Soccer 15 Tips and Predictions (Soccer Any 15)

Soccer 15, also known as Soccer Any 15,  is a soccer result prediction game offered by TAB which seeks to make soccer weekends very exciting. It brings entertainment value to a market that already has other similar products such as Sportstake 13, Soccer 10 and others.

With Soccer Any 15, punters have an opportunity to win massive rewards by correct prediction the results of 15 matches which are selected from a pool of 30 game options from both local and international leagues. In this article, we take a detailed look at the offerings, the applicable rules, the method of game play, and general tips associated with this game.

How to bet on Soccer Any 15

Playing the game of Soccer Any 15 is very simple and straightforward as it takes some elements from other TAB games. The punter is given an option to select matches from a pool of 30 matches in both local and international leagues.

It is necessary to choose a total of 15 matches only out of these 30. A prediction of the outcome between two teams, Team A (normally home team) and B, is made by the player. The possible outcomes from each match are selected as the following:

• Team A win
• Draw
• Team B win

Punters have a choice to play single or multiple entry tickets. For single entry options, there is only one selected result per fixture which is selected among Team A win, Draw or Team B win. Every single entry will cost the punter R1.

Things also get more interesting should one decide to make multiple entries in the ticket, i.e. selecting a few possible outcomes for each leg on the ticket. Of course, the required stake also becomes bigger as there will now be several varying possible combinations. To make this easier for punters to understand, TAB has included a simple calculation tool useful for this application as shown above.

Soccer any 15 can be played in a TAB outlet, and it is required to make use of the Soccer any 15-bet slip available in the shop.

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Soccer Any 15 Tips and Predictions

Soccer 15 is an incredibly difficult game to consistently win with. You’re betting on the outcome of 15 matches which is a challenge to any punter. We’ll be posting our Soccer 15 Tips twice a week and encourage punters to use our Soccer any 15 tips and predictions as a base or comparison for their own picks. Remember to be conservative when making your predictions, as getting 15 match correctly predicted can very profitable if you stake low. Our soccer 15 tips;

You can view through the latest Soccer 15 fixtures from Tab below The top picks of the weekend are compiled into a list of 30 matches for punters to choose from. You can play Soccer 15 every Saturday at a TAB store or via one of the online platforms previously mentioned. We’ll be posting the latest Soccer 15 fixtures as soon as they are released.

How to win at Soccer 15

Winning in Soccer Any 15 requires the correct prediction of the result the 15 selected matches. Preference on prize winning is first given to either 14 or 15 correct predictions. Other lower winning prediction such as 13, 12 and 11 correct predictions will be considered if these upper categories fail to win anything. The winners are classified into pools, and prizes are awarded as follows:

  • 70 % of the prize money is allocated to those who correctly predict the results of 15 matches. This prize is equally split amongst all players who would have made the correct predictions. If there are no 15 correct predictions, this amount is carried over to the 70 % portion of the Soccer 10 pool.
  • 30 % of the pool entries are allocated to those who correctly predict 14 of 15 matches. If there is no winner, this whole 30 % is carried forward to 13 or 12, etc if there remains no winner.

Soccer Any 15 Tips

As with any other betting games, there is a structured approach required if a player is to realise any meaningful chances of making long term wins. The tips one may apply to this game include the following:

Research – The is no substitute for doing thorough research on the teams on each league, and eventually to select the ones where you have the highest amount of confidence. The good thing is Soccer Any 15 allows the punter to select from a pool of 30 matches, so there is a wide option of teams/leagues to select from. The research should involve player injuries, upcoming fixtures, referee and any other team news

Stake management – it would be better to stick to one prediction for each leg as this reduces the number of combinations, and ultimately keeps the stake at a minimum. The chances of winning are low, but one may win big should they make correct predictions for only a R1 entry!

Only stick to familiar leagues and teams – those who have been betting long enough know the importance of sticking to well-known leagues and teams, as each has its own characteristics. Some leagues have a tendency of having the home team almost always winning, all this info should be known.


To get the latest results you’ll need to head over to either the official TAB site or the Soccer 15 site. Once there search for S15 and click on results and payouts to view the latest results.

Play Soccer Today

Soccer Any 15 is an interesting game that has been introduced recently by TAB involving the correct prediction of the results of 15 matches selected from a total of 30. The game is played every Saturday and offers punters massive chances to win loads of money for as little as R1 per entry.

It varies from other similar games in that players have an option on selecting only 15 teams from a choice of 30. For those wishing to enjoy a long odds game with massive potential winnings from only a small stake, then this game is highly recommended.

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