Hollywoodbets Soccer Tips – Everything You Need To Start Betting

Soccer is the world’s most popular sport, so it’s no surprise that more bets get placed every day on Hollywoodbets soccer than any other sport. With matches taking place almost every minute of the day in leagues from Europe, Africa, Asia and elsewhere, there’s a high demand for reliable soccer betting sites and Hollywoodbets soccer tips.

At Hollywoodbets, you can make your predictions on matches in the English Premier League, PSL, La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga and more leagues worldwide. For every match, there are hundreds of different bets to choose from. You can bet on games one at a time or put up to 15 matches together in an accumulator and go for the big win! Open an account at Hollywoodbets now and get R25 FREE!

Betting on Soccer with Hollywoodbets

Keep reading to learn more about Hollywoodbets soccer betting, how odds and soccer bets work, the best soccer betting sites, Jika Sports soccer and Hollywoodbets soccer tips to help you win.

How Do I Start a Hollywood Account?

  • Go to the Hollywoodbets website on your desktop or mobile to start the sign-up process.
  • Click the green Register Now button in the top right of your screen.
  • Fill in your details on the registration form (first name, surname, ID/Passport number, gender, cell number, email, physical address and password).
  • Tick the boxes and agree to the Hollywoodbets Terms and Conditions.
  • Enter the account or mobile number of the person who referred you (if applicable).
  • Enter the code in the green box and click or tap Submit. You will receive your account details via SMS.

 Having trouble? Read our Hollywoodbets registration guide.

How Do I Bet Soccer On Hollywoodbets Online?

  • Go to Hollywoodbets and select Soccer from the menu on the left side.
  • Select the country of the league you want to bet on (e.g. England). You can also choose Today’s Betting for all current matches, Simulated Leagues, Electronic Leagues, Same Match Bet Builder and Price Boosts.
  • Select the division you want to bet on (e.g. Premier League).
  • Click the match you want to bet on (e.g. Man Utd vs Arsenal).
  • Click the market you want to bet on (e.g. Fixed – Full Time).
  • Click the drop-down menu and make your selection.
  • Click Bet to send your selection to the betslip.
  • Enter your stake and click Submit.

Soccer Betting Markets and Terms on Hollywoodbets

What Is 1×2 Soccer Betting?

The 1×2 market in soccer betting just means who will win the match. For this bet, you must predict whether the home team will win (1), the away team will win (2) or the match will end in a draw (X). This includes injury/stoppage time, but not extra time (if any is played).

What Is Full Time In Soccer Betting?

Full time soccer betting is where you bet on what the result will be at the end of 90 minutes plus injury/stoppage time. In tournament or play-off matches where additional time is possible, the full time market does not include extra time or penalties.

How Do Soccer Bets Work on Hollywoodbets?

There are many different bets you can place on Hollywoodbets soccer, depending on what you think will happen in the match. Some betting markets take only the match winner into account while others are about individual players and events happening in certain periods of the match. Among a whole host of options, some popular Hollywood soccer bets also include goalscorers and the final score.

Match Winner / Match Result

For a Match Winner bet, choose either Team 1 to win the match, Team 2 to win the match, or X if you predict the match will be a draw. This bet is settled after 90 minutes plus injury/stoppage time, so any goals scored during extra time or penalties won’t count.

Draw No Bet

In this bet, there’s no option for a draw in the match. You can either bet on Team 1 or Team 2 to win. If your team wins, the payout is less than for a Match Winner bet but you get your money back if it’s a draw.

Double Chance

With a Double Chance bet, you get paid out if your team wins or draws the match. However, the odds are reduced so your winnings are smaller than with a Draw No Bet or Match Winner.

Over/Under Total Goals

This is a bet on whether there will be more or less total goals than the given number in the match (e.g. 2.5) To win your bet, the match must finish with over or under this number of goals.

Goal Handicap

In the handicap market, your team begins the game with either a head start or a goal deficit depending on their ability. To win the bet, your team must have overcome the handicap after adding or subtracting goals from the final score.

Both Teams to Score

Choose whether both teams will score in the match or not. Your bet is on either ‘Yes’ both teams will score, or ‘No’ both teams will not score in 90 minutes. 

Correct Score

Predict the final score in the match after 90 minutes. This market does not include extra time or penalties. 

Anytime Goalscorer

Anytime goalscorer bets let you predict which player will score in the match for either team.

What Is The Best Soccer Market To Bet On?

Choosing the best Hollywoodbets soccer to bet on depends on your preferences and what you think will happen in the match. If you think your team is going to win a close match then the Match Winner might be your best bet. If you think the game won’t be tight at all, then take a goal handicap bet for bigger odds. If you predict lots of goals in the match, then Over 2.5 goals is a good choice. Your options for Hollywoodbets soccer betting are endless!

One fun soccer bet we’ve been winning a lot with lately is the 1st 10 minutes market at Hollywoodbets, check out our video here.

What Is In-Play Soccer Betting?

In-play or live soccer betting involves placing bets once the match is already underway. The odds you get will depend on the score and what has already happened by the time you place your bet.

How To Use Hollywoodbets Same Match Bet Builder

Hollywoodbets Same Match Bet Builder is a soccer betting feature which allows you to combine selections from the same match into an accumulator for a bigger return. You can predict the match winner and total number of goals or choose to combine bets on free kicks and corners. There are hundreds of different options available!

