Maximum Payouts at the Top SA Betting Sites

No matter if you’ve found the banker bet of a lifetime, if you can’t get down the money you need to make it count, then it’s all for nothing. That’s why it’s good to know the maximum payout limits which apply when playing at all your favourite online bookmakers in South Africa. How these restrictions usually work is by limiting either how much each customer can win per day or the maximum payout allowed per bet. These limits can also vary according to the types of games you’re playing and whether the bet is a single or multiple

We’ve created a list of top online bookmakers in South Africa along with their maximum payout limits as they apply to Sports, Lucky Numbers and Live Games. Read on to find out which bookies have the highest limits for your favourite games so you’re never taken by surprise!


In September 2018 Hollywoodbets increased their maximum payout limit to R20 million, making it the highest in SA. The following limits apply to all bets placed online, in-store and via Phone A Bet: Soccer – R20 million, Lucky Numbers – R15 million and SA Pick 6 – R15 million.


The win limit for each player per week is R5 million. This applies to all Live Games and Sports including soccer, tennis, basketball, ice hockey, baseball and American Football.


The maximum amount you can win at Playabets on Sports and Lucky Numbers is R3 million. The payout limit for Evolution and Ezugi Live Games is R5 million while Jika Sports is R100,000.


At Sunbet the maximum daily winnings per day for all Sports bets is R1, 250 000 which applies to both singles and multiples.


The maximum amount any customer can win at Gbets in a single day is R1 million. This win limit applies to all their games including Sports, Lucky Numbers, BetGames, Jika Sports and Live Games.


The maximum payout for Betway customers is R500,000 per betslip for singles and R1 million for multiples, including Sports and Live Games.

I Won, But Why Wasn’t I Paid Out In Full?

Your bookie may have made an error in calculating your payout but there is another more likely explanation for a reduced payout. If you place a bet and your payout exceeds the win limit as per their terms and conditions, the bookmaker is not liable for the excess amount.

In this instance, your payout will be reduced according to the maximum payout for that bet type. Also, check out the Dead Heat rule for another possible explanation. There have been a few instances in the past where a punter won more than the maximum amount and did not receive their winnings, so be sure you are aware of the win limits before placing big bets.

Why Can’t I Withdraw My Full Balance?

If your account has been successfully FICA verified, the only possible reason for not being able to withdraw your full balance is that withdrawal limits apply to your chosen payment method. In other words, the amount you are permitted to withdraw from your betting account per day might be smaller than your balance. In this case, contact customer support and ask if any withdrawal limits apply to your chosen payment method.

Had any good or bad experiences placing a big bet or withdrawing a large sum of money from any online bookie in South Africa? Tell us about it in the comments below.

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