Pay Tables Explained: Supabets Slots

The first one-armed-bandit slot machines were so easy to play that a Pay Table almost wasn’t necessary. To win on these three-reel slots, you’d have to get three matching symbols on the single horizontal pay line in the centre. And that’s all there was to it.

Both the machines in land-based casinos and online slots are more advanced today. There are often multiple pay lines to choose from as well as symbols like scatters and wilds which come into play.

Sound complicated? Don’t worry, that’s where slot Pay Tables come in handy—and we’ll show you how to read them step by step. Once you can read a Pay Table at a glance, playing online slots couldn’t be easier. After reading this article you’ll never feel lost again while playing slots again and can show all your friends how it’s done!

Why Reading The Pay Table Is Important

Think of it like this—the Pay Table is to a slot machine what a key is to a map. The little pictures you see on the page help you make sense of where you are and what’s important to look out for. Most importantly, the Pay Table will tell you which symbols have the highest value and earn you the most money when you get them.

Okay, but does it really matter? Yes. If you don’t read the Pay Table before you start playing a slot you’ll just be spinning reels aimlessly never knowing how well you’re doing in the game. Understanding the Pay Table will also make your slots experience a lot more fun. Knowing which symbols to root for and how to initiate the bonus rounds raises the intensity of every game to a whole new level!

While reading the Pay Table won’t necessarily improve your luck, not doing so can have real consequences for how well you do in the game. For instance, you might not realize you have to bet the maximum on a spin for a chance to win the jackpot. Imagine how disappointed you’d be finding this out after spending hours playing the game, or never working it out at all!

What A Slot Pay Table Can Tell You

How much information you can glean from a Pay Table depends on the complexity of the game you’re playing. At the very least, a Pay Table will list the number of coins won for successfully predicting each symbol, or combination of symbols. High-value symbols appear less frequently than others and pay more when you get them.

The Pay Table usually displays the highest-paying symbols at the top or middle of the first page. Most games also include a scatter symbol (activates free games, multipliers and other bonuses) and a wild symbol (substitutes for any other symbols except scatters). The values and rules attached to these important symbols are always listed for you on the slot Pay Table.

Where to Find The Slot Pay Table

Before we take you through the steps for how to use a slot Pay Table, you’ll need to know where to find it so let’s help you with that. When slot machines in casinos were all still analogue, Pay Tables were printed on paper and displayed prominently on the slot machine. Then when all the slots went digital as they are today, Pay Tables for most machines came to be displayed digitally on the game screen.

For online slots, however, there is of course no physical machine, and so Pay Tables must be incorporated into the game itself. Game information can usually be accessed by clicking a button near the bottom of the screen that says “Info” or “View Pays” or “Pay Table”. 

How To Read A Supabets Slot Pay Table

On Supabets Instant Games, you can access the Pay Table by launching any slot game and clicking INFO towards the bottom right of your screen. To make reading the Pay Table easier, ensure the ZAR button towards the bottom left of the page is set to 1 ZAR. (Keep clicking the button until it reads 1 ZAR).

This way, the numbers alongside each symbol will represent R1, making the Pay Table more logical to understand. If needs be, you can always make your coin size smaller or bigger again before you start placing your bets.

When you click ZAR you’ll notice the symbol values on the Pay Table automatically adjust to the coin size. As your coin size increases or decreases, your bets which appear horizontally below will also change accordingly. This helps you understand how your coin size affects the Pay Table without having to do the maths yourself!

Supabets Slot Pay Table – Page 1

Okay, let’s get back to business. On Page 1 of the Pay Table you’ll see all the available symbols in the game and the number of coins you will get for hitting each combination. For most slots, you’ll need to get at least three of any symbol on a pay line to win, but there are symbols in certain games which payout for less.

In the above example from the Mega Hot slot on Supabets, reading from the top left of the page, you will see the following: 

  • 5x Strawberries = R200
  • 4x Strawberries = R40
  • 3x Strawberries = R20

If these symbols land on the pay lines you’ve activated you’ll win according to the numbers above. 

Similarly, at the bottom right of the page: 

  • 5x Pears = R120
  • 4x Pears = R24
  • 3x Pears = R10

Now let’s look at the top middle of the page for the wild symbol. You know that ‘7′ is the wild symbol for this game because the Pay Table says it substitutes for any other symbols except scatters. Wild symbols work a little differently from the standard symbols like strawberries and pears. 

If you get 3 or more 7’s, not only will you get paid according to the numbers below but these symbols also substitute for any that you’re missing to create a winning pay line wherever possible.

  • 5x 7’s = R1200
  • 4x 7’s = R400
  • 3x 7’s = R40 

Looking again at the Pay Table, you’ll see the scatter symbol is the bell. You know the ‘bell’ is the scatter symbol for this game because it says ‘SCATTER’ alongside it. Sometimes the bonus will also be specified such as 12 free games and a 3x multiplier.

The Pay Table might also tell you whether you need to bet the maximum to win the top prize, provide explicit details about how the bonus rounds work, explain the function of symbols during these rounds as well as provide details about any progressive jackpots.

  • 5x bells = R500
  • 4x bells = R25
  • 3x bells = R5

Supabets Slot Pay Table – Page 2

Page 2 of the Supabets slots Pay Table provides information about the GAMBLE function which allows you the chance to win more with any spin. Here’s how it works: Push the GAMBLE button (when available) and you’re given the choice of red, black or card suit. If your choice of red or black is correct, your winnings are doubled (2X). If your choice of card suit is correct, your winnings are quadrupled (4X)!

Supabets Slot Pay Table – Page 3

Page 3 of the Supabets slots Pay Table provides information about the various pay lines available and the rules for how they work. Depending on the game, the pay lines might be fixed or you’ll be able to choose how many you play between 1 and 100.

Diagrams show the numbers of possible pay lines and where symbols will need to fall on the reels to get paid. Bear in mind these lines are accumulative. For example, when you choose to play 5 lines, the patterns you see above for 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 are all combined. In this way, the more pay lines you play, the more symbols on each reel are covered and the better your chances are of winning. 

Remember when playing Supabets Instant Games slots that only your highest pay line or scatter wins are paid out. Also, in the unlikely event of machine malfunction, all pays and plays are voided. 

Pay Tables Make For Winning Players!

We hope that reading this article has helped convince you of the importance of reading slot Pay Tables to be a smarter gambler. With this information at hand, it’s easier to choose the right slot machine for your style of play and to have a more enjoyable gaming experience. While the payout percentage of every slot might is still the most important factor in deciding which machine to play, you can still improve your chances by understanding the Pay Table, especially when it comes to activating bonus games and jackpots.

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