Why Betgames are Awesome!

As most online punters in South Africa know, it’s nearly impossible to play good, legal lucky numbers games online, which really narrows our options. Fortunately the rise of BetGames has given us the chance to experience this in a legal online environment. Let’s run through why we think BetGames are Awesome!

The Variety of BetGames

BetGames in South Africa started off small but bookmakers added more games as they grew in popularity. We have a great variety of games available to us today, including Lucky 5, Lucky 6, Lucky 7, Lucky Wheel, Dice and more!. For those looking for something a bit more bespoke, there’s a game called Dream Catcher from another provider. All of these games are slightly different, with each one requiring a different approach or strategy. Punters soon find their favorite and most profitable games which wouldn’t happen if we didn’t have the variety we do!

The Odds

One of the biggest things that attracts people to the games are the odds. You can play as risky or as safely as you like, the odds vary from 1.01 to 800.00. While we personally we prefer the more even odds for our bets it does allow you to be in control of the odds. You can even select numbers you think will be drawn, and if you get four right you get odds of 1800.00, which for the layman is 1800 times your stake! It’s almost like playing the lotto from the comfort of your phone or computer! Which means it’s no surprise that more and more lotto and lucky numbers punters are now playing BetGames.

It’s popular with bookmakers

It’s almost mandatory these days to have at least two BetGames as a bookmaker. Most bookmakers offer Lucky 5 and Lucky 7 while others have a full selection of all the BetGames. Punters also have so many deposit match offers that they can use to supplement their bets that you can get great bang for your buck, if you use your money wisely. This also gives punters exposure to games and features that they might not have experienced before, and a more knowledgeable punter becomes a better punter. Check out our complete list of betting sites for a glimpse at how many we have in South Africa.

The BetGames Dealers

The BetGames dealers are stunning, it’s so much more entertaining watching a live draw than it is to watch a computerized or animated one. There’s lots of different ladies (and guys) which means we don’t get bored. However it would be great if we could be notified when our favourite or lucky dealer is live so we can tune in and get our bets on! You can see all the lovely Betgames dealers on the official site.

The speed of the draws

Playing BetGames Africa on a betting site that has all the BetGames is like stepping into a fast paced online casino. You can bounce around to the different games at your own pace or fly through and bet on all of them at once. You’ll never find yourself tapping your foot, waiting for the next draw to start. With the announcement from the BetGames developers that the wheel draw time has been sped up you’ll be catching those wins quicker than before.

We hope you enjoyed our why BetGames is awesome article, if you’d like to try some the games we’ve mentioned we’ve listed a few bookmakers below. Click on the picture to head over and start playing today. Otherwise let us know in the comments what it is you love about BetGames Africa.

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