Exclusive Betway Lucky 7 Betgames

Betway South Africa has teamed up with software provider Betgames, who brought us classics like the popular Betgames Lucky Wheel, Lucky 5, 6 and 7, to launch the Betway Lucky 7 game, which is exclusive to Betway South Africa. The Betgames team has build a dedicated studio for Betway, that looks vastly different from the standard Lucky 7 studio, and the game is hosted by a live and enthusiastic presenter and draws take place every 2 minutes.

All the betting option remain the same, and you can enjoy betting on numbers, totals, sum, counts, odd / even and more. Everything that the standard Lucky 7 game has, but with a Betway twist. You can even bet on the number of all seven balls to be drawn, which will make you a millionaire if you predict correctly.

How to play the Betway Lucky 7 game

Playing Lucky 7 is fairly easy, simply log in to your Betway account and look for the Betgames tab, once in the Betgames lobby click on Betway Lucky 7 and the game will load. Below is a brief explanation of how the game works, if you’d like to know more then check out our comprehensive Betgames Lucky 7 guide;

“Betway Lucky 7” or “7 out of 42” is a dynamic game based on a lottery. Players are offered a wide range of betting outcomes and winning bets can return a profit up to a million times more than the stake.

7 winning balls out of 42 are randomly drawn into the game tube. The draw is deemed to have taken place when at least 7 winning balls are selected. If more than 7 balls are placed in the tube, only the first 7 balls are counted and the other balls in the tube are ignored.

There is only one betting round and players can place their bets on all available outcomes for the upcoming draw. A betting round takes place between the game draws and lasts about 3 minutes. Draws of the game run every 4 minutes daily.


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