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Mobibets are new bookmaker that you more than likely have not heard of. Heck we had not even heard of them until someone told us that we should do a review. So why not, let’s have a look at this enigma of the South Africa Betting world. We did a little digging and Mobibets themselves were kind enough to send us a detailed email specifying their operations. Anyway, onto the mysterious Mobibets review.

Mobibets are a family run bookmaker that launched in January 2016. They have an impressive R2000 matched sign on offer as well as a fica bonus. Their primary focus is on mobile bettors / betting on the go, and it’s great to see that they have a niche and are making the most of it. Let’s face it, most bookmakers mobile sites are poor. They are going to be launching a desktop site next year so we’ll cut them some slack on the current state of their desktop offering.

The Mobibets site is exactly what you think it is, a mobile site. Literally. No really, it’s a mobile site even on desktop. While the site is lovely to browse and looks great on mobile it does not scale well to desktop, but as we said earlier we won’t hold this against them.

The Mobibets Desktop site.

The site is run on Turfsport and is based in Mowbray. They have a contact number and email but no live chat. The contact numbers include a mobile phone number, very brave. We brought this up with them and they said it was to help them engage customers 24/7. You can also contact them via Whatsapp which is a nice touch. They also accept Fica docs via this platform.

The Mobibets offering is simple with no dressing, you can bet on horses, lotto, powerball and sports of course. The sports offering is very limited, it’s basically Cricket, Golf, Motorsport, Rugby, Soccer and a few others. We asked them about this and they rightly said it’s what customers like to bet on and we are not one to argue. They were hopeful that they would be adding MMA betting very soon, let’s hope they stick to that.


Their promotions and banking details can be found under the “legal” section the site and you are able to download a PDF covering everything from banking to bonuses to withdrawals. We’d like to see that incorporated into the site itself as being mobile focused punters aren’t going to be too keen on having to download a pdf to check the rules etc. Otherwise they endeavour to pay withdrawals within 24 hours which would make them one of the quickest in South Africa.

Mobibets score some brownie points from us due to their sponsorship of Cape Town City FC in a recent match and are looking to extend that partnership further. We also found a post in which they offered to sponsor a local lad some football kit, more brownie points! It’s nice to see a small book do something good for the community and let’s hope bigger books follow that example.

Overall Experience :

The site on mobile is fantastic and we really like its setup and simplicity with a desktop site in the works they could become something special. So while can can rate the mobile experience we cannot rate the desktop one fairly.  They also offer one of the best sign on offers of a 100% match up to R2000, which in itself is reason for punters to sign up. We also found the wagering very reasonable so you should see your winnings. We’d like to see more markets and perhaps a more user friendly T&C’s page but those gripes are minor. We’d definitely recommend you give Mobibets a look.

As a closing note we’d like to wish them the best of luck with their future ventures.

Sign on Bonus Rating : 7.5/10

Overall Rating : 6.5/10 (To be changed once the new desktop site is launched)

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I have send my FICA doc to mobibets but to date no FICA bonus received


Hallo.since I send mobibets my FICA doc they didn’t offer me that FICA bonus as promised

Kelvin sibangani mhlanga
Kelvin sibangani mhlanga

I did deposit with R30.00 over capitec active

Kelvin sibangani mhlanga
Kelvin sibangani mhlanga

I have registered with you and l did received fica bonus,

Thabo Mokwana

I’m so disappointed in mobibets I used your 100 rand bonus and I won 1120 I withdrawn 1000 rand and now there are excuses about my withdrawal they said I must bet with 797 for the why cause I need my money. They want me to spend my winnings again 😠😠

I like mobibets, it seems easier n simpler. I want to pay my first deposit so that I can get that FICA bonus, the problem is I worry because I read somewhere that mobibets now has fallen, it is now a scam that takes people’s money and make excuses when you won so that they won pay you. Is that true? If not what must I know before I bet that will make mobibets hold my winnings?


Hi Bmkunene, I am from Mobi Bets, we can assure you 100% that we are still in operation. Any legitimate payout that is requested by our customers will be paid out within 24 hours. Many customers do not understand the terms and conditions of the bonus which I think is what is causing this confusion. Should you wish to contact us please do not hesitate to whatsapp our support line on 0795255526. Thank you

Roy Anderson

That bonus is fantastic, should I wait for the desktop site though? How is their inplay offering?

Mobi Bets

Hi Roy, we do not offer inplay at this stage. We are still trying to conquer the pre match markets. Stay tuned for live in play

mlungisi madide

What think about Mobibets.

Its simple to use. Uses simple words that everyone one who use online betting understand

I can give it 10 out of 10. Because its also easy to load a voucher


Hmm..Nice offer. Anyone have any comments about them?


They now offer instant withdrawals, win, withdraw in 5 min..nice one