How To Bet On Sportstake & Why Online Betting is Best

New to soccer betting and don’t have an online account? Sportstake is a soccer prediction game by Ithuba which makes it quick and easy to bet online for as little as R2. To play, you must predict the results of a series of matches from around the world. There are two Sportstake games available, Sportstake 13 and Sportstake 8

In this article, you’ll learn about Sportstake 13 and Sportstake 8, how to register and play Sportstake online, plus where to find upcoming fixtures, betting tips and more. We’ll also compare Sportstake to betting online with a bookmaker to help you decide which is best for you.

What Is Sportstake 13?

In Sportstake 13, you must correctly predict the results of as many soccer matches as you can out of 13. These games are pre-selected from the English Premier League, Spanish La Liga, German Bundesliga, French Ligue 1 and European Champions League. To win, you must guess at least 10 matches correctly, and get all 13 right to win the grand prize. You don’t need to predict the score, only whether it will be a win for the home team, a draw, or an away win.

What Is Sportstake 8?

Sportstake 8 is similar to Sportstake 13 except you must correctly predict the first AND second half outcomes of each match (Home Win, Draw or Away Win). There are 8 pre-selected matches from international leagues on the fixture list, meaning you must make a total of 16 selections for your bet. To win, you must guess at least 13 outcomes correctly, and get all 16 right to win the grand prize.

Why Play Sportstake Online?

You can play Sportstake 13 or Sportstake 8 by going into a lottery retailer and giving your hand-written bet slip to the teller or play online through the National Lottery site. But it’s much easier and safer to play Sportstake on your desktop or phone than going into a shop. With an online account, you can:

  • Play on the go and never wait in a queue.
  • Hear about jackpots and promotions via SMS and email.
  • Easily keep track of your winnings, deposits and withdrawals.

How To Play Sportstake Online

You’ll need to visit the Ithuba site and register an account. Once your account is registered you’re ready to play! There are two different ways to play Sportstake. One is to make all the selections yourself, and the other is to use the Propick option.

What Is Sportstake Propick?

Propick is a feature on Sportstake 13 and Sportstake 8 which allows you to make a quick pick from all the games on the fixture list using software that analyses the probabilities of each result. This is similar to a Lotto Quick Pick except it’s not completely random because the selections are based on statistics from past results. 

You can make your Sportstake 13 and Sportstake 8 bets using either single outcome selections or multi-play selections:

Single Outcome Selection

For single outcome selections you will make only one prediction per match, i.e. a Home win, Draw or Away win. If you want to play a single outcome selection for each fixture, your bet will cost R2. 

Multi-Play Selection

For multiple outcome selections, you can make additional predictions any match at a cost of R2 per combination. For example, you might decide that in two of the matches you want to cover more than just one possible outcome. Let’s say, for instance, you select all three possible outcomes in Fixture 5 and two possible outcomes in Fixture 9. Your bet will cost a total of R12 (3×2=6 boards X R2). Get more details here.

How Do Sportstake Prizes Work?

The prize pool for Sportstake 13 and Sportstake 8 is allocated between four divisions. The funds in each prize division are shared equally among all the winners in that division. If no players that get the maximum number of results correct, the prize pool rolls over to the top prize for the next game. If there are no winners in any of the other divisions, the money for that prize division is split between the divisions below.

How Do You Win At Sportstake 13?

To win at Sportstake 13, you must correctly predict the full-time result of at least 10 out of 13 soccer matches by selecting either Home Win, Draw or Away Win. Once the matches are complete, if you have guessed at least 10 matches correctly you will be eligible for a cash prize. The amount of money you win is not fixed and will depend on how many other players are in your prize division after predicting the same amount of games correctly. Watch our video to see how to play Sportstake 13.

To win money playing Sportstake 13, you must:

  • Predict 10 out of 13 matches correctly (35% of prize pool)
  • Predict 11 out of 13 matches correctly (20% of prize pool)
  • Predict 12 out of 13 matches correctly (15% of prize pool)
  • Predict 13 out of 13 matches correctly (30% of prize pool)

How Do You Win At Sportstake 8?

To win at Sportstake 8, you must correctly predict 13 out of 16 outcomes by selecting Home Win, Draw or Away Win for the First Half AND Home Win, Draw or Away Win for the Second Half of each match. For example, if you bet on Liverpool to win the first half and the half-time score is Liverpool 1-0, your selection will be a winner. However, if it’s a draw or their opponents are leading at half time then your bet will be a loss.

Once the matches are complete, if you have guessed at least 13 outcomes correctly you will be eligible for a cash prize. The amount of money you win is not fixed and will depend on how many other players are in your prize division after predicting the same amount of games correctly.

To win money playing Sportstake 8, you must:

  • Predict 13 out of 16 outcomes correctly (25% of prize pool)
  • Predict 14 out of 16 outcomes correctly (15% of prize pool)
  • Predict 15 out of 16 outcomes correctly (20% of prize pool)
  • Predict 16 out of 16 outcomes correctly (40% of prize pool)

Where To Get Sportstake Fixtures & Results

Sportstake 13 and Sportstake 8 fixtures for the weekend are released on a Wednesday evening and the midweek fixtures come out every Sunday. On the National Lottery site, you can also view the latest Sportstake 13 and Sportstake 8 results, simply scroll down past the upcoming fixtures to see them.

