Hollywoodbets Lucky Numbers

Lucky Numbers is a popular form of betting offered by numerous operators in South Africa, including some of the sportsbooks we know and love at BSB. The good news is that you can play Lucky Numbers online from your computer at home – or even on your cellphone! So we’re going to help you with one bookmaker, you guessed it, it’s Hollywoodbets Lucky Numbers!

If you don’t already know how to play, we’re here to teach you all about Hollywoodbets Lucky Numbers and how to be a winner! If you’d like to know more about Hollywoodbets or want to sign up then have a read through our Hollywoodbets Review.

Lucky numbers with Hollywoodbets

Hollywoodbets Lucky Numbers is similar to the National Lottery (Lotto) but there are a few important differences. Instead of buying a Lotto or Lotto Plus ticket, with Lucky Numbers you place a bet (however much you choose) on your number/s being one of the Lotto balls that comes up in the draw. Please note that when betting on Lucky Numbers with Hollywoodbets Lucky Numbers, the bonus ball is included in the results, depending on what you are betting!

This is in the case of lotto draws where the bonus ball is drawn from the same drum. So in SA Lotto, there are 6 balls drawn, plus a bonus ball (7 in total) from the 49 balls. If you bet on 1, 2, 3, or 4 numbers on this draw, and one of your number is the bonus ball – it will count towards your bet being a winner.

Hollywoodbets Lucky Numbers do however however offer 1st 6 balls betting which excludes the bonus ball.

The less numbers you choose the better your chances of winning, but the less money you get. The more numbers you choose correctly, the more money you will get.

How to play Hollywoodbets Lucky Numbers

So let’s take you through the steps of how to play Lucky Numbers…

1) Choose 1, 2, 3 or 4 of your favourite numbers you think might come up in the South Africa Lotto
(or Lotto Plus) draw

2) Visit Hollywoodbets which offers Hollywoodbets Lucky Numbers betting by clicking here.

3) Decide how much you want to bet.
(If you choose to spend R20 for e.g. You can either spend the full R20 on one number,
split it between 2 numbers (2 x R10 bets) or 4 numbers (4 x R5 bets)

Remember that whichever number/s you choose, at least one needs to appear to win money.
If you pick 2 numbers, both numbers must be drawn. If you pick 4 numbers, all 4 numbers must be drawn.

Lucky Numbers winnings

To calculate your winnings in Lucky Numbers, simply multiply the amount you chose to bet (your stake) by the odds offered on the amount of numbers which you guessed correctly.

The odds you get for each correctly guessed number varies between operators, but are roughly:

  • 1 number = odds of 4/1 (5x the amount you bet)
  • 2 numbers = odds of 51/1 (52x the amount you bet)
  • 3 numbers = odds of 399/1 (400x the amount you bet)
  • 4 numbers = odds of 2999/1 (3000x the amount you bet)

For example, if you bet R10 on 2 numbers and both came up, then your pay-out will be: R10 (Stake) x 52 (Odds) = R520

Useful Betting Links

Special Bets

Besides choosing 1-4 numbers which you think will appear in the Lotto or Lotto Plus draw to win money, you can also make special bets with Lucky Numbers.

Predicting the Bonus Ball:
1) Predict the correct bonus ball to win 47x the amount you bet
2) Predict whether the bonus ball will be a single-digit number (1-9) to win 5x the amount you bet
3) Predict whether the bonus ball will be a Low (1-24) or High (26-49) number to win 2x the amount you bet

Win with Hollywoodbets Lucky Numbers

Our guess is that once you’ve played Lucky Numbers you’ll never want to play the Lotto again. We say this because with Lucky Numbers you choose for yourself how much money you want to win based on how much you’re willing to spend.

Also, when you win money in the Lotto you have to share your winnings with whoever else guessed the same numbers as you did. But when you play Lucky Numbers your pay-outs are always the same and not determined by how many other people chose your winning number/s.

We suggest that you open an account at Hollywoodbets and start betting on Lucky Numbers today! Click here to sign up and get started! 

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