Sunbet partners with Bede Gaming

Some great news for local punters as Sunbet has agreed on a deal with Bede Gaming. So what does this mean for Sunbet? Well it means there is a site in the pipeline which should be rolled out in the next few months.

So what does this really mean? Simply, it means that Sunbet are going to be changing their software, which means a new site, markets, layout and all the bells and whistles. This sounds like a lot and it is, they’re going to be building Sunbet a brand new website from the ground up so don’t expect these changes to come anytime soon. Overall this is welcome news as Sunbet have not updated their site in a while and it also means that we’ll be getting a new and fresh provider coming to our shores. Variety as they say is the spice of life (and betting).

We’re hoping for the following from the partnership:

  • More markets
  • More user friendly site
  • Better odds 
  • A mobile app
  • More promotions and site functions

Here are a few companies that Bede are currently servicing and if Sunbet comes out looking anything like them then we’re sure punters will be extremely happy.

You can find a full list of Bede clients here.

Who are Bede? 

Bede Gaming is the first choice supplier of software to the online gambling and social gaming industries.

Bede Gaming offers world class platforms for the online gambling industry. We power some of the market’s biggest brands, processing tens of millions of transactions per month.

Bede provides operators with innovative solutions to achieve their digital ambitions. Built on a single-code base and API-led, mean that our products act as the enabler to operators’ online objectives. Easily integrated with any 3rd party supplier, Bede gives back choice and flexibility to customers.

We are scaleable, modular and fully open. Powerful back office tools and the ability to integrate with land based systems means we offer a genuine omni-channel convergence solution and support our clients as they engage with customers and maximise player lifetime value.

Bede’s back office tools allow operators to provide industry leading Responsible Gambling tools, ensuring our clients can meet increasingly stringent regulatory requirements.

Our clients include publicly listed and private gambling companies across Europe, as well as leading lotteries in Europe and North America.

Bede is headquartered in Newcastle upon Tyne, in the heart of the north east of England, UK. We also have offices in London and Sofia.


For more information check out this article from SBC on Bede Gaming’s entry.

Updating the market, industry platform supplier Bede Gaming will enter the South African online gambling market has entered a new partnership casino and leisure operator Sun International.

Agreeing terms, Bede will become the lead technology platform supplier for Sun International’s online gambling subsidiary Sunbet brand (

Seeking to become the leading destination for South African online gambling consumers, Sun International has undertaken a technology restructure of its existing Sunbet supplier provisions.

We think this is a fantastic move and should add a lot more star power (Excuse the pun) to Sunbet and their sports betting platform. Bring on the changes!

You can check out Sunbet’s current review here, hopefully we’ll be bumping it up a few notches in the coming months.



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