Bookmakers Email Response Time Tested Part 2

We recently ran a test to see how quickly bookmakers respond to emails, which gave us some very surprising results. Some of the bookmakers we tested in Part 1 are some of the busiest in South Africa, with that in mind we decided to widen the spectrum for Part 2. If you’d like to read about Part 1’s test and results click here.

We selected a mix of 5 bookmakers who we believe make up a good sample, ranging from smaller, newer bookmakers to ones that have been around for years. Let’s move onto the bookmakers we tested.

Bookmakers Tested

With the range of bookmakers we selected we felt we would get some very varied results. Often smaller / medium sized bookmakers (bigger does not equal better for the record) are quicker to respond due to lower mail volumes, however they could potentially be worse if their service staff are not up to scratch.

A bookmaker like GG Gaming might receive a fraction of the mails that the larger Interbet does but the later, as mentioned in Part 1, is likely to have a much more established service centre and procedures, so we feel the test below was fair on all involved.

The Email

Once again we mailed the 5 bookmakers with a Fica question, as we wanted to be consistant with our testing. We shot off the emails from our private account between 15:57 and 16:05 on the 9th May 2019 with the following :

Subject : Fica Documents Question / Fica Question

Body : Hi there, I’d like to send FICA documents through, to which email address must I send them?

Short, simple and the service staff should be able to identify and process the emails quickly.

The Results

Once again we only accepted responses from an actual human and not tickets being assigned or automated responses. We would also like to point out that bookmakers who put extra effort into their responses (canned or not) did get an extra bit of praise from us.

1. Playa Bets

Playa Bets Response Time : 2 Minutes

Another impressive result from what should be a fairly busy bookmaker. Playa Bets customer service is definitely a well oiled machine, but we never expected such a well composed reply in 2 Minutes! Credit to them for the impressive time.


Interbet Response Time : 2 Minutes

Once again we were surprised to see a big bookmaker come out on top with an incredible response time. We’ve included the agents name in the screenshot so credit can go where it’s due, well done Feroza! Clearly Interbet have a solid customer support structure.

2. GG Gaming

GG Gaming Response Time : 3 Minutes

We expected a fairly good result from GG Gaming as they’ve been excellent to us service wise in the past. We however never expected to see them come in at an incredible 3 minutes. To be fair they are one of the smaller but growing books we tested but credit to them!

3. Response Time : 4 Minutes are very well established and one would imagine them to be fairly busy. A 5 Minute response time is excellent and while lower down the list their time is still incredible. They also had the most detailed reply of all the bookmakers tested, advising us exactly what we’d need to send in even though we didn’t ask. We’d like to see this type of proactive service from all bookmakers!

4. Sunbet

Sunbet Response Time : 5 Minutes

Closing off our list of bookmakers in Part 2 is Sunbet. While they’re in last place in the ranking, their response time of 5 Minutes is something they should take great pride in. It’s a mere 3 Minutes off Interbet and Playa Bets’ 2 Minutes. Sunbet have grown substantially so we’re impressed their service has kept up.

(Sunbet replied in a separate email)


Customer service seems to be very much on the rise in South Africa, as the results from Part 1 and 2 indicate. While our test was a fairly easy one for bookmakers to deal with we were pleasantly surprised that 9 of the 10 bookmakers tested came in under the benchmark of 4 hours. We’ve compiled all the data in the below graph and hope that bookmakers can continue to offer the excellent service we received across all departments. We did exclude Betx as they have still not responded to our query.

Lower is better


If you’d like to see more bookmakers have read through our list of bookmakers in South Africa. Let us know what you thought of our test in the comments below!

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