Sports Betting Tips South Africa – Tipsters to follow

We’ve complied a list of Sports Betting Tips websites and tipsters who we feel are worth following. So let’s have a look at who provides some of the best sports betting tips in South Africa. You’ll either find the best tips on tipping sites, Twitter, Facebook groups or on betting forum, all of which we’ll be covering below. We’ve also included handy links so you can follow any of the tipsters with a quick click.

Sports Betting Tipsters in South Africa



Typersi have a great range of soccer betting tips from expert punters. They rank their tipsters on efficiency, win record and contribution ranking. You’ll find daily tips for most soccer matches for free. A great site to check out if you are looking for a soccer bet. You can visit Typersi here.


Goodfothegame are a fantastic sport betting tip site. The best in South Africa without a doubt. They post daily betting previews for Rugby, Cricket, Soccer, Golf and more. We find their content to be knowledgeable and well written, definitely worth a read. They also have a forum where you can interact with some of South Africa’s best tipsters or post tips of your own. There is no drama on the GFTG forum either, just punters sharing knowledge while looking to make a profit.

African Betting Clan

African Betting Clan are the premium horse racing tipping forum. They cater more for those interested in horse racing and have a vibrant but sometimes dramatic forum where users share tips on upcoming races. They do have a section of the forum dedicated to sports but it’s not as comprehensive as GFTG’s Sports Betting one. If you are looking for horse racing tips then African Betting Clan is the place to go.

RSA Punter

RSA Punter is a South African Tipster who is very active on Twitter. He covers all sorts of sports at all times of the day and is a no nonsense bettor. He is also very honest when it comes to winning and losing bets and posts the results of both winners and losers. You’ve got to respect that, most tipsters don’t even both posting their losing bets. You can follow RSA Punter on Twitter.

Soccer Betting News

SBN are as their name suggests, a Soccer Betting preview site. They have a big following on twitter and have a fantastic site too. We like them because their content is fresh and regular, as well as being free! They not only offer previews and tips, they also have news, logs and player profiles which makes them diverse and interesting. Definitely worth checking them out here : You can also follow them on Twitter here :

The Money Man SA

The Money Man is a well known tipster from Sarugbymag who has a tipster page of his own. He’s been on some incredible runs in the past and when the Money Man gets hot he really murders the books. The Money Man SA also offers betting funds for South Africans to take part in, basically he’ll bet with the pooled funds and return a winning percentage to each punter in the fund. Currently there are 2 different Money Man funds to choose from.

We find him great for Rugby and American sports tip and he’s definitely worth following on Facebook:

Other notable tipsters worth following

Bookie Info

At Bookie Info you will find reviews, articles for the best online bookies & casinos and the latest news from the gambling industry, perfect for international punters.Give them a visit for the best casino and betting bonuses.

Betting Guide

While not formally a sports tipster site, Betting Guide do offer several guides and tips on how to make the most of your sports betting experience. They are highly recommended for bettors who are new to sports betting or for punters wanting some tips to improve.

Bet Games Online

Bet Games Online are a Betgames focused site who provide strategies and tips for the popular Betgames which can be found at most South African bookmakers. If you’re a fan of Betgames then the Betting Guide strategies and guides are worth a read.

Know any Tipsters?

If there are any tipsters or sports betting discussion forums you’d like to bring to our attention gives us a shout and we’d be happy to have a look at them, with the intention of including them on our tipsters list. We hope you found a few of the tipsters we mentioned useful, you can visit the Best Sports Betting home page for more on Sports Betting in South Africa.

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Max White
1 year ago

Thanks for sharing

3 years ago

Anybody had a look at Blogabet ? They do worldwide across all sports, they also track the tipsters performance. It’s… Read more »

4 years ago

You should add the moneyman on facebook to this list, he’s amazing with nfl and rugby tips.

4 years ago

Not a fan of African betting clan. They are so full of themselves and good discussion is as rare as… Read more »