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Betxchange are one of the most established South African online betting websites. Started and owned by Keith Ho in 1988 they have a wealth of experience and knowledge, which they have transferred to an online platform. Betxchange run on the Turfsport software and while it’s not the best it’s pretty solid all round. Betxchange claim to have the largest in play offering in the country but we have not verified this ourselves. Betxchange currently offer a R500 first deposit bonus and well as a fantastic start up bonus that we’ll get into shortly. Let’s move onto our Betxchange review.


Betxchange have undergone something of a renaissance in the past few years. The previous site was something out of the 1990’s and was an absolute nightmare to navigate. The new or should we say current, Betxchange site is a work of art compared to its predecessor.  We’re not sure what drove Betxchange to change their site, whether it was punter pressure or necessary for growth we’ll never know. The site is laid out in a fashion similar to a Bettech one, but not as cluttered and does not require as much scrolling. The mobile site is typically Turfsport but we like it that way and it works very well.

Betxchange are popular with many South African punters due to their competitive odds and early pricing. They are often a first spot for a punter wanting to get his money down early on rugby, cricket or football. While this is great they do however seem to be a bit slow when it comes to more exotic sports like American Football and the like. This could be due to the small size of the market but it is a notable mention.


Besides sports Betxchange also offer Lotto Lucky numbers and several variations of Lucky numbers, something that is growing in popularity in South Africa. They’re also one of the few South African bookmakers to offer spread betting and more importantly spread betting on local matches, I’m sure there are scores of punters who appreciate this inclusion. Let’s move onto some of their promotions.

When it comes to promotions Betxchange are kings. Very few match their initial and general offers. There are simply too many to mention, so check this link out if you’d like to have a look for yourself.

There is one promotion worth mentioning for new bettors so we’ll cover that instead of the usual money back offerings.

Promotions :

Start up Bonus : The stake of your first 5 losing bets (priced at over 9/10) will be added together and divided by 5. This average amount will be credited to your BetXchange account.

This is a fantastic offer that you will not find anywhere else. You are basically getting one free bet for the average of 5 losing bets. So you’d better made your first 5 bets big ones otherwise you’d be stuck with a lousy bonus if they all lose!

Another aspect that BetX have nailed is their involvement in betting community. They sponsor several Superbru groups and give away loads of prizes for rugby, soccer etc. The requirements are that you have to have a BetX account in order to win but that’s a small price to pay considering what is on offer.


We’ve been signing their praises since the start of the review but there are a few things about Betxchange that we are not the biggest fans of. It’s mostly to do with their lack of a live chat service and the quality of their call centre staff, we’ve spent (wasted) many hours trying to resolve a simple query. Our other gripe is there are occasionally market errors on the site. The average punter won’t pick these up but more experienced ones will and then proceed to place a bet that after tears will be voided. Another is the size of the sign on offer, it’s just not big enough to impress us. We’d like to see it bumped up to a R1000 match or something similar.

Sports Offered :

American football, Aussie rules, baseball, basketball, boxing, cricket, cycling, darts, futsal, golf, Greece power number, handball, horse racing, ice hockey, lotto lucky number, lucky letters, lucky numbers multiple, mixed martial arts(MMA), motor sports, power number, rugby league, rugby union, snooker, soccer, soccer 66, special events, spreads and more.

Overall Experience :

Betxchange are a rare example of a bookie getting right, nearly perfect actually. The overall experience is a great one and you’ll find everything you need at Betxchange. Yes there are one or two minor issues but they don’t detract from the overall experience. You should certainly should have an account at BetX who have a “We lead, others follow” motto for a good reason.

Sign on Bonus Rating : 6/10

Overall Rating : 8.5/10


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Dayan Simon

I bet at few south african betting sites and Betxchange has by far the worst loyalty rewards system of them all. Their mobile site has also place plenty of wrong bets that cost me thousands of rands and the not even reply to queries I have logged about it.


How can I get airtime

Karabo Medupe

Hello my name is karabo Medupe and ive made my first deposit of R100 but havent recieved my bonus after opening and depositing
Looking forward to your reply.

Kind regards
Karabo Medupe


Hi i just opened an account and would like to know where can i buy recharge vouchers


I’m just opened an account and deposited R300 how do I claim my bonus for my first deposit?


I have deposited money in ky betxchange account but it still say i have R0,00


Hai how can i deposit money in my betxchange account using cash, what do i write as my reference?


im struggling to access my account and since i deposited R100 on the 28/12/2016 but up until now its not reflecting

A good balanced write up. I agree the site is just painful. Conflict resolution with Betx has improved immensely. At one stage I even asked them to close my account but in the last 2 years ( at least for me ) they have really jacked up this aspect of their business. Promos are good but they rarely advertise them. Got to go look for yourself and then let them know if you took a promo bet which I find painful. Site has improved but the layout and speed of it needs work. Betx are not afraid to put up… Read more »

8.5? You must be joking. Terrible load times. Take forever to result live in-play bets and you can’t take in-play multiples. “We lead, others follow” – god help us all.