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Betxchange have gone through a major change by leaving Turfsport and taking on Betologic as their primary software provider. The current Betxchange website went live early December 2017 and we’re going to have a look at it in our refreshed Betxchange review. If you’d like to read our review of the old Betxchange website click here.

First off we’re glad that Betxchange decided to do a major face lift, as one area they have struggled with in the past is having a user friendly website. They’ve mostly achieved this with their site and it’s a most welcome change. Let’s dig a little deeper in our review.

The Landing Page

The Betxchange landing page is quite breathtaking and they’ve really done a good job on it. It’s colourful and simple while still managing to have a slick look about it. It’s miles ahead of their old landing page so right off the bat they have hit a home run. The main navigation options are Sports, In-play, Lotto, Tote and Sportal but no lucky numbers. Considering the growth of lucky numbers in South Africa a quick link would be a no brainer but they haven’t included one here.

Betxchange Login

Another interesting omission is a login button. Currently the only way to login is to enter a section of the site or click the registration button and login from there. A minor inconvenience but one never the less.

Layout and User Experience

Once you’re actually in the sports section of the Betxchange website you are greeted with a great menu and some more lovely visuals. They’ve done a superb job with the design and layout of the site and gone are the days of searching and searching for the market you want to bet on. It’s now just a few clicks away.

We also quite like the modular feel to the site, this will allow Betxchange to slot in different banners, specials, markets etc where and whenever they like, making for a more dynamic website. Everything is where you need it with the expection of credit card deposits, we are not sure what happened here as it’s very difficult to actually find the deposit with credit card option. For now we’ll assume that it’s due to the new software being rolled out, and while frustrating we are happy to wait and see if they change this.

Betx Mobile

The Betxchange mobile site is much improved and is now much easier to navigate. The mobile site is a mobile version of the full website (Duh!) in the sense that the feeling and layout are the same. It’s one of the strengths of the new Betologic software and we quite like it. Gone are the days where going back takes you nowhere, phew!

Areas of improvement

The first thing you’ll notice is that they now have a live chat option, which is great but once you click to minimize it the chat box cannot be maximized without going through a few clicks. If you look at a site like Clickabet you’ll notice that the chat window is always there but out of the way and quick to maximize. Let’s hope that Betxchange bring in the same change.

There are a few small issues on the mobile site, things like your accumulator balance/payout not updating when you put the amount in, it only updates once you press done. Very minor but noticeable when compared to other products.

Pending Bets

Our biggest issue with the site is the fact that some bets do not go through directly and are instead put into a “Pending status”. Something that Supabets and their subsidiaries have been doing which we think is completely unfair to the punter. We had to wait over 30 min for one of our bets to be accepted. What happens if I bet on an event and the event starts and my bet wins? For example the Boks are playing France, you place a bet on Boks to win the race to 10 points before the match.

That bet sits in pending and the Boks win / lose the race to 10 points while the bet is pending. See the problem here? A trading team can basically decide if you will be paid or not. It’s not for all the markets but it is highly irregular and while we haven’t actually had them not accept a bet it does tend to sit in the back of your mind.

Betxchange Bonus

Betxchange have retained their great promotional sense and there will be plenty on offer for all sorts of sports. You’ll struggle to find a bookie with as many promotions as they have and we’re glad to see they’ve keep the promotion flag flying high. Betxchange also offer a whopping 100% match up to R10000 match which is fantastic. We’re not sure if this applies to existing customers but on depositing we did receive the bonus.

We hope that other current customers also got the bonus as it’s a nice way to retain customers and have them try out the new website. Just be aware that the Betxchange sign on bonus terms are 10x wagering at 9/10 or more. The bonus balance is also a bit confusing as in your wallet you are greeted with two different amounts, you’ll need to wager through your real money before you get to the bonus money though. We’ve heard several complaints about this but seeing that they are on the Betologic software it’s just how it is, and to be fair it’s pretty standard practice.

Overall Experience

Betxchange have grown from strength to strength and their updated site is a great statement of intent. A few years ago they had one of the most confusing and frustrating websites on the market and thankfully they’ve grown in leaps and bounds since then.

You’ll more than likely enjoy the Betxchange site even with the problems we mentioned, we’re sure they’ll iron those out in the coming weeks though. It’s miles ahead of what they’ve had in the past and is almost on the same level as Sportingbet. The R10,000 match also does not hurt and we’d like to see it made a permanent fixture. Betxchange gets two thumbs up from us.

Overall Rating : 8/10

Sign on offer rating : 9.5/10


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Zandile Shabangu

Good Evening

Kindly advise the steps on.jow to play this xchange
Please provide steps by steps

Teboho moses Mokoena

Help me with my passwords


Hi. I have been disappointed with them since the site makeover. Ok granted the old site was not much to look at but the pricing on soccer used to be better than WSB. Not anymore. Can’t really speak for other sports though as I’m more of a soccer person. Can we maybe have a review of soccer pricing and which book offers the best value? I’d be willing to contribute to the piece. And not just talking about the high in demand leagues like the English Premiership lets look at pricing on lesser known leagues too. Coming back to Betx:… Read more »


DO NOT USE BETCHANGE. They are useless. They changed thier username and accounts and I can’t login. They don’t answer the phones and the chat is beyond useless. Their forgot password doesnt work so I cannot access my account. Stay away.


I won 9/10 games on a bet does that mean I won a percentage or do I need to when all 10 games on that ticket?

Dayan Simon

I bet at few south african betting sites and Betxchange has by far the worst loyalty rewards system of them all. Their mobile site has also place plenty of wrong bets that cost me thousands of rands and the not even reply to queries I have logged about it.


How can I get airtime

Karabo Medupe

Hello my name is karabo Medupe and ive made my first deposit of R100 but havent recieved my bonus after opening and depositing
Looking forward to your reply.

Kind regards
Karabo Medupe


Hi i just opened an account and would like to know where can i buy recharge vouchers


I’m just opened an account and deposited R300 how do I claim my bonus for my first deposit?


I have deposited money in ky betxchange account but it still say i have R0,00


Hai how can i deposit money in my betxchange account using cash, what do i write as my reference?


im struggling to access my account and since i deposited R100 on the 28/12/2016 but up until now its not reflecting


A good balanced write up. I agree the site is just painful. Conflict resolution with Betx has improved immensely. At one stage I even asked them to close my account but in the last 2 years ( at least for me ) they have really jacked up this aspect of their business. Promos are good but they rarely advertise them. Got to go look for yourself and then let them know if you took a promo bet which I find painful. Site has improved but the layout and speed of it needs work. Betx are not afraid to put up… Read more »


8.5? You must be joking. Terrible load times. Take forever to result live in-play bets and you can’t take in-play multiples. “We lead, others follow” – god help us all.