Sportstake Betting Rules

  • The cost of each entry/board is R2 (inclusive of VAT).
  • The maximum price for a bet is limited to R2 000.
  • Results are recorded as the score after full time, injury time and extra time (if applicable) but excluding penalty shoot-outs.
  • Teams are listed in the order of home team versus away team. The team mentioned first will always be the home team. For matches played at a neutral venue, the home team will be the team mentioned first on the fixture list.
  • If a fixture is cancelled or postponed or not resulted or settled for any reason, then all selections for that fixture will be settled as correct.

Read the Sportstake terms and conditions in more detail here.

Sportstake Betting Tips and Strategies

There’s no sure way to win Sportstake 13 or Sportstake 8 but there’s a few things you can do to increase your chances of winning…

Do your homework

When the sportstake fixtures come out on Wednesday and Sunday, take a good look at the teams and analyse factors like current form, head to head records and player injuries to help inform your bets.

Don’t back only favourites

It’s never a good idea to only bet on away teams, but making one or two bold predictions will help you stand out from the crowd. 

Don’t overspend on a ticket

You can increase your odds of winning by making a few multi-play selections but spending R2 000 on a ticket when there’s still no guarantee you’ll win is a dangerous game.

Choose your multi-plays wisely

Covering your bases is a good idea but be smart about it. Upsets in soccer happen all the time, so a good tip for multi-play selections is to choose underdogs or away teams + the draw rather than favourites or home teams + the draw.

Pick your battles

If you see a fixture list that looks really easy to predict, more people will probably win. The more winning tickets there are, the less money each player gets, so rather save your money for next week.

Speak to your friends

See which teams other people are choosing on their tickets. They might be able to help you decide, or you could make the opposite bets to them so that if you win the prize will be bigger.  

Join the Sportstake online community

You can get help with the latest fixtures, results, betting tips and Sportstake banter on social media channels like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Sign up with a bookmaker online

Give yourself more freedom and control as a punter by registering an account with a sportsbook and betting how you want to bet.

Now that we’ve given you the lowdown on how and where to play Sportstake 13 and Sportstake 8, let’s talk about the benefits of betting with a bookie. Because online betting sites make it easier to win more consistently and the odds are more in your favour. If you don’t have an online account yet, we’re going to help you make the move over from Sportstake to playing with South Africa’s leading bookmakers like Betway and Sportingbet so you can win more!

Why Use A Bookie And Not Sportstake?

When you’re just starting out, Sportstake is a good way to bet on soccer, but your options are very limited. What if you want to bet on other sports? What if you want to bet on just one team or the final score of the match? Then there’s also the Welcome Bonuses, Promotions and Features which you simply cannot take advantage if you use Sportstake to bet.

When you register an account with an online betting site like Betway or Sportingbet you can choose how much you want to spend and win. Want to bet R5 to win R10? No problem. Want to bet R1 to win R100 000? With a bookie you can do that too!

Here are just some of the many reasons why the benefits of using an online bookie are so much more than Sportstake:

  • More sports, leagues and matches available
  • Thousands of betting markets for each game.
  • Choose how many selections you take in one bet.
  • Cover multiple outcomes (e.g. Draw No Bet) in the same match without paying more.
  • Bigger payouts for the same bet size 99% of the time.
  • Welcome offers and other promotions.
  • Features like Cash Out, Edit My Bet and Bet Builder give you more control.

That’s not all though, we want to let you in on a little secret…

Take a look at the table above from the most recent round of Sportstake 8. It shows the week’s winners and how much they got paid out. Notice that the players who guessed 13 out of 16 outcomes correctly, won only R78.70! If you think about how hard it is to get 13 games right, the fact those players got such a small payout is not very fair. Even the players who guessed 14 out of 16 games correctly, won much less than R1000, and no one won the top prize at all!

With Sportstake, only around 50% of the money brought in from tickets gets distributed between the punters, and if lots of people win then the payout is small. But when you choose to place your bets online with a bookie, the fixed-odds payout is always guaranteed no matter what

And here’s the best part about playing with a bookie: If you take the R2 that you might’ve spent on a Sportstake 13 ticket and bet it on a 13-leg soccer accumulator with a bookmaker, you could win more money for predicting the same number of results correctly.

In the example below, we decided to bet on 13 upcoming fixtures in the English Premier League, the same as any week in a round of Sportstake 13. The odds we got for our soccer bet were 2902/1 and the potential payout was R6 677.21!

That’s a big payout for our sports bet, but also think about this:

  • We staked just R2 on our bet (we could also spend a bit more if we like)
  • We picked only the favourites in each match (this payout could be much bigger if we changed some of our bets)

This exact payout is guaranteed if we win (we could end up winning much less with Sportstake if other players also guess their matches correctly)

You probably now realise how much better a bookmaker can be than using Sportstake. Dive into our Ultimate Betting Guide which takes you step-by-step through the process of registering a sports betting account, placing bets and withdrawing your winnings. You will also learn all about how betting odds work, sports betting markets as well as how to play Live Games and Casino Games. We can’t wait for you to get started!

Any punters out there who’ve moved over from Sportstake to betting online at a bookmaker? We know which one gets our vote but we’d love to know how you think the two compare. Tell us in the comments below.

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