  • Log in to your Hollywoodbets account.
  • Select Soccer from the menu on the left side.
  • Click Same Match Bet Builder.
  • Click Football (this is your only option).
  • Choose the football league you want to bet on.
  • Select the match of your choice.
  • From the horizontal menu, select either Popular, Match, Teams or Players depending on which bets you want to combine.
  • Find your favourite markets and click them for betting options.
  • Find your bet and click Add Selection to add it to your list.
  • When you’re done adding bets, click the green Add To Betslip button.
  • Go to your betslip, enter your stake and click Submit.

Watch our video on how to use the Hollywoodbets Same Match Bet Builder.

How Do Betting Odds Work In Soccer?

Odds represent the probability of an event happening in Hollywoodbets soccer or any other betting market. They also help you calculate how much money you will get back if your bet wins. For example, if you place a bet at odds of 5/1, for every R1 you bet, you will win R5 plus get your R1 stake back. 

What Are The Best Soccer Betting Sites In SA?

Soccer is so popular that you can place bets on matches with just about any betting site. We like the selection of markets available at Hollywoodbets which include all the popular bets like Match Winner, Over/Unders, Correct Score, Draw No Bet, Double Chance and Both Teams To Score. There are also plenty of other exotic bets to choose from such as First goalscorer, Win To Nil, HT/FT, Last Team To Score and Multiscores at Hollywoodbets.

How To Play Hollywoodbets Fantasy Soccer 

Hollywoodbets Fantasy Soccer combines the traditional fantasy sports experience with fixed-odds betting. Punters get to build their own fantasy soccer teams from players in either the English Premier League or Champions League. Take bets on how many points your team will score that week and get bigger odds for correctly predicting they will perform better overall. More details here.

Hollywoodbets Soccer Tips

To predict soccer matches and win at betting, you shouldn’t rely only on luck or even Hollywoodbets soccer tips on their own. You might win a few bets this way but to be more consistent, use analyse statistics and results. The kind of data you can use to predict football matches includes ball possession, shots on target, corner kicks, dangerous attacks and much more. 

If you have time on your hands, you can then dig deeper into metrics like expected goals. While these statistics are not completely predictive of player and team performance, this information will give you a better idea of what to expect in the next match and help you make smarter bets. 

What is a Good Soccer Betting Strategy?

If you’re wondering how you can win more with soccer betting, the answer is to use a strategy and stick with it. To test if your strategy is working, you need to keep doing it repeatedly and see if you get the same result. If you change your strategy too often, you won’t know with any certainty whether what you’re doing is having any real impact on the results you get.

For example, if you decide to bet against all EPL teams playing away from home with odds smaller than EVS (2.0) then you must bet against these teams at least 100 times before you decide whether your strategy is working or not. 

How To Play Jika Sports Soccer?

Jika Soccer is a virtual sports betting game for fans of the English Premier League. Every few minutes, there’s a new virtual soccer match to bet on with all your favourite markets available. Playing Jika soccer is like watching a highlights reel with only the most consequential plays of the match included, except nobody knows what’s going to happen next. This is Hollywoodbets soccer betting on steroids… Watch our video and learn to play Jika Soccer!

What Is Simulated Reality Soccer?

The Simulated Reality League (SRL) is a virtual soccer league that offers pre-match and in-play betting options. The games are virtually simulated matches that mimic real leagues from around the world, including fixtures and kick-off times. The games are based on historical data from over 500 000 football matches. Betting on the SRL is very similar to a normal soccer match with almost as many markets available. Simply find the bet you like and click the odds. 

What Is Electronic League Soccer?

Electronic Leagues consist of a range of players from professional soccer players to Esports professionals competing in games like FIFA or Pro Evolution Soccer on consoles like the PS4 and Xbox. The rules are almost identical to professional soccer but the matches last only 12 minutes. From exhibition games to the FIFA eWorld Cup, Electronic leagues offer a completely new way to bet on soccer games. What’s more, you can review results and statistics from previous matches and tournaments to help inform your bets.

How Does HollySixa Work?

HollySixa is an exciting Pick Six game where the prize pool is divided between Hollywoodbets customers only. Winning punters get paid out at the combined odds of the starting prices (SP) of all the fixtures in the pool. Punters can even choose more than one outcome in a match (e.g. home win and draw; away win and draw; home win and away win). The total prize money depends on how many people enter every week and the cost of a Holly Sixa ticket is determined by the number of options taken across your bet.

How Do I Refer A Friend On Hollywoodbets?

You can make some extra money on Hollywoodbets by sharing the love. Get your friends betting with you on Hollywoodbets using the Refer-A-Friend feature and earn R50 for every new customer that signs up and deposits.

  • Login to your Hollywoodbets Mobile Account
  • Click Account.
  • Click Refer-A-Friend.
  • Enter your friend’s cell number and click Submit.
  • Once your friend has deposited R50 or more into their account and placed bets with their full deposit and the R25 sign up bonus, your account will be credited with a R50 free bet.

Hollywoodbets is hands-down our favourite sites for soccer betting in South Africa. With pre-match and live betting markets available for professional leagues like the EPL as well as virtual Jika Soccer, simulated reality soccer and electronic soccer leagues to play, there’s something for everyone at Hollywoodbets! 

Want to know more about other sites for betting on soccer in South Africa? Here’s our list of recommended soccer betting sites.

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