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Betway are one of the best online bookmakers in South Africa, thanks to features like bet builder, cash out, excellent odds as well as being one of the few betting sites that lets you share your betting codes with your friends. Sharing a Betway code with your friends or on a Facebook group or on Twitter allows them to follow the same bet with all the same selections that you have taken, which is much easier than having to manually input the teams from a screenshot or cooking a bet for yourself.

On this page we are going to be sharing our Betway soccer tips using Betway codes that you can follow yourself, or share with your friends. We’ll also be posting a screenshot of the bet we’ve taken along with the booking code, so you can decide if it’s a bet worth following or not. We can’t guarantee winnings codes, but we will do our best to cook some great tickets that will hopefully pick up some wins on Betway.

BSB Betway Betslip Code for Today

We’ll be posting our booking code tips below, all of which will be R1 bets, which is the minimum at Betway, you can bet with whatever wager you are comfortable with. We’ll be posting a mix of single bets and multi bet codes on a regular basis, all focused on big matches and leagues. These will be posted on a regular basis, generally we will have one code posted for midweek matches and one for the weekend. If we do hit any really big winners we’ll post those slips too. Remember to bet responsibly!

Betway Codes for Today

Below are our Betway soccer tips and their booking codes, you might need to refresh your browser to see the latest code. We’ll be posting an image of the betslip and below that will be the Betway booking code for the bet that you can copy. As always stake with what you can afford. We will only be posting R1 bet codes and bets that we think have a winning chance, and on occasion we might be taking more than one bet, which we’ll also post.

If there are no bets we like for the day then we won’t post a code. Also remember to cash out when you are happy with the winnings, as we use the Betway cash out feature often. You can view the latest Betway tips and code below;

Booking code X6773B0EA

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Betway Weekend Codes and Tips

Our Betway weekend codes and tips will be posted on a Friday, just in time for the weekend ahead. We’ll be dropping codes for both Saturday and Sunday, including Premier League codes, and codes for other major European Leagues.

Betway longshot bet of the day code

Every few days we’ll also be posting a long shot multi bet or accumulator, with much bigger odds than our usual bets, so that you can get a bigger return. We won’t be posting trains or too long odds though, only ones that have a shot at winning! You can view the latest Betway longshot bet tip and code below, and if there is nothing posted it means there were no good bets for the day;

Betway Beat the Odds Tips and Predictions

We love playing the Betway Beat the Odds free to play game, and our weekly selections can be found below;

Betway Soccer Betting Codes FAQ

Betway Codes Expired or Invalid

If the Betway booking code is invalid or expired then you’ll need to manually add the selections to your betslip.

How to use Betway Booking Codes

Naturally you’ll need to register a Betway account if you want to follow our tips, if you haven’t opened an account then click here to register with Betway before we get started with our booking code guide. When opening a new account use promo code BSBZA1 to let Betway know you’ve read this post!

how to use book a bet on betway

Its quick and easy to use a Betway booking code, you can follow the bets we’ve selected by copying the booking code, logging to your Betway account, clicking on betslip and pasting your code into the Booking Code section. The code will automatically load our selections into your betslip, where you can adjust your stake size and add or remove legs from the bet. The image above shows exactly where to paste the booking code.

More Betway codes on Twitter and Facebook

There are several tipsters who share betway codes on Twitter and on Facebook, we recommend joining our exclusive Betway Facebook Friends group where there are over 50,000 members who share their bets and codes on a daily basis. So check it out if you’re looking for a friendly and active community focused on betting and winning with Betway. You can also share any Betway codes for others to use in the comments below. Best of luck and lets boom together!

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