Bookmakers Email Response Time Tested

With the growth of online betting in South Africa more emails are being sent to bookmakers than ever before. So we decided to see which bookmakers still offer a quick and helpful response to emails, as customer service is still a very important part of the betting experience. We’ve selected what we believe are 5 of the biggest and busiest bookmakers in the South African market, just to keep the playing field more open.

Bookmakers Tested

The above are a good mix of established bookmakers with huge bases and newer bookmakers with fast growing bases. It’s also important to note that all of the selected bookmakers have retail branches too, which may or may not affect the results.

Hollywoodbets for example are the largest bookmaker in South Africa, but they’re also established and have a massive user base to care for. Where as a bookmaker like Supabets is newer but also incredibly popular, so their customer service teams might not be able to handle the growth, all our own speculation of course. We’ll have more bookmakers in Part 2, where we’ll also do some broader comparisons.

The email

We sent an email from our personal account asking a simple question : To which email address should I send my FICA documents to? We used “Fica Question” as the title to the mail, to help speed up the processing and assignment of the mail.

We sent the mails to the bookmakers between 15:41 – 15:45 on Thursday 2 May 2019. The timing was intentionally in the afternoon, as that’s usually when there is a backlog as we really wanted to test the real response time. We used the following email addresses as listed by the bookmakers on their respective sites.

The Results

We did not take automated response emails as an answered email, we only accepted responses answering the question directly from a customer service representative. We are measuring the response time against 4 hours, which seems to be a good length of time, as mentioned in this article. Let’s move on to the full results.

1. Supabets

Supabets response time : 1 minute

Supabets were by far the fastest, replying in 1 Minute. Incredible considering they’ve had a reputation for poor service in the past, but this clearly shows they’re addressing that. The response was also from a customer service rep (not automated) and credit to them for responding so fast. They’ve really impressed us by coming out on top in this test.

2. Betting World

Betting World response time : 10 Minutes

Betting World came in at a blisteringly fast 10 minutes. We expected to wait a little longer but were very surprised when the response came in so early. We’re not sure they’re as busy as Hollywood or Supabets, but credit to them for a great response time.

3. World Sports Betting

World Sports Betting response time : 11 Minutes

World Sports Betting was just 1 minute off Betting World’s time. We’ve always had good service at WSB with regards to account queries and it’s impressive that they managed an 11 Minute reply. They get an extra pat on the back for looking up my email and including my account number in their response, had they not done that they might have beaten Betting World but we personally prefer the inclusion.

4. Hollywoodbets

Hollywoodbets Response Time : 3 Hours 46 Minutes

Hollywoodbets managed a respectable 3 Hours 46 Minutes. While it might look bad compared to the bookmakers above it’s still within the 4 Hours we laid out as a benchmark. Hollywoodbets are definitely the busiest of all the bookmakers so this gives them a little leeway, but we’d like to see them improve that time regardless.

5. Betxchange

Betxchange response time : N/A

At the time this article was published there was no reply from Betxchange after 17 Hours. We’re not sure if the mail is going to be unanswered or if they’ll reply. If they do respond this will be updated but it’s sad to say Betxchange were by far the slowest to respond. We’re not sure why it’s taken them so long as we’ve generally had good service there in the past.

Part 1 Conclusion

We were very surprised to find that we got excellent service from most of the bookmakers tested. Supabets coming out on top was the biggest shock with Betting World, WSB and Hollywoodbets all achieving more than acceptable results. We expected more from Betx who really should be doing better, but for now this shows us that service at the bigger bookmakers is actually still very good.

While a Fica email is not the toughest request, it was one that gave the bookmakers the fastest opportunity to respond. We’re glad 80% of them did so within an good time period, but let’s see how Part 2 will measure up to Part 1’s lofty standards. We’ll be compiling all the data into a graph at the conclusion of Part 2.

Which bookmakers do you think give the best and worst email service? Let us know in the comments below.


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