How to wager a bonus with playthrough requirements

You’ve just signed up with a new bookmaker, made your first deposit and received a lovely deposit match bonus. Just one thing, how to wager a bonus with it’s playthrough requirements? Well after this we hope to give you a bit more information on how bonus wagering works and how to wager a bonus in your betting account.

Read the bonus terms and conditions.

Every bookmaker has different terms around the bonus that they have given you. Some need you to turn it over a certain amount of times while others only require you to turn it over once. By reading the terms and conditions you’ll have a good idea of what exactly you’l need to do to wager that bonus. If you are unsure on how to wager it or the terms are confusing then get hold of the bookmaker and ask, although after reading this you shouldn’t need to.

Work out the amount you need to wager.

For this example we’re going to be looking at a bonus from Mobibets, who offer a 100% match up to R2000. Mobibets have a even money (1/1) or higher requirement to meet wagering. Other bookmakers may have a higher or lower requirement on their odds or turnover amounts but the principal remains the same. So to meet Mobibets wagering we need to bet R10000 at 1/1 or more.

A practical example.

So we deposited our R2000 into Mobibets which leave us with R4000, a split of R2000 real money and R2000 bonus money. Now in Mobibets case you need to wager the BONUS money 5 x at odds of 1/1 or more. So you need to place atleast R10000 worth of bets at 1/1 or more to meet the wagering. That can be 5 x R2000 or 10 x R1000 or any combination above the minimum bet as long as the total amount bet is R10000 and above 1/1 you’ll have met the wagering requirements.

Lucky numbers and lottery are a whole different ball game.

If you are not playing sports and are playing lucky numbers or the lottery then the wagering requirements will be very different. In Mobibets example they require you to wager the bonus 10x at odds of 10/1 or more. Meaning you’d need to wager a total of R20000 in order to turn the bonus money into cash. Once again every bookmaker is different so make sure you read the wagering requirements.

Don’t mix Sports and Lucky numbers.

This is a mistake many punters make, mixing Sports and Lucky Numbers bets in order to meet wagering makes things very complicated. They have to be calculated individually and you’re more likely to make a mistake with your calculations, leading to disappointment.

What to do if you don’t want the bonus.

If you don’t want to be locked into wagering then you need to ask the bookmaker to remove the bonus before you place a single bet. You’ll find (and rightly so) that bookmakers will not remove bonuses once you’ve started betting with them. Always make sure you actually want the bonus before using it.

We hope this guide helped you with how to wager a bonus, we like to use this nifty how to wager a bonus calculator when we are not sure where we stand. You can check the calculator out here.



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