportstake 8 Fixtures

Sportstake 8 fixtures are released regularly by the national lottery. We post the latest fixtures below, so that you can plan out your next winning bet. We upload the fixture list as soon as the lottery releases it. Fixtures for Sportstake 8 are released fast and often. There are fixtures released every few days of the week so we’re your best bet when it comes to the latest fixtures. Which you can also view on the National Lottery site.

Sportstake 8 Team Form

A quick form guide of how teams have been playing, helpful for planning your sportstake picks. Look at different areas such as which team is playing at home and how they’ve been playing in their last few matches. These are only posted when there are fixtures with teams from popular leagues.

Sportstake 8 Midweek Tips

Our tips for midweek matches are posted below, don’t worry if there are no tips posted, it just means that we’re waiting for the latest fixtures or doing out homework. Only our Midweek tips are posted under this section, scroll down to see the weekend tips.

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Sportstake 8 Weekend Tips

Sportstake weekend tips are exclusively focused on Sportstake 8 games that take place over a weekend. We post our weekend tips are soon as the national lottery has released the fixtures. Our Sportstake 8 tips for the weekend and  sometime for midweek are below.

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Sportstake 8 Pro Pick

No pro picks are available at the moment.

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Sportstake 8 Tips and Predictions

Our predictions are below, for upcoming fixtures, we’ll be posting these on a bi weekly basis, so check in regularly for the latest tips. Remember the game is played in halves, and you’re predicting the outcome of the half, not the match. You can only play these tips on the official site, which you can visit here.

We don’t intend for punters to play only our Sportstake tips as we post them, rather we recommend you use them as a guide. Make your own picks and them compare them to ours, that’s one of the best ways of improving your predictions. We also try to keep the price down on our picks, so they don’t cost much to play, but that does make it harder to win, so spend wisely.

How to play Sportstake 8

It’s quick and easy to get started playing Sportstake 8, not sure how to play Sportstake 8? Below is a comprehensive guide on how to play, including how to get fixtures, make your picks and where you can place your bets.

Sportstake 8 results

You can find the latest results and history for all the sportstake 8 matches on the official National Lottery or Ituba sites. The results will include fixtures results as well as the Sportstake 8 payouts. Click here to view the latest results on the National Lottery results page. There are also several apps like Tabgold that allow users to check the latest results.

Sportstake 8 Rules

If you would like to see all the rules of the Sportstake 8 and 13 games we suggest you head over to the official sportstake site, where they have a downloadable pdf with all the rules and regulations. Something that is being discussed among punters is Sportstake postponements, currently caused by the Corona Virus, Should your Sportstake ticket be affected by a postponed game, then the match will count as a win regardless of your selection.

Sportstake 8 Help

The following are the essential Game features for Sportstake 8:

  • The National Lottery Game in which the Participant correctly predicts both first half and
    second half outcomes of several football matches. In particular, Participants will have
    to predict the outcomes (1, X, 2) for each half of eight predetermined matches drawn from
    South African, UK, Spain, Germany, France, Italy and any other International professional soccer fixtures, as ITHUBA may identify from time to time.
  • The cost of each Entry /board will be R2.00 inclusive of VAT.
  • The maximum price for a wager will be limited to R2000.00 per Participant.
  • Teams included in each of the fixtures are listed in the order of Home Team versus Visiting Team. As such, the team mentioned first will always be the Home Team. Where a fixture is played at a neutral venue for whatever reason, the Home Team will be the team mentioned first on the Fixture List.

A Board is a grid of eight fixture result predictions denoted as [1]; [X]; [2] for each of
the two halves in a football game where:

  • 1 = Home Win
  • X = Draw
  • 2 = Away Win

Sportstake 8 Prize Pool and Payout

Sportstake prizes and pool are based on a collective pool, where all bets are pooled, increasing the jackpot. The more players for a pool, the higher the jackpot will be.

A Participant who matches 16, 15, 14 or 13 outcomes will share the winning Pool of that Prize Division. You need to get a minimum of 13 selections correct in order to claim a prize in the Sportstake 8 game.

Single entry winners will be paid prizes according to the highest prize that they have won i.e. if a player matches 16 outcomes on the same board he/she will receive the prize allocated for matching 16 correctly and the player will not receive a prize for matching 16, 15, 14 and 13 but only for the highest prize. Prize Division Prize Division Pool Percentage : 16 Matches 40%, 15 Matches 20%, 14 Matches 15%, 13 Matches 25%.

How many games do I need to win Sportstake 8

So as mentioned before in order to win a prize from Sportstake 8 you need a minimum of 13 selections correct to get a sportstake 8 prizes. If you manage to get all 16 correct you’ll hit the jackpot for the draw.

If you’d like tips and predictions for other sportstake games then head over to our dedicated Sportstake section. Good luck and have fun punters, and be sure to check out Best Sports Betting for more soccer tips and predictions.

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  1. we are waiting for today’s sportstake 8 prediction.

    1. lets work together en we gonna be more than heroes .are u there .

  2. Waiting for today sportstake 8 tips

    1. Best Sports Betting says:

      They are being posted shortly 🙂

      1. Will there be sportstake 8 tips today?

        1. Best Sports Betting says:

          Hi Lesley, will post some tomorrow. 🙂

  3. punterzack says:

    Corona is killing us with no soccer

  4. Kuhle Snobolo says:

    I mostly end at 12 but the excitement and prospects of getting 13 and above keeps me playing.

    1. How do u manage to get 13 and above

  5. sports take 8 is very unpredictable especially in the second half but we still taking chances, no other choice

  6. I always end at 8 to 12,maybe my day is on the way,your predictions are always far from the truth

    1. Best Sports Betting says:

      That’s why we call them predictions, they aren’t guaranteed, no tips are.

    2. Good prediction i end 9 of 13 and 9of 16 thanks

    1. Best Sports Betting says:

      Yes, Sportstake 8 is very tough, but the rewards are good if you land a winner

    2. siyabonga says:

      Did I get something if u win 10 team..#sportstake8

    3. Lol not at all it just need lot of time and money.

  7. Hi,can k buy a voucher to top up to play sportstake 8/13 or hw to top up

  8. Join the discussion…i dont understand the 2nd hahf couse that game between brazil an colombia brazil lost but at the result its shows brazil won how come

  9. Simbarashe Ndakaripei says:

    One day is one day. I will win. Awesome

  10. Hopefully this is easier than sportstake 13

    1. If i get three correct in the first half and four correct in second half can i go to the retailer and claim a prize?

      1. Best Sports Betting says:

        You need to get a total of 13 or more selections correct to claim a prize Boikobo.

        1. So if I get 10 correctly…I earn nothing?

          1. Best Sports Betting says:

            You need to get 13 or more correct, Sportstake 8 is hard 🙂

  11. I like this game but it is to hard, I want to predict only 1 half, 2 halfs is too much.

    1. You are right Masepa, this game is more difficult than the Sportstake 13.

  12. When did this come out? I’ve never seen it before!

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