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Towards the end of 2019, we saw some softening of the stance on online gambling (other than sports betting), with a gradual introduction of some few games like live roulette, blackjack and various live games, which have already become a hit with locals. We are glad to announce that there is now a new South African first – the availability of slot games online from Supabets Instant Games as well as those from Hollywoodbets, called the Spina Zonke games.

Yes, you can now enjoy one of the all-time popular casino games of slots, with various variants that are all based on themes such as TV shows, events, locations, and similar items. The Supabets Instant games are South Africa’s first legal online slots game, having been approved and licensed by the Mpumalanga Gaming Board.

Supabets makes use of the Aardvark Gaming Technologies developer to bring out an assortment of over 30 slot games including some popular ones such as Lucky Clover, Bitcoin, Time machine, and many others. In this article, we’ll be reviewing the new Instant Games from Supabets.

Playing the Supabets Instant Games

Supabets have recently launched slot games on their online betting platform. To access these, you will have to click on the Instant Games menu option, which will lead you to the game submenu. From here, you can choose among Classic, Hot (popular slot games), or simply All games.

There is also a functional search bar that allows for quickly searching for a game (provided you know the name, or at least have an idea). At the time of writing this article, there were at least 35 online slot games developed by Aardvark Gaming Technologies which is based in Lithuania, each with varying pay lines, themes and wild and scatter symbols.

As is with many slot games, the instant games on Supabets are themed after various items such as popular movies, events, games, and similar items. Our review will look at a few popular examples of slot games offered by Supabets. Whilst we write a review of these here, it is by no means an exhaustive list, and we urge users to explore the full offerings (with some caution of course). Our shortlist includes the following;

Mega Hot – A popular slot game

As mentioned, this is offered by Aardvark Gaming Technologies, with various options of pay lines – punters can basically choose between 1, 5, 10, 15, or 20 pay lines at the right or left side of the screen. We find all playing interfaces for games provided by Aardvark to be following the same general design and outlook. The game involves a set of 5 reels with various symbols including strawberry, peaches, cherries, and others. The 7 symbol is the wild one that substitutes all symbols except the scatter symbol. A combination of five 7 symbols gives the highest payout. A combination of 5 scatters symbols also gives a massive payout. 

If you are feeling lazy to continuously click on the bet button, you also have an option of placing bets in the Auto mode that allows for automatically placing bets until click stop, or the funds have been completely exhausted. 

An area to take note of is the capability to change/control your stake amounts for each pay line. Take note that the total stake is a multiplication of the line stake amount multiplied by the number of pay lines. We highly advise you to start with line stakes of R0.1 whilst exploring the flow of the game before going for higher stakes as the balance may be chowed in no time.

Once the desired stake amount has been selected, you can click play, allowing the reels to spin. If any wins are realized due to matching of a pattern, the interface will immediately notify you of your winnings and they will be credited to your account.

Pharaoh II – A classic slots game

Supabets goes ahead to provide a dedicated section of classic slot games. Our pick of the list in this case is Pharaoh II, which features 5 reels and a huge total of 30 pay lines. Users can toggle between options of 30, 20, 10, 5, or 1 pay lines depending on their preference.

The game’s reels, as the name of the game implies, contain traditional Egyptian symbols. There are also some scatter symbols which result in the winning of 600x stake payout and 10 free spins should you get 5x scatter symbols. The information section also shows you some more information on the actual pay line patterns. As usual, you should take note of the stake amounts before confirming the bet.

Many other slots on offer

As mentioned earlier, Supabets now hosts of at least 35 slot games. Other options include Lucky Clover, Bitcoin, Time machine and many others, each with varying pay lines.

Playing slots with Supabets

Whilst we have mentioned the latest slot games options from Supabets, there may be a question about what Supabets are like to bet with. Well, the good news is that Supabets is one of the highly solid betting options in South Africa, with a very wide selection of sports and other betting options such as Live Games, Numbers, Jika sports, and many others. They also have a wide number of deposit options which should take care of the vast user preferences. 

The bookie ticks in most of the check boxes essential to ensure safe and quality play – these include a valid license, reputation, game selection, and a wide selection of transaction options.

Using the Supabets welcome bonus for playing slot games

Supabets offers a welcome bonus at 200% of the deposit amount up to a staggering R5,000. Unfortunately, you will not be able to use this bonus when playing slot games. We will update you in the future when such promotions are available. Otherwise check out our Supabets Review for more details on what they have to offer.

Online Slots are here to stay

The provision of online slot games by Supabets is indeed a first for South Africa and presents various merits of such games including the convenience of playing indoors, higher R.T.Ps, bonuses, and progressive jackpots. You can enjoy your slots from a selection of 35 + options. We hope to see future additions of progressive jackpots that earn you opportunities to win big prizes.

We also hope Supabets will allow users in the future to play these games in Demo mode as it allows punters to explore the flow of the game before using real funds. Other than these two improvements, we are pretty much excited that you can legally play online slots locally. It is highly recommended to start at lower stake amounts, increasing as you get the hang of the game. For punters who enjoy this all-time classic, it is highly recommended to make use of Supabets. Happy slot gaming all!

Online v Casino Slots

Whilst there may have been some preference for slot machines in casinos, online slot games from Supabets have advantages such as:

  • Convenience – no need to leave your place of comfort, simply play slot games on your computer, phone, or tablet.
  • Wild/scatter symbols – online slot games have wild and scatter symbols that enhance your winning potential.
  • Bonuses – Online slot games have several bonuses including free spins which also enhance your chances of winning.
  • Higher RTP – simply put, the chances of winning when playing online slots are higher when compared to playing on a slot machine.

How online slots work

Slot games are highly popular, simple casino games which started from the days of the first casino. Simply put, these are types of games where one needs to spin a set of reels to match a certain pattern, which if successfully done, will result in the player winning. Back then, 3-reel slot machines used to be popular, but evolution has seen 5-reel slot games coming online to provide more winning possibilities and higher payouts. Advancements have seen online slot games being available from bookmakers and online casinos alike all over the world. In the present-day context, the popular online slot games include:

  • 5 – reel slots
  • 3- reel slots
  • Classic slots 
  • Progressive jackpots – that involve winning of huge jackpots.

Whilst there had been a high number of offerings of such games all over the world, South Africa had somewhat been left behind because of its traditionally stringent (casino game) gambling laws which would not allow for online casino gaming. You would strictly need to visit the brick and mortar casino to enjoy slot games. Enter Supabets in 2020, slot games are available online!

Important Online slots Terms


This refers to an indication to which how easily you can win a casino game. Highly volatile slot games have high returns but have an overall lower chance of actually making the win. High volatility slot games have payouts in the order of 2000x. Meanwhile, low volatility slots have lower payouts, normally in the range of 500x, but have better chances of winning overall. The volatility can be easily checked in the info section before you play, and you can select your desired level depending on the risk appetite. It is important to check this before playing.


Return to Player, basically means the rate at which players overall win in the game. A high RTP is recommended, and it is recommended to stick to an RTP of 95% at a minimum as it enhances your chances of making a win. In general, online slots have higher R.T.Ps compared to slot machines in the brick and mortar casino.


  1. I thought online gambling was illegal in south africa. Only online betting is allowed. Is this not a disguise of online gambling which is prohibited in South Africa.

    1. Best Sports Betting says:

      This is fully approved by the gaming board, who have softened on their gambling position over the last few months. These slots games and live games are legal provided the bookmaker is licensed in one of the provinces in South Africa. You’d have to ask the board why they approved them, but they are most definitely here.

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