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Sportingbet South Africa have added a host of virtual sports for punters to enjoy between their bets, or when looking for some fast sports based betting action. Virtual Sports have been around in South Africa since 2019, mostly in the form of Jika Sports, offered by various South African bookmakers, but the virtual sports now offered by Sportingbet are something entirely new to SA. There are a total of 7 different games that cover a variety of sports to choose from, and we’re going to have a closer look at what they’re like to play below.

Editors note, currently only virtual football and tennis are on offer. We’re not sure why the other games are not available, but we’ll update this article once the game offering has settled.

Where to find Virtual Sports on Sportingbet

To play the new virtual sports on Sportingbet you need to have a Sportingbet account. Once you’ve logged in to your account look for Virtual Sports on the top or side meu, clicking this will take you directly to the Sportingbet virtual sports lobby, where you can select which game you’d like to play using the labelled tags.

If you don’t yet have an account then check out our Sportingbet review, they offer a 100% deposit match bonus up to R2000 for new punters!

Sportingbet Virtual Sports on offer

As mentioned there are 7 great and entertaining virtual sports games to choose from at Sportingbet, 2 soccer games, 2 horse racing games, and then there’s cycling, bike racing and tennis. Betting starts from R12.50 per bet, so it’s best to know what you are getting into before you bet. You can also set the default bet amount per game to something you’re comfortable with.

Virtual Football

Virtual football allows punters to bet on virtual soccer matches that take place between virtual teams. This takes place in a virtual league with 16 teams from all over (like the Champions League), where each team is playing against the other team twice during the league’s season.

Each match week consists of 8 games split across two matchdays. 4 games are played at the same time on each matchday, and you are able to bet on all the match day fixtures as well as watch the action unfold on your screen. There is a countdown timer that tells you how much time you have left to bet, or wait, until the next set of matches start.

There are numerous betting options, similar to what you’d find when betting on an actual football match, with a wide variety of odds on offer too. The matches are over pretty quickly and we found them enjoyable to watch, although the resolution on desktop could be improved.

Instant Football

Instant Football is similar to virtual football but you are able to play and bet at your own pace. Instead of a countdown timer for the matches you simply click start once you’ve placed your bets and the action will start.

There are a good number of betting options available, as well as lots of stats on recent matches, all of which could help punters win their bets if they put in some time to do research.

Virtual Tennis

Virtual tennis is one of the highlights of the Sportingbet virtual sports offering. The game lets you bet on prematch and live tennis games while you watch the action unfold. It’s one of the few virtuals with live betting, and the experience is very similar to what you’d get when betting on a real tennis match.

There are dozens of markets and matches to bet on, and you can switch between 3 different live matches all taking place at the same time.

Virtual Instant Horse Racing

Instant Horse Racing is one of the highlights of the Sportingbet Virtual Sports. The action takes place at your own pace and before each meeting you are given a selection of 8 horses to bet on.

There are classic horse racing markets like win, place and forecast and you are also able to track the horses recent form. Once you’ve placed your bets simply hit the race button and wait for the action to unfold. The action can get very exciting, especially when you’ve backed a horse with very high odds, which do seem to win a fair bit!

Instant Speedway

Speedway is a dirt bike game based off actual Speedway racing. 4 bikes speed and drift around a dirt track circuit with the winner taking the spoils. The game is very unique and interesting, but doesn’t quite live up to the excitement of horse racing.

Instant Velodrome

Instant Velodrome is a indoor cycling virtual sport with 8 racers battling it out for glory on your screen. Velodrome is very similar to Instant Horse racing, with similar markets like win, place and forecast available. The game is enjoyable as it offers a different visual experience than horse racing, other than that they are very similar.

Instant Trotting

Instant Trotting is very similar to horse racing, but instead of running the horse pull a cart around a track. It has the same win, place and forecast markets as Instant Velodrome and Instant Racing, just with different visuals and a much slower pace.

Our final thoughts on the Sportingbet Virtual Sports

The Sportingbet virtual sports are a blast to play and it’s great to see another product other than Jika Sports on the market. There is a good variety of games and betting odds on offer, something for everyone really.

Our biggest complaint is definitely the minimum bet of R12.50 when playing the games, it just seems a little steep and we’d like to see it lowered to somewhere in R5 range, which will attract many more punters.

We took a closer look at each game in the video below, incase you’d like to see the games in action as well as how some of the betting works.


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