1. Betxchangealso cheat me bro they r broke the don’t want to pay punters who won I won 98000 they canceled my bets which I won 3 months before

    1. Best Sports Betting says:

      Have you contacted the Western Cape Gaming Board? If not you should lodge a complaint with them to try get your funds returned.

  2. Tazllllll says:

    If u loose then it’s fine but if u win u can’t get up winning they will said u place the bet after event

  3. Tazllllll says:

    Customer service wint solve ur prbken they can cancel any bet anytime I face this matter

  4. Tazllllll says:

    Don’t ever play on betxchange

  5. Zandile Shabangu says:

    Good Evening

    Kindly advise the steps on.jow to play this xchange
    Please provide steps by steps

  6. Teboho moses Mokoena says:

    Help me with my passwords

  7. Newbie_Punter says:

    Hi. I have been disappointed with them since the site makeover. Ok granted the old site was not much to look at but the pricing on soccer used to be better than WSB. Not anymore. Can’t really speak for other sports though as I’m more of a soccer person. Can we maybe have a review of soccer pricing and which book offers the best value? I’d be willing to contribute to the piece. And not just talking about the high in demand leagues like the English Premiership lets look at pricing on lesser known leagues too.

    Coming back to Betx: another thing I dont like all the additional “fluff” that loads when sometimes loading a soccer division to see the match list. WSB is by far the best on this count. All match lists are seen on the country level. The other books can learn a few things from this efficient layout. Just click on England and it loads all related matches.

    1. Best Sports Betting says:

      Yes it’s alot harder to get to the league you want and most sites aren’t making correct use of coupons which can make it a long click journey to find what you are looking for! We’ll see if we can squeeze a article on the most competitive soccer betting odds in, hopefully have something up during the course of the week!

  8. DO NOT USE BETCHANGE. They are useless. They changed thier username and accounts and I can’t login. They don’t answer the phones and the chat is beyond useless. Their forgot password doesnt work so I cannot access my account. Stay away.

  9. I won 9/10 games on a bet does that mean I won a percentage or do I need to when all 10 games on that ticket?

    1. Best Sports Betting says:

      Yeah you need to win all the games on a ticket. If one loses the ticket loses.

  10. Dayan Simon says:

    I bet at few south african betting sites and Betxchange has by far the worst loyalty rewards system of them all. Their mobile site has also place plenty of wrong bets that cost me thousands of rands and the not even reply to queries I have logged about it.

    1. Best Sports Betting says:

      They usually give out loyalty points in July and in December, also it’s worth giving them a call and asking for a bonus, has worked for us in the past.
      However you are right, the loyalty program ain’t great. What type of wrong bets did you place on mobi?

  11. Mokgonyana says:

    How can I get airtime

    1. Best Sports Betting says:

      At a shop?

  12. Karabo Medupe says:

    Hello my name is karabo Medupe and ive made my first deposit of R100 but havent recieved my bonus after opening and depositing
    Looking forward to your reply.

    Kind regards
    Karabo Medupe

  13. Hi i just opened an account and would like to know where can i buy recharge vouchers

  14. I’m just opened an account and deposited R300 how do I claim my bonus for my first deposit?

    1. Best Sports Betting says:

      Hi Lebajoa, you need to email Betxchange support to claim the bonus

  15. I have deposited money in ky betxchange account but it still say i have R0,00

    1. Best Sports Betting says:

      Hi Zodwa,

      What deposit method did you use?
      Some deposit methods like eft can take longer to reflect on your account. Give Betx a call with your account number and they’ll be able to sort you out.

  16. Hai how can i deposit money in my betxchange account using cash, what do i write as my reference?

    1. Best Sports Betting says:

      You generally use your account number (Betx Account) as a reference. I’d give them a call to confirm this though.

  17. im struggling to access my account and since i deposited R100 on the 28/12/2016 but up until now its not reflecting

    1. Best Sports Betting says:

      Have tried giving Betxchange a call on their customer line?

  18. A good balanced write up. I agree the site is just painful. Conflict resolution with Betx has improved immensely. At one stage I even asked them to close my account but in the last 2 years ( at least for me ) they have really jacked up this aspect of their business.
    Promos are good but they rarely advertise them. Got to go look for yourself and then let them know if you took a promo bet which I find painful.
    Site has improved but the layout and speed of it needs work.
    Betx are not afraid to put up odds and Stick to them unlike another book already reviewed here which I will not name.
    Get their markets up early.
    Overall it’s a good book and I am glad I didn’t close the account at the time.

  19. MugPunter says:

    8.5? You must be joking. Terrible load times. Take forever to result live in-play bets and you can’t take in-play multiples. “We lead, others follow” – god help us all.

    1. Best Sports Betting says:

      Hi MugPunter,

      We agree on the slow in play resulting but haven’t had any issues with the load times. What platform are you using? Thanks for bringing up the in-play multiples, we were not aware of that. A few more complaints and we’ll definitely have a look at changing the rating.

      1. MugPunter says:

        Normally operating on desktop/laptop and it takes a fair bit of patience to place any sort of accumulator bet. Having said that, their prices (especially on horseracing) are some of the most competitive around. Guess you have to take the good with the bad…

        1. Best Sports Betting says:

          Agreed MugPunter, in this case there is alot more good than bad, especially compared to where they were a few years back. Still improvements to be made but they are definitely a go to bookmaker.

          1. Hi. Does betxchange still offer start up bonus? And do they give bonus to a person who is birthdaying

          2. Best Sports Betting says:


            You need to deposit to activate the initial bonus, once you’ve used that then you can claim the average wager bonus.
            We’re not sure if they have a birthday bonus like other bookmakers.

          3. And how does start up bonus really wor?

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