Soccer Betting Tips – Improve your betting results

The popularity of soccer makes it not only the most widely followed and publicized sport, but also the most punted game in the world. For the same reason, soccer betting tips are in high demand and we’re here to help you understand all the different markets around them!

Soccer betting in South Africa

From the earliest days of bookmaking, soccer betting and horse racing has been available to punters. But before the days of the Internet, everyone had to wait patiently in line and take their bets at the window. And you guessed it, there were no soccer betting tips around!

Back then, bookies couldn’t adjust their odds fast enough to offer more than a handful of markets for soccer betting. Today we’re spoilt and have over 100 markets to choose from in any soccer match. What a time to be alive as a punter!

There are several bookmaker that offer a top class sports betting experience with great features like Cash Out, Edit my bet and more, most bookmakers also offer a welcome bonus so that new customers can get right into betting on soccer. Some of our recommended bookmakers are listed below;

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  • Betway – R25 Free Bet on registration, Cash Out, Bet Boosts and In play soccer betting

Soccer Betting Markets

Now let’s take a look at some of the most common soccer betting markets to help you place bets with those soccer betting tips you can’t wait to try out!

Match Result

This is the most common betting market in soccer. Select either Team 1 to win the match, Team 2 to win the match, or X if you predict the match will end in a draw. Most bookies will settle this bet based on the result after 90 minutes, so the final result after any added extra time usually won’t matter.

Draw No Bet

Similar to a Match Result, except for this bet there is no option for the draw. You can either bet on Team 1 to win, and if it’s a draw you get your money back. Or you can bet on Team 2 to win, and if it’s a draw you get your money back. The price of this insurance you have against the draw, is that when the team you bet on wins, your payout is slightly less than if you bet on a Match Result.

Double Chance

Double Chance is the same as a Draw No Bet except you win if the team you bet on draws the match instead of just getting your stake back. The only downside is that the odds are slightly reduced, so your winnings are less than if you take a Draw No Bet on the same team, and even less than if you bet on a Match Result.

Over/Under Total Goals

Bet on whether you think there will be more or less total goals than the given number in the match. This number could be anything between about 2.5 and 5.5 goals. To win your bet, the match must finish with over/under your chosen number of goals. This a good bet to take if you think the match will be either high or low scoring.

Both Teams to Score

Have you ever noticed how so many soccer games end with one team having scored all the goals? Well, if you think one team is going to destroy the other while keeping a clean sheet, or that both teams are so bad it’s unlikely they will both find the net, then here’s the bet for you. Simply choose whether both teams will score in the match or not. Your bet is on either ‘Yes’ both teams will score, or ‘No’ both teams will not score in 90 minutes.

Correct Score

Predict the final score after 90 minutes of any soccer match. Correct score betting is a lot of fun… sometimes you just get that 2-1 feeling or a game has 5-0 written all over it. With so many possible final scores, the pay-off for landing one of these bets can be huge, especially if you predict a very high-scoring game and you get it right.

Goal Scorer

We all have that favourite player we just love to watch scoring goals. Yes, I’m looking at you Kun Aguero! Goal scorer soccer bets give you the opportunity to decide which players will score in any match. There are different goal-scorer bets which allow you to choose whether your player scores the first goal of the match, scores a goal anytime, and sometimes even how many goals they will score in total.

In-Play Betting Markets

If you don’t already know, there is a whole other world of soccer bets you can take while the game is already underway, called in-play betting. Some of these markets are the same as pre-match and others are specific to live betting. 

When your pre-match bets are not going your way, or you just want to get more money down on a match, in-play betting is the answer. You might see a betting opportunity such as the favourite under performing, or a player who’s on fire and looks destined to score!

One example of a soccer market which is exclusive to in-play betting is the ‘Who Wins the Rest of the Match’ market. The score is reset to 0-0 and you bet on which team will win the match from the moment you place your bet until the 90 minutes are up.

Build A Bet

Build A Bet is a really cool feature by Sportingbet and Hollywoodbets that allows you to combine selections from the same match into a single bet. Sometimes when you combine the bets you want within the same soccer match, you get an error in your betslip. Build A Bet lets you create your own multibets from different markets within the same soccer match so you can get a bigger return.

Make your Soccer Bets a Success

Nobody wants to lose a bet when they think they’ve won. That’s why it’s always important to double check the terms and conditions for each soccer betting market before placing your bet. Not all bookies have the same rules for these markets, so remember to get familiar with the rules before hitting that ‘Place bet’ button!

Soccer Betting Tips for South Africans

There are several factors punters should consider when placing a soccer bet. These are more general tips to help improve the return of your soccer bets. There are also several resources that punters can take advantage of, such as Soccer Prediction sites that assist with statistics and bet planning.

Team Form

Always check the form and recent performances of the team. If available, read the recent match reports to see how the match went and if the result reflects the match stats.

Home and Away Records

Check for soccer teams home and away statistics and record. Some teams play better at home ground, some play better away. It’s generally a good idea to back a strong home team but the odds will usually be in their favour and returns not as high as backing underdogs.

Head to head Stats

Another important Soccer Betting tip is to check the teams record against each other. Some teams perform better against teams and lift their performance for the match. Don’t go too far back though, as stats from more than 2 years ago are almost useless. Rather focus on the last few games played within a 2 year period.

Team news

Team news can make or break a soccer bet. Always be sure always to check for injuries and suspensions for the sides involved in the match. One side could be missing a key player which might give you an edge in the betting department.

Match Schedule

Punters should also have a look at how both sides match schedule has been. If there are many matches taking place in a short period of time you might want to consider your bet, as many sides field weaker teams to rest players, or players are simply tired and don’t perform.

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