Where are they now? A tale of disappearing bookies.

Having been around Online Sports Betting for the better part of a decade we thought we’d dust off the cobwebs and take a trip down memory lane. For what purpose? To tell the tale of the disappearing bookmaker.

We’re going to mention some bookmakers that we actually used in the past who are no longer with us, the reason for their disappearance will be given and in cases where we don’t know we’ll have to speculate. Let’s get into it.


Man, Voltbet were great, they sponsored the Bulls (when the Bulls were still good) had great promotions and were one of our favourite betting sites. They went through a series of buyouts and sales (because they were such a hot commodity?) and when the dust settled the brand was no more, having evolved into Sunbet, a smart move by Sunbet as they got a fantastic aquisition with a great customer base. It’s a shame that they are gone but that’s the evolution of the Betting Industry. Of of the disappearing bookmaker entries, they are the one we miss the most but there have been several other books to step up to the plate, Sunbet included.

Not too bad for a 10 year old site!


Justbet were an interesting case, they had some fantastic retention bonuses and a good sign on offer  but man their website looked bad. Put a blind fold on, use your mouse with your tongue and create a few random banners, we’d wager that they’d look better than the Justbet site! To be fair they did improve a fair bit before they ultimately closed. As to why they closed? We have no idea, we suspect they got lost in the flood of bookies a few years back and just never recovered.

One of the amazing Justbet banners


One of the newer entrants on our list is Grandplay. We were big fans of the Bettech based site and they had more promotions than you could wave a finger at. We’ve still got our review of them here so we won’t go into too many details but they were acquired by Sun International who then migrated all of Grandplay’s customers over to Sunbet. We do miss this disappearing bookmaker but they likely failed due to a very poor marketing strategy as well as looking very similar to the well established Bet.co.za. Our original review.


Have you ever managed to take a bet at Betflash? We have, once. They still have their license it seems and have been under “maintenance” since as far back as we can remember. They didn’t operate for very long and you are not (or were not) missing out on anything. They were very run of the mill with nothing to differentiate them from their peers. We hope they stay under permanent maintenance as the last thing we need is another generic bookmaker.


Betmasters were one of the first sites we reviewed on Best Sports Betting and their review was not exactly stellar. One had to register an account before you could even get into the site to see the odds. We’re sure this attributed to their ultimate downfall despite the claim they will never limit any punters. As of February 2018 you can still login and access the site but it’s empty. They appear to have closed their doors in mid 2017. Our original review.

We have more bookmakers we’d like to add to our list so if you know of any you’d like us to cover drop us a comment below!


The information included may not be 100% accurate and the article was written based upon memory and the little information available out there. If you have more information about the bookmakers in this article please feel free to contact us.


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I remember winning a fair bit from Betmasters. They had a nice xmas promo a while back. One of the conditions though was to take a 5 team multiple bet for R 500 before the new year or something strange like that. In any case, I got lucky at 16/1. Figured after that I may as well retire from taking multiple bets.