Betgames Lucky 7 Explained

Betgames Lucky 7 is a type of online lottery style game in which seven lotto balls are drawn from the game machine. It’s one of a wide variety of Betgames available in South Africa and has proven to be the most popular game, both online and in betting shops. At most of the online Lucky 7 providers, you can play the game live on your desktop or mobile, which is presented by a beautiful female dealer, all of which comes from the studio.

There are 42 balls in total and if you are lucky enough to guess all the balls drawn, you can become a millionaire(depending on the size of your bet!) Of course, you can play a variety of games and markets in Betgames Lucky 7, and we will review a few of them in this article.

How to Play Lucky 7

Apart from the main betting market, guessing all 7 balls drawn from the machine. As we already mentioned, there are 42 balls, those balls are divided by two different colors, yellow and black. The balls are drawn one at a time from the machine and there are several different betting options available.

Players can choose to bet on the colours of the balls, the numbers on each balls, which balls will or won’t be drawn and many others. There are over 100 different betting options and markets, so you should have no trouble finding one that suits your play style.

There are a few popular bets and markets that Lucky 7 players tend to prefer. You can bet on the sum of the number on the balls, over and under 150.5, and the odds for that game depend on the provider. Usually, they are ranging from 1.85 to 1.92. You can also move the margin up and down. So, you can bet on over/under 100.5, 125.5, 175.5 and 200.5. Just be sure that the odds on offer are good!

Similarly to this, you can bet on the sum of the numbers on the different colored balls, on the number of the different colored balls that would be drawn (over/under 3.5 for one color), would the total sum of the numbers be odd or even, etc.

Apart from guessing all seven balls that will be drawn, you can try guessing any number of balls, from one to seven. You can also try to guess the balls which would stay in the machine. We’ve posted an image of a few popular Lucky 7 markets below.

Lucky 7 Strategies

Everybody who plays Lucky 7 is thinking about the possibility of winning the big jackpot – hitting all seven numbers correctly. However, it is highly improbable that you’ll be able to guess that correctly. Instead, you should think about betting on the markets with lower odds, but with better probability for winning the bet.

For example, betting that two particular balls out of seven would be drawn probably returns the most in terms of probability and odds. Also, if you like to bet on some numbers which are meaningful for you, pay attention to their sum. Statistically, the sum of the seven numbers drawn is between 130 and 170 in almost 70% of the cases.

Other popular bets are to bet on numbers to not be drawn, so you’ll be picking a few numbers and hoping that they don’t appear.

Where to play Lucky 7

Most bookmakers in South Africa have the Lucky 7 game as a minimum, as it’s the most popular Betgame. If your bookmaker does not have it on offer then we recommend playing Lucky 7 at any of the bookmakers mentioned below, as they also offer a wide variety of other Betgames and Live Games;

Apart from that, you should lay your bets more frequently. The more you play, the better the chances that you’ll win. Of course, you should always bet responsibly, and never give away money you can’t afford to lose. There are several guides and strategies that might be able to help you pick up a big win. Betgamesonline have a host of guides and we’ve got a few in our dedicated Betgames section too.